Monday, July 27, 2015


that is so weird to type 49...that means that next week i will be typing 50 and i am not ready for that...why can't time just slow down just a little bit??? ah! well things are going great everyone! i successfully made it to Dunkerque and everything is going great! my new companion is amazing which is something that i definitely needed to have this transfer...i needed that change bad! his name is elder Jorgenson and he is from St George Utah and he is just one of my best friends:) i love him to death. he's just my big teddy bear;) no but seriously we get along great and we LOVE to laugh! this transfer is going to be great! well i'll stop with all the mushy love stuff and tell you how my week went!
tonight was really good. yesterday at church we were stopped by the relief society president who told us that she wanted to make us dinner and bring it to the church. but because of the rules of the mission, we needed a dude to be there as well. #cantbealonewithwomen so we invited the one and only pierre! so tonight we got there and the rs president comes in and says something came up and i can't stay with you so you are just going to have to eat this dinner without me! so we waited and when pierre showed up we all sat and ate together and talked and laughed and then pierre wrote me a little goodbye note and we took some pictures. it was a good way to say goodbye! i love that man!
well today was really fun towards the end cause Jackie, our ward mission leader, took me and elder rodriguez out for dinner! it was so much fun to be able to sit and talk with him one last time and he gave me some pretty great life advice. but i'll get to that later! we went out this morning for some contacting and didn't have a ton of was blazing hot and no one was outside and so i was getting my butt sweat stains for fun;) TMI? you decide. so we came in for lunch and then went and did some more contacting! we had a lady that we didn't know call and ask if we could go and give a blessing to one of her friends, but the timing was weird and so we ended up having to go and start the exchange with me and rodriguez early cause we were going to dinner with Jackie. so we went home and finished up packing and then went to the gare to print off some train tickets and then went out with Jackie. he took us to a chinese buffet and it was good! i love me some good chinese food. after dinner he drove us home and i asked for a picture and asked him what his life advice was for me. he said that if i went home converted to the gospel, and found an amazing and worthy wife that my life would be blessed and the lord would always be with me. i love that man! he is so cool!:)
well today started out with me and rodriguez just running all around trying to get all the last stuff that we had into our bags! my bags were pretty full, but not as full as last time...and the funny thing is i have no idea what i left behind....haha! life is great. we got all our stuff together and then i called up the mr jean parfait himself to say my goodbye and tell him how much i loved him and he gave me his email and told me that i needed to email him and keep in contact! then i got a phone call from a missionary telling me that he recieved the package from mom and that he was going to give it to me when i got into paris and met up with everyone! paris was crazy. so many missionaries and so much fun! we had to run all over dropping people off and bringing people in but finally we made it into Gare du Nord and we caught our train with 90 seconds to spare! me and elder jorgenson immediately hit it off when he told me that he like coke. i knew we'd be best friends! we got into dunkerque around 5 at night and had to go grocery shopping so that i had something to eat this week and then we had a meeting with a member who is a little mentally handicapped but he loves the missionaries and he just wanted to meet the new guy;) we then went contacting at the beach for the rest of the night!
today was pretty good! still just trying to get used to this weird 2 man stuff!! it gets so quiet! but we have fun watching movies and videos from the gospel library to fill our downtimes at night and during meals! today we had nothing planned and no investigators so we set out on a quest to get a baptismal date by sunday! it was our goal and a good one at that;) so we went out on a quest for an investigator. we contacted a lady that wasn't from the area but from an area away from dunkerque in a ville 350 kilometers away...a little place called REIMS. you ever heard of that place before?? i was all no way! and she was all no way! and we were all no way! and so she told me that she was going to call the other elders and that this church would be the last church that she investigates cause she really wanted a god to be there but she just wasn't sure and that she might be taking this as a sign to try one more time! so that was really cool. but other than that it was just another day of contacting and finding! we went and taught this less active that we found who told us that her husband doesn't let her come to church but that she still pays her tithing and tries to come when he isn't home. so that was a fun contact;) then we went and ported up a neighborhood and told some stories to each other! my comp has a great life guys;)
today we planned. hahah and that is about all that i have to share with you! we woke up and went out and contacted for a while and then came in and ate some lunch and then since the area book and the phone are a mess, we are taking some time during weekly planning to find some people that are lost in the book to teach and same thing with the phone! we are going to clean those things up for the next few weeks and make dunkerque a huge place in the mission again! dont worry it will happen. after we were done planning we had an hour to go out and contact and find someone so we went and did that and it was blowing wind really hard haha!
well today was good fun. we had a rdv with the guy that i met the first night that i was here to go out and see a less-active that was in the hospital. so we went out and contacted and then we came in for lunch and then went out with him and it took forever and an eternity to get out to the hospital and back! we went and said hello and then sat and chitchatted for a while and then we all decided to leave and so when we got out to the bus stop, we had just missed the bus so we had to chill and wait for the bus! then we went in and finished up some transfer goals that we needed to do and then we went out contacting to end the night! all in all it was a super fast day and not a ton to report cause everything that we did took up so much time! haha but it was good and rainy and windy none the less...i mean what do you expect when you are next to the ocean #amirite
well the first sunday here and i met the entire branch! including me and my companion there were 15 people in the chapel! isnt that awesome?? haha i was asked to share a little talk and introduce my self during sacrament and it went well. i like it here and all of the members seem to like me! there is only one lady here who plays the piano and she only plays right handed so it looks like i need to spice up my piano skills! haha that could be helpful i think! anywho we got out of the chapel really slowly today so we got home and did our lunch and then some studies cause i guess we are supposed to do studies on sunday and i have never done them before?? haha so ya we did that and then went out into the nasty cold and windy rain to do some contacting! lets just say that mine and elder jorgenson's wives are going to be BEAUTIFUL. because apparently the more time you spend proselyting in the nasty weather the more attractive your wife know like the prayer thing?;) but it was pretty bad and so we decided to go inside after an hour and we were soaking wet and try to clean up the phone for a little bit! all in all it was a good day
my time here in dunkerque is going great! thanks for the love and prayers and keep the letters coming!!i love and miss you all!;)
elder libby


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