Monday, August 3, 2015


well everyone i am officially starting to freak out about my year mark....that dumb date is coming too fast and things just need to slow down a little! i cannot believe how fast time goes when you aren't paying attention to it! like seriously...this week was super good and we had lots of laughs and lots of fun together so there is no complaining! things are so great here in DUNKERQUE and i'm loving being here and serving the Lord in such a fun place with adventures at every corner! but how are all of you doing at home? i look forward to hearing about your lives every week so keep all of the emails coming!!
so the trains here at the edge of the world don't run all that often and to be able to get to district meeting tomorrow we had to go in tonight and spend the night with some of the other elders! so right after we had finished up with our pday we went and caught a bus out to another town to spend some the night with the other elders in our district. it was really fun! they had a family home evening in their branch that night and so we all went and played some ping pong and had a good lesson and spirtual thought with some of the members there! then we went home for the night and one of the elders started teaching me how to juggle! so lets just say that soon i am not only going to be a professional ping pong king, but also a juggler! im moving up guys so #lookout
today we all woke up and hurried and got ready so that we could get out of the apartment and to district meeting on time...its not that easy with one shower and 4 elders! but somehow we did it and all is well! we got out of the apartment and over to the church and while waiting for all the rest of the guys we went and played the piano...cause you know i have to play it this sunday!:/ while playing some of the other elders came in from the gare and one of them is this big tahitian who i learned is like the nicest kid on this planet and he was like i dont really play the piano and then he sat down at the piano and then just started playing hallelujah and all these songs that just made me want to die cause i love it when people play the piano and i just love listening to the piano! so that was awesome! it was really fun to go into district meeting and be the only person in the entire room with out and ipad...just kidding! it actually sucked cause i had to carry my scriptures around everywhere and everyone else was just on there cute little ipads...we just found out today that the kids who didnt get any ipads yet will be getting them at this next zone conference. unless they get stolen ;) we had a visit from the zone leaders and so the district leader was trying super hard to impress and it just made me laugh cause he's just a little power hungry...we were all laughing cause it was super obvious. after district meeting we had an hour and a half until our bus left from st omer to dunkerque and so we went into another room and planned for a little bit and then we got a ride back to the gare until we got our bus! we had quite a fun time while we were in st omer and im excited to be able to do that every week for the transfer! on the bus ride home there were these annoying girls that were sitting behind us that were spraying their perfume on the back of my head on purpose so i stood up and told them to grow up and moved...ugh! we got home and went home and grabbed our suits and took them to the dry cleaners cause we decided on sunday that our suits hadnt been cleaned in forever haha! and then went to a rdv that we had with this recent convert and it went well! he was a nice old man that the branch president is a little worried about cause i guess he isnt too strong yet, but we're working with him! he was super nice though!
so here in dunkerque we do this one thing once a month called journee du branche. which is the branch day and what it consists of is cleaning the chapel and doing a branch council and then eating a meal together. so this morning we only got like one hour of studies until we needed to get out to go to the journee du branche! we got there and talked with all the people for a little bit and then went right into the branch council. we talked about lots of things and how we are going to make dunkerque a booming place! and we talked about the gay less active and what we need to do for him...and we decided to try to ignore him cause honestly he wont leave us alone and has no real potential for right now...don't worry that story will come into play a little sooner!;) so we ate with the few members that came and talked and laughed and were guessing who the new apostles would be and stuff and then i played the piano for a little bit and then we went home to drop some stuff off and then went out and did some contacting! we were walking down the road when this girl, obviously drunk or high, maybe both, yelled PILOTS DES AVIONS!!! so we looked at her and explained that we actually werent airplane pilots and that we were missionaries and she listened and was so confused on how we lived and made our way through life and why we came to dunkerqueSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat it was really funny! but she told us she didnt have a ton of time and so after explaining everything to her and also explaining a few gospel principles we decided to take advantage of the situtation and try to get a lesson out of it! so we asked if we could pray with her and as we asked her she was pulling out a cigarette and lit it and said well i just lit this and i cant pray with it but after i finish yes! so she started walking with us and telling us how her dog was going in to get FIXED tomorrow...when we sat down on a bench to pray we looked at the dog and me and my comp have come to the conclusion that the dog had an infection cause his little boys were MASSIVE....hahah we realized that that was why he needed to get fixed!;) but we started to pray and as we were praying she scooted right over to me, leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder and i was terrified she was going to try to kiss me! hahaha! it was so funny and elder jorgensen was just laughing! but we prayed and then got out of there! it was funny and she was super nice so it will be interesting to see if we ever see her again! then we had a rdv with a less-active and we watched the restoration video with her and she told us that she was going to try to come to church this week! so it was really good and she invited us over next week again:)
