Monday, August 31, 2015


well homies its your friendly neighborhood frenchie! ça va? this week went by like so fast! i can't believe how fast time flies. like do you think it will ever slow down? on the bright side, me and jorgensen found out that we will be staying together for a second transfer! so things are pretty good if you ask me! sadly i have to wait another 6 weeks til i can go into paris again..but thats what life is all about! waiting for all the good stuff. speaking of good stuff, did anyone go and drink the blood orange juice? like legit i heard this week that café rio started doing something like that and it made me miss them even more but love them so much more! so someone should go and try it and then let me know how it treats them. so ya keep the letters coming to me:)
Elder Tanner Libby
150 Quai des Anglais
59140 Dunkerque
well we decided that we were hungry for some MACDO! and since i have a macdo fund i really like going to macdo! so we headed out to macdo and were just sitting there eating. now since i am like the only person in the France Paris Mission without an ipad, elder jorgensen was just sitting looking at his ipad and saw that his email didnt send for the week. he logged onto the wifi at macdo and it still wouldn't send. and the pictures had disappeared! so we had a little freak out, like usual, but then just decided we'd go to the church and try to do it from the computer. on the way here we also realized that earlier when we were here we had left our umbrellas! so it was a little bit inspired to come back i think;) we got back and everything worked out on the computer and elder jorgensen was able to send all his emails and pictures home! we walked out of the church and the clouds and sky were amazing! it had just finished raining (like it always does in dunkerque) and the sky was just beautiful! so we took some funny candids with my umbrella. after we got home for the night i decided to call the one and only jean parfait! remember him? i just wanted to talk and find out how he was doing. he answered and i go hello jean parfait? and he goes ya hi how are you? and i go this is elder libby! and he goes ya i know, i recognized your voice. guess what i started my family history! except i only got to my grandparents cause its hard in africa. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
i woke up today with the WORST sore throat...lets just say that i took airborne like nobody's business! ahhh i hate being sick! so today we had to get up and make cake for district meeting and get out the door to catch our bus. we were going into st omer for the night cause the district leader decided to do this thing that he called a 'blitz' which is when all the missionaries from the district stay the day in one area and try to help out the missionaries there and then sleep over and head out the next morning. so we got into st omer and got a text from the district leader saying that they took the wrong train and that they were going to be late getting in. little did we know that it was going to take them 3 1/2 hours! we were just chilling in the church waiting for them to call saying to go and find them and they never did! so ya...we just sat there waiting. and i totally could have gone to the place in dunkerque this morning and fixed things with my legality! but we didnt... when they showed up we had lunch first cause everyone was hungry. then we had a formation on the importance of everyone using their own talents and that making the district stronger and i got related to a peach...? for the blitz they decided to make it like a little exchange and send missionaries off with someone other than our companions. i got to go with elder traue (said like troy...i think its german so dont ask me) but we had so much fun! it was such a blast! we went around like all day trying to find one house that they wanted to do for a took us so long cause we got lost a ton, but we ended up finding it and then we did some old fashioned porting to end the night! it was good fun and we got to talk about a lot! then we all met up for dinner and we all headed out to MACDO! dont worry i didnt get anything cause my throat hurt too bad...#beingsickissavingmyhealth
well today we woke up and my throat was still hurting and so you know i was just a little upset cause being sick SUCKS. so i was popping them airborne's 4DAYZZZZZ. we got up and had to get ready somewhat fast cause our bus left like a half hour sooner than we we headed out of there and got to the gare and made it with 5 minutes to spare! i guess you could say that i am like the best at catching trains and buses...i dont know if i have ever missed one! everyone keeps telling me that my time will come...#imgonnabeatthisgame we got into dunkerque and made our way back to the apartment cause i needed to get my stuff to go and do some of my legality with the city and they closed at 11:30. we got home and saw that the guy from germany who was delivering all of our book of mormons had stopped by yesterday to give them all to us but we were a little too know it was the next day that we got the slip ;) so we decided that we'd go and do my legality and then go searching for our book of mormons that he left at a shop downtown. we got to the town hall and showed them the letter that i got last week and they gave me a slip and we went into a room where this guy took my fingerprints and looked at my passport and then sent me on my way and said that they were going to try to have me finished a month from then! so lucky me! we then went searching for our book of mormons and came out with two HUGE boxes and 44 book of mormons! it was funny cause on the box it said Elder Libby and when she asked for ID i gave her my passport cause i had it on me and didnt wanna search for my drivers license and she goes, 'this isnt the same person...this guy's name is elder' so we had to do a little explaining and sweet talking, but in the end, we got out book of mormons ;) we then came home and ate lunch and then literally spent the whole rest of the day porting! we went out to go contacting along the beach line, but no one was out. so we just went to the houses right next door and ported them like crazy! haha we ported literally for the rest of the night. we got a call from jean paul asking us to come over and share a spiritual thought. so we took 15 minutes of our night to go and see him.
