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dear all,
i want to apologize first off and say i feel stupid and bad cause it was my year mark and i didnt even take a ton of pics! please forgive the elder in France!:( well this week went by a lot smoother than i thought that it would! so i guess that means that all of your prayers and thoughts came to me! thank you for the love and the support:) im glad that all turned out well with the wedding and stuff and that it didnt turn into the movie bridesmaids! everything went smooth from what i can tell. well transfers are coming up next week and just because the mission is full of surprises and we never know what can happen...PLEASE SEND ALL MAIL AND LETTERS TO THE MISSION OFFICE!!!
La Mission Française de Paris
Elder Tanner Libby
131 boulevard Carnot
78110 Le Vésinet
thank you in advance:) MISSIONARIES LOVE LETTERS!! even though me and jorgy are like 100% percent positive we are both chilling here for another 6 weeks, lets just be safe and make sure that i get your mail:) thanks for everything you guys
so we left from doing emails and went back to the apartment and saw that i had a package that had tried to be delivered to me! so we took the slip and called the number on the back and then scheduled an appt for them to come and give it to me then and then left to go and start working for the night. we had gotten out of the building when my comp asked the terrifying question, 'do you have the keys?' WE FREAKING LOCKED OURSELVES we stood at the bottom of the building and rang the building keepers door and he came and let us in the building but told us that he didnt have a key to our apartment cause the missionaries never did that for him, even though he's asked them to MANY we sat there and decided that we'd try the magic credit card move....and that didn't work and so i all of the sudden remembered that our patio door was open and so i decided to ask our next door neighbor if i could do some building climbing to get over to our patio and she said sure... so i had to do some climbing and let me tell you...she was freaking out. she was all "if you fall it isnt my fault!" it was like the easiest thing ive had to do since getting on my mission. #wasntevendangerous so i got into our apartment and let jorgy in and all was well. we got a little 'talking to' by the building keeper and he told us to just give him a key and we told him we'd see if we can get one made for him....#probsnot, so anyway we went and contacted to end the night. it made for a good laugh the rest of the night!
well because the lady from fedex told me that they would be dropping my package off before 2 we kinda had to stay in the apartment all morning just waiting for them all to stop you know we were just chilling in doing studies and making a lot of calls and they came by at 11:45 with my package! it was so good to get it and hear from home! i got my simplified hymns and so it was super good to get those so i can practice! i also got some HILARIOUS photos of my parents from home and they made my life, so i did take pics of those pics so i can always have those. ill send them home so they know which ones im talking about! anywho after that we went to the gare to print out train tickets and contacted for a while and then we came home to get all my papers and passport and birth certificate and all that shtuff cause i had another appt to get all legal in france again! we went to the appt and went right in and the took all my stuff and then tried to take my REAL birth certificate!:/ but i stopped him. he put my folder together and gave me a legality paper saying that i am legal now and working on becoming more legal...if that makes sense. then we went and saw the less active who had been in the hospital. she is home now and doing well! but we walked in and she had PORCELAINE CATS all over her house. more than 2000 to be exact...she told me.. haha we shared a thought and she asked for a blessing. we then ported to end the night!
MY COMP IS THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. he took a picture today that makes my butt look so good. like i looked at it and asked if my butt looked like that all the time cause that is a GOOD butt. not even kidding. i had to go and print it out cause it was the best pic ever. we had a good day though! we went out contacting first off and stopped in for baguettes and then came in for lunch and then headed over to the church for a rdv that we had with our newest investigator. it was a really good rdv! we talked about the restoration and the book of mormon and he even prayed at the end of the lesson! it was really good! then we went out contacting in a park that we found just next to the church and it was a really cool park! we walked and talked to a lot of people and found the green lake where my comp took my pic. He could be a butt photographer for his career! we then left and started to head home and we told some #dramastories from home cause lets be real, we all know how much elder libby loves to hear about #thatdramathough haha i hate being in it but i love hearing about it. IT KEEPS ME ALIVE! then my comp decided that he wanted a mcflurry so we made our way to macdo and the macdo we have here is in the same building as a movie theater. now when we walked in, they were taking down posters of movies, notably the movie of PITCH PERFECT 2 and i asked myself, 'what do they do with those?' as jorgy was getting his mcflurry i saw them walk inside and so i decided i'd ask them if i could have the pitch perfect poster cause you know i knew they'd say i asked and they said you want it? and i said ya and they said ok! AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME. like seriously this is a HUGE poster for a publicity outside...I DIDNT THINK THEY'D SAY my comp walks out of macdo and im holding this huge poster and he goes, i bought you a mcflurry! how are you supposed to eat it now! so ya...we went home and had to clear a place for this big huge movie poster of pitch perfect 2!Face with tears of joy then we had a rdv with the one dude i met last week...remember his name? prince? or moses? ya neither do i...but we went and met with him and it went so wel! he is a cool guy and it will be interesting to see where these meetings go with him
one year down and one year to go! honestly today was just a really weird day and i didnt know how i felt...i was like sad and happy and scared and excited...i have no idea what was going on in my was just a freaking weird day! so we had studies today and then decided to go to the church to do language study and on the way over i got a text from a soeur who i am bffs from the mtc with, and she texted saying happy one-year mark and so you know we talked back and forth for a while and i decided to text another elder and tell him happy one-year mark cause you know he's also my bff, and that's what you do when you all celebrate the same thing! we then went and did some passbacks from about a week ago and then decided that year marks only come once in the mission so we needed macdo againSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat so we went to another macdo close to the church and it was SO packed and so we left and headed to the other and got our food and then went home for lunch where i had a letter from MOTHER DEAREST. it was good to hear from her:) after lunch we went to a rdv with our recent convert and we talked about the gospel of jesus christ and it went so well. we then went contacting to a less actives house and had a rdv with her and her family and it went well. for dinner me and my comp went to this cafe close to our apartment and it was really fun:) we then got home and i got a text from the elder's number who is celebrating his year mark with me, saying it was his comp..did you hear that he went home? so i called him immediately cause you know i was freaking out and someone answered and i was like did it really happen and they go do you know who this is? and i was like elder o. is this you? and he goes ya man! i had to get your attention and make a way for you to call me! lol hes a great friend! but we talked for a while and it was good to hear from him and was happy we got to talk! i miss him! after i talked to him for a while i called my soeur friend, cause i wanted to talk to her for a while! it was fun to laugh and joke around! she's such a cool kid. i set my alarm for 2:30am to get up and say a little prayer for my sister, court, bc today was the day she went through the ogden temple for her endowment and i promised i'd do that when it was going on at home!