today we started out with some studies and then since i am about to get to my year mark i need to start working on getting legal in france for the second year of my mission so we went to the place here to get legal..i dont know the word in english but in french it is the prefecture and they sent me to one room who told me that i needed to go to another we decided that we'd do that later when we were just contacting around. so we went and did some language study at the church and then made our way home for lunch. after lunch we had a rdv with one of the other recent converts in the area and on the way there we contacted a guy who said that he was really interested to hear more about us but he lived in Lille! so we told him that we'd take his number and give it to the missionaries there! it was cool, he let us pray with him and everything. god is working miracles here! then we went to our rdv with mike who is the coolest kid ever! he is 3 months older than me from haiti and is one of the strongest members that ive ever met! he is so nice! we taught him the convert lessons of the plan of salvation. he plays soccer over here and has been here doing that for 3 years. he is so cool! after all of that we made our way to the place to renew my legality or at least find out how to do the thing and they told me that i couldnt do it until my visa has 1 month we're waiting! patiently! then we went to a rdv that we had with another less active that elder jorgensen has explained to me as someone who knows nothing..a true blond if you will;) but she was super nice and said that not this sunday but next she was going to come to church! after her rdv we went home for the night. today the gay less active called us 4 times and texted us 12 times trying to set up a rdv but we've decided to leave him be for this gets better!
well today consisted of yup you got it! weekly planning! but this time i have something to tell you cause it wasnt the only thing that we did all day! we got up and had studies and then we went and did some contacting and what not and then we went and had lunch and then planned and planned and planned but then we had an exchange that night! so we finished planning and the went and hopped on the bus to go to our exchange! it was really fun! we got in and went porting while the other equipe had a lesson and then went back to the car and got a text saying that the investigator invited them to eat and so they sat down and ate! needless to say we got home really late and stayed up later talking and laughing! today we got 5 calls from the gay less active and 10 texts....
we woke up this morning dead cause of the late hour that we went to bed...but we studied and all that fun stuff and then we made our way to the church to do some stuff on the computer and then we went off to the gare to get home. we hopped on the bus and this time there were no annoying girls behind me! when we got home we went and ate some lunch so that we could start out fasts and then we went with a member to see another member that is in the hospital! the same one as last week. so it took forever to get out there but we did it and we got back. when we got back we decided that we'd go and pick up our dry cleaning and so we got there and they were closed! so that was a bummer but we went and contacted this lady who told us that she was so happy to be able to talk to us cause it really helped her out and that she wanted us to come back and meet her at her house and teach her more! it was super cool! she gave us her phone numer and address and we set a rdv for next week! it was even the good number and address too! so that was really good! we then went out porting for the night! we started to make the less active really mad today..;i cant even remember how many calls and texts but he started saying that he needed to meet with us that he wasnt coming back to church...i texted him and told him we are really busy and that we'd call him if we ever had time to meet with is interesting dealing with him!
we got to church this morning and guess who was there...the less active...telling us that he came to church for the lord and for us...NO DUDE YOU NEED TO COME FOR ya. we had a great priesthood and sunday school lesson and then we went into sacrament meeting and we had a total of 9 people there! 7 members and 2 missionaries! but we made it through the whole meeting of testimonies! it was really good. we got out of sacrament and saw that the less active had left early and we had a text from him saying that he had tried too hard and that he was never coming back and that he wants us to keep coming back to his house to teach we told the branch president and he has advised us to not contact him til further notice! so for the moment we are just recieving texts and phone calls asking us to call him to fix a rdv and what the problem is and why we wont respond! it is funny! but after church we went with another member and ate some food to break our fasts and it was an interesting beans and tuna... but we made it through! after that we went out porting for the night and were talking about how its only about 4 1/2 months til we get to call home again! that'll be a fun day!!
well this week was a blast and we had tons of success and fun! i hope you are all doing well. remember that you are constantly in my prayers and that i love you! talk to you soon!:)
elder libby

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