well this morning we woke up and had some studies and then got out of the apartment to go to a rdv that we were supposed to have with our investigator kevin. our recent convert was going to come to be a member present and so we all got to the church and were just sitting here waiting and i was playing the piano and made the mistake of playing 'if you could hie to kolob'...lets just say that mike, the recent convert, started asking questions...'qu'est-ce que c'est kolob?' ahhhh i think we might have freaked him out...he was amazed that god lived like us and that we have a heavenly mother...hahah it was funny to see him find out all this! but we decided that kevin probably wasnt going to show up and so we took mike and had a little lesson with him and taught him about the priesthood and talked all about that. he is such a cool kid!!! then we went home for lunch and hopped on the bus only to find the one and only kevin! haha it was awkward. we were like hey! whats up? and talked for a while and then we set up another rdv for tomorrow and then we were just sitting there and he pulled out his phone and called someone and i dont know if he didnt know that it was on speaker or what but we could hear that he called his answering machine and he was listening to a message that i sent him yesterday confirming our rdv for was super awkward..he just got up and moved seats...hahah we then stopped for kebabs for lunch and then went in to eat. we were watching a joseph smith paper and the jorgensen said that he felt sick and needed to take a i got up and started to make calls. i was there for a good hour or so making calls and cleaning out the phone. we then had to leave to make it to our rdv with anna! as we were leaving, i went to put my bag on my shoulder and SNAP! it fell right off my shoulder and broke! so you know..we have to go shopping tomorrow. we taught a really good rdv with her about prayer and the fact that we have to pray to know if things are true and that god does answer prayers. it was super well and she told us that she was going to start praying! so everyone pray that she prays! we then went to a little shop so that i could print off some of the pics from the wedding and then elder jorgensen bought me a mcflurry cause he is the best.
for studies this morning i finally caught up on my reading from the book of mormon for 90 days! so you know i felt pretty good. i decided that i was going to try to start reading jesus the christ as well...oh la la that is a hard book to read! but i think i'll be able to get a lot out of im sure ill have to read it a lot of times to get it...we decided that we were going to go straight into weekly planning this morning but wanted a 10 minute break and so jorgy offered to buy me a coke from the vending machine across the we ALL know that tanner will not say no to a coke;) so we went and did that and as he was buying some coke, an extra bottle fell from the machine! we got a free, extra bottle! it was pretty great and it caused some laughs. we then went inside and started our weekly planning and sadly this weeks was not as great or funny as last time. we were just planning and then had to leave for our rdv with kevin. we got to the church and he showed up and so we started a lesson and then like 5 minutes into it we saw someone outside and so i got up and went and talked to him and he goes 'im waiting for kevin, is he in there?' and i was all ya and he goes can i come in? it was so weird...we just taught this random dude and kevin and it was one of the weirdest rdv's that i have ever had in my life...hahah but they both took a book of mormon! so ya...we then went home and finished up our weekly planning and then went out porting and less active finding for the night. i wanted a mcflurry so we stopped and got some cause sometimes you just need that mcflurry! we then came home and me and jorgy decided that we wanted to go for a run instead of eat we went running! it was good. you know just trying too start looking good for when i get home. i have to get a wife somehow!
