Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello all the bodies!
Wow. What a week it has been. I am so tired but so excited that I'm finally here. This week has been crazy so here we go! Week one has been the fastest and the slowest week of my life. Like I can't believe it's already done, but how is it only Tuesday? On Wednesday right when I got away from all of the emotional people, cause I wasn't one, I immediately stopped crying and they legit sent us straight to work. It was just one thing after another and I legit did not know what was going on. I got my name tag and room key and went to put my stuff in my room and then off to class. Like legit no time at all for anything...haha just one thing after another. but it was definitely good! We had class and meetings and met our zone leaders and teachers and by then it was already time for bed. It's crazy how long the days feel but how fast they go by. We woke up on Thursday at the crack of 6:30...holy cow...getting up sucks...we had a class very first on how to not judge people, which was alright but i didn't really understand the point of it cause he literally jumped around on everything and we watched some videos and he talked way fast and kept turning off the lights but i guess it was good. anyway, we had a 4 hour class for french that day! holy crap! that was a long day..but it was way good cause i actually really look forward to french cause i like learning it. it is really coming along too! maybe i'll bear my testimony at the end?;) but we met our first investigator on thursday and learned about her and then found out that we had to teach her on Friday....in french... so that was good. anyway that night we had a 3 hour meeting with our Branch Presidency and then single interviews...I guess i should've dumbed down just a little bit because guess what that interview did? Made this kid the District Leader of District 46C! Which isn't bad cause that's just a fancy name for the person that gets the sacred privilege of picking up the mail and then attending extra meetings on Sundays... haha on friday morning we had a service project which was just us cleaning another districts dorm...not too fun but not too bad. Today we taught our first lesson to Carmelle, our investigator, and it went alright but we told her notre objecif comme missionaires (our goal as missionaries). Inviter les gens a venir au Christ en les aident a recevoir l'evangile retabli par la foi en Jesus-Christ et en son expiation par le repentir, par le bapteme, par la reception du don du Saint-Espirit, et par la perseverance jusqu'a la fin. go translate it. (Invite people to come unto Christ by helping to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, the reception of the gift of the Holy Spirit, and perseverance until the end) and when we told her that she asked what expiation is...which is the atonement. i about died. it legit took me 10 minutes how to figure out how to say can we teach you about that later...and that might just be my favorite saying now...haha my french has gotten a lot better since but it's still not perfect. i can pray in french, i can ask where the bread is, and i can sing a few hymns, and that's about all i need to survive right? that was the first night we got mail, and i just happened to find some doughnuts for me;) Saturday started out with another meeting with Carmelle, which went sooooo good. we taught her about prayer. we asked if she had problems in her life that she would like god to help her with and she told us she didn't want to bother god cause he didn't want to hear her problems but that she was looking for a job cause she just moved here from Paris 3 days earlier. we got her to pray but she forgot to ask her help finding a job so we challenged her to pray for that. Saturday I memorized notre objectif comme missionaires! all of it! I was pretty happy about that. then we had gym and one of the childers in my group, elder wells, self proclaimed himself as my personal trainer. so i've been getting some good workouts in and may not come home as fat cause he's going to Paris too! Sunday was just like any other sunday... we woke up and went to meetings all day...i had 3 extra meetings cause im district leader but it went good. Sacrament meeting went good. Here at the MTC, each missionary has to have a talk prepared, in French, every Sunday, cause they randomly pick speakers. Luckily it wasn't me this week! but after sacrament meeting we went for a walk to the temple, and i'm probably not supposed to say this, but i really don't think the Provo temple is all that pretty, and the whole way up i was kinda like,,,ehhh but i kid you not. when we were up there just silently walking around and taking pictures with everyone, the spirit of the Lord was so strong and i've never realized the true beauty of a temple. not once while we were up there was the temple ugly to me. it was a good time to feel the spirit and i am so glad i got to experience that. we then headed back to have a devotional and film which were way good. First off for Monday, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!! 25 YEARS!!! ok now onto the important stuff;) jkjkjkjk i woke up and as a district we've decided that the last one on the floor after the alarm clock goes off has to pray so that's pretty good i guess! We then had another lesson with Carmelle about the book of mormon and she agreed to read it! we realized that every other companionship had asked if she'd be baptized exept for us so we decided to ask her and she said not yet...but we had her pray again and she prayed that we'd have confidence as missionaries, that we'd learn our french, (not sure if that's a compliment or an insult) and then that if God was real that he might help her to find a job. The spirit was amazing and i'm so glad she's praying. we then had class and brother pehrson had asked me to pretend to be Carmelle, (not sure if that's a compliment or an insult) and that he was going to answer some of the questions she'd asked us. i never have felt the spirit so strong as when i did when he was teaching me. it was quite an amazing experience that i won't soon forget. then today....wow...today has been interesting to say the least. first off, which is not bad at all, i actually am so glad i got to go!, we went to a temple session. then we got a nap, HOLLA, then laundry and ***********SPOILER: ANYONE WITH A SENSITIVE STOMACH SHOULD NOT READ TIL THE STARS :) we got a note from the MTC presidency on like friday or so saying that all those serving in the Paris mission had a mandatory visa meeting to attend today at 1. those at the MTC who have experienced this before call it the Happy Tuesday. well we heard that it was for the Belgian visa and that we needed to get our blood drawn to see if we had parasites and worms in our system...which was true we had to give blood, but also a stool sample. yup i have officially donated a stool sample in my lifetime now! pretty much the most disgusting thing ever... but it's over and done. and i'm glad!**************
K well that's all for this week! thank you everyone for the letters and emails! i'm trying to write to everyone but an hour goes so fast here!!! Je t'aime et je sais que l'Eglise est vrai. A semain prochain! (I love you and I know that the Church is true. Until next week!)
Elder Libby :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


SUNDAY- Tanner's farewell. Thanks to everyone who came to support! He loves you all!

MONDAY- (Last) Family Stay-cation. We decided to do a quick overnight camping trip. Like, really quick. All for the memories, right? No pictures though :(

TUESDAY- Had a yummy lunch, hit a movie, took some pictures and said goodbyes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by one last time! He sold the Honda to help pay for his mission so we had to snag a few pictures because it was both of ours first car. Tanner was set apart as Elder Libby at 9 PM with a really neat blessing given by President Richins.



WEDNESDAY- We woke up early and made one last stop at Fiiz and then headed to Provo! He chose to have his Last Supper at Cafe Rio and then we walked around and took lots of pictures to kill time. There were a lot of mixed emotions, but Tanner kept us laughing all morning. Definitely more laughs than tears :) The drop-off was rough, but he was smiling the whole time. We love Elder Libby!