today was good. it was really weird for me and i was in a weird phase all day but it was good. i kinda was just confused all day. i never really thought that today would ever come and when i woke up and realized that it was here i was just confused. plus i woke up with the WORST stomach ache ever and i had to deal with it all day long! i was walking around in the apartment and literally thought that i was going to barf...eww so we left the apartment and got to the gare so that we could get to lille for our zone conference. it went really well and we learned a lot on how to improve our teaching skills. afterwards i had my interviews with pres and soeur babin and they were really good! during my interview with president he told me that he had received a letter from a KARIN LIBBY 'do you know her?' ;) so he let me read the emails they had sent back and forth - she was worried about my state of mind so she wrote the pres babs, ah mom! - and he even offered me his shoulder to cry on;) he took good care of me. he is a good guy and im really lucky to know him. he gave me some advice but for the most part it was just dont worry, things will be ok. so that was really good to hear. he is an amazing guy. after that we made our way home for the day and we were going to go out and work but i was literally dying and could hardly walk without wanting to die so we went in for a little bit so that i could sleep it off and try to get rid of my nastyness! at 7:00pm i woke up and said a little prayer for the sealing cause i promised i'd do that when it was going on at home! then we decided to go out and try to work. we only had to take a couple little breaks so that i didnt explode so i consider that a blessing!
well today i woke up and my stomach felt so much better! it wasnt all the way healed but it was better. so that was good i guess! we started off with some studies and then had fixed a rdv with a guy that we met on the road the other day and so we went out to meet him and waited for a while and he never showed up...but it was a super sketchy rdv cause he never wrote it down and he didnt give us a phone number so you know it was ok that he wasnt there. we then went contacting and my stomach started to kill again. so we went in for lunch and then we started our weekly planning. today was actually really good and it wasnt bad or hard at all! we were talking and wondering lots of really deep is there a website? do they have i'm a muslim videos? and what about the community of christ? how is their religion? seriously..if someone could answer those that would be great! we then went out contacting for the night and went to find this less active and she was so happy to see the missionaries cause she said that it had been since 2010 that they had come to her house! she had us sing for her and said we could come back next week too. she was cute
today in sunday school the FUNNIEST thing ever happened! it was awesome! just wait til i get there. one investigator fell yesterday and hurt himself so he couldnt come to church today :( so me and my comp went alone and met up with a recent convert on the bus and came in with him! another investigator came this morning too! it was a good priesthood meeting this morning on the fast and fast offerings. we then got into sunday school where we studied about our bodies being temples and we some how got into the topic of know exactly what we want to talk about with our amis...then they got even deeper asking questions if the church hated homosexuals or not and how we feel about it...cause you know why wouldnt we talk about anything as the conversation came to a close and opinions were expressed a member shot forward and looked at the lady asking all the questions and he said 'one could say that i am a lesbian cause i like women!' HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH i literally started dying. he was sitting right in front of me and what does he do? he turns around and looks at me and then LIFTS UP HIS HAND FOR A HIGH FIVE. this 65 year old dude...oh my gosh, it was great. sorry i guess you just had to be there. but that was like the highlight of my day. we had a less active come to church today and she asked us for a blessing and then took us home. we ate lunch and then studied and then went to see our investigator that had fallen. he hurt his hand pretty bad but other than that he is doing good! we then contacted and ported and then went to meet with another investigator! she is doing SO much better this week! thank you for the prayers on her behalf! we'll be meeting with her more this week.
well everyone today i found BLOOD ORANGE JUICE! if you havent tried it go and find it.i am converted. thank you for everything! who thinks that im gonna be training next transfer?? thanks for all the prayers on my behalf...ONE YEAR DOWN AND ONE TO GO! see you all in 51 weeks:)
elder libby

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