well we woke up this morning and did some studies but our minds were all over cause its transfers you know! even though we were like 100% sure that we were going to stay together we were anxious to see if the phone rang telling us something different! we finished up studies and then we left to go and check out transfers at the church! its fun to see all my friends doing things in the mission. their living the life for me;) maybe one day i'll get to do something! me and jorgy looked around and what everyone was doing for a while and then we went to lunch and i went and got my new backpack! it is so nice! i love it and people in the US are gonna be like where did you get that? and im gonna be like, FRANCE. #getonmylevel jk im not that dumb but i do like it a lot!! its fun to be in with all the cool kids in france! we then got a phone call from this less active that we tried to stop by last night and she asked if we could come and see her today and so after lunch we went and headed out to her house. we got on what we thought was the right bus when we realized, we were going out into the middle of nowhere on the wrong bus! and we couldnt get off cause we'd just have to wait forever for it to come back to get us and take us back! ahhhh so we went to this little town called skyper and took some fun pics! gotta have fun even when you mess up!;) we sooner or later got into dunkerque again and got on the right bus and made our way out to the less active's apartment and she let us in and we talked to her! she was a cute old lady and told us that she wants to come back to church, so we'll see what she does! we then went in for dinner and watched the joseph smith papers and then went out porting for the night. we just got on a random bus and waited until the spirit said stop! so we went and ported and like the 15th door we knocked on this guy let us in and he let us pray with him and his wife even though 1) they were in a hurry to get out of the house for a dinner appt and 2) it was his wife's birthday! they asked us to come back next week and we set a rdv with them right after we prayed! it was so cool! they said they were excited to find out who we were. it was so cool! we came home and there was this crazy huge firework show going on behind our apartment and so we only got to here it, but it was so loud and bright that we could see the whole sky lighting up! it was crazy!!
so i woke up this morning at 6am to a crash and it scared the crap out of me and i had no idea what it was cause it was SO loud and i had never heard anything like it before and so i got up and it did it again and i saw light coming from the kitchen and so i opened the door and we were in the middle of (what seemed like) a hurricane! i kid you not! it was POURING rain and there was thunder and lightning like i had never heard before and i like legit was scared! haha the first thing that came to mind was, 'i havent even told my family i love them yet!' i was legit scared! hahah the lightning was striking just right in front of our apartment and it was loud and HUGE! i was scared. but i sat there and watched for a while and then got tired so i went to bed for the last 15 minutes. we then got up and got ready for church and headed out the door. luckily by now the storm had passed and it was starting to get sunny. we had some really good meetings this morning in church! im sure we talk about the same thing you guys do right? we talked about the importance of having a relationship with us god and jesus christ! it was really good and our sunday school teacher did an amazing job. then our branch president gave a really good talk in sacrament meeting and talked about the importance of putting our acts into action and not just sitting there and waiting. it was a really good sunday! we came home and ate and studied and then got up and out of the apartment and went to try to stop by a less active's house but she didnt we decided to go out and knock some doors where we were yesterday! we got on the bus and there were a billion arab's on the bus and 2 americans and at one stop, every single person, except me and elder jorgensen, got off and i looked up at the bus driver and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and i said maybe they all live together and he laughed and then asked who we were so we talked to him until we needed to get off. we then went porting and got a few people to say that we could come back another day and then it was time for us to go in for the night and so we went back to the bus stop and were waiting and the bus pulled up and guess who the driver was? the same dude! hahaha! so we sat up front and talked to him again and he was asking all about who we were and what we were doing and it was fun. i got him to laugh a few times and it made me feel good that i could just engage in a normal conversation. he was really cool and so it will be fun to see if we see him again in the near future! he was nice and cool and only 24 years old so it was fun to talk to someone 'our age'
well there goes that week guys! j'espère que tout se passe bien chez vous! merci vous tous pour les prières et les pensées que vous m'envoyez. vous me manquez mais je vous aime!:) que dieu vous bénisse! à toute à l'heure!:) votre frenchie préféré:) (i dont think that translates...hahah we'll see;) )

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