Monday, August 10, 2015


hello everyone! this week went by really well and me and my comp had a blast! me and this kid are just the funniest missionaries you will ever meet and we have fun while getting the work done! #gottalistentocharly! the work is always that much easier when you are having fun! i cant believe that the time is going by so fast though! me and my comp are already in our 4th week together! time flies when you are with your best friend though;)
well because of district meeting and times and all that fun stuff we have to go into the other elders area every monday night to be able to make it to district meeting by tuesday morning cause there are no buses or trains that run that early in the morning to Calais! so we went in to St Omer and by the time we got there we realized that we hadnt eaten any dinner so we went and got some macdo for dinner! it was great as always. anyone who knows elder libby knows that he loves some good old macdo! then we went home for the night and got some shut eye
today i got to do an exchange with the big tahitian and i love that kid with all my heart! this elder is born and raised in tahiti and is just the biggest teddy bear that i have ever met in my entire life! it was so much fun to be hanging out with him all day! he is a really nice kid, and he speaks almost fluent english! so thats always fun. he told me that he learned all of his english from going to institute and seminary in tahiti and that he is really shocked cause he was called to paris france speaking french but that he has spoken more english than french while being here on his mission...i guess we all need to get better at speaking some french for them frenchies;) we woke up and headed out the door so that we could get our train and me and one of the other elders from st omer took some really cute candid photos but sadly i dont have them yet cause he hasnt emailed them back to me so i'll send them in when i get some! no worries. then we got to district meeting and had a fun time together and ate and talked and planned and all that fun stuff and then we taught a lesson to one of their investigators and it might have been the most awkward lesson that i have ever taught. we taught about the restoration and gave a church tour and when we asked her if she ever got to the point of knowing the truth of our message if she'd be baptized she said no cause it's a different religion...hahah and then she left. so that was really interesting! then we went home for dinner and contacting and then we went on some less active searching and while walking we ran into an old lady who was just talking our ears off and so cute and old she could hardly walk by herself so we helped her cross the road...first time i did it and it was in france! before leaving i asked if we could take a pic and she grabbed my arm and said 'allez-y' so we took a cute little photo! then on the way home, we found an ice cream truck that gave out huge ice cream cones with 6 scoops and more soft serve ice cream on top! so naturally we had to buy some and take some cute pics again. we then made our way in for the night
today went pretty dang well! haha i slept like a baby last night so when i woke up this morning it was just a great morning! we did some studies and then for morning contacting my comp took me to the calais lighthouse and to the beach! good fun! i saw england so that was great!:) long live the queen! then we went and bought some drinks for lunch cause we obviously had to get some kebabs! they were really good but they didnt toast the bun so they just fell right that was fun:) we caught our train and got home to good old dunkerque! it had been a long time so it was really good to be home. during the train ride i was playing around on my comps ipad and i was looking at his family history and tree and saw that for almost every ancestor they had a story about their conversion and life! and so i am super excited to get my ipad so that i can do that too! im excited to learn about those guys and maybe find out if a couple of them come from france!;) except i looked at the crotch of my pants...and i had another tear! i am running these bad boys down to the ground! so that was interesting...i was down to one pair of pants! we went porting and then stopped by a less active for a quick rdv. she told us that her and her family are planning on coming to church so we really hope that that happens!
well today was awesome all because of our new investigator! do you all remember her? she was our little miracle and she is just so cool! i love her! we had a great rdv with her:) teaching prepared people is so much fun. we woke up this morning and went and did some contacting to the church for our language study and then we contacted on the way home and we got a call from this guy at the city mairie telling me that he needed something from my visa to take care of my legality for the second year of my mission so we ran over and he told me he'd call me when he had it figured out! we then went home for lunch and for our rdv! we got there and she was waiting for us and told us all about her. she has 2 kids and 2 grandkids. one child from her first husband and the other from her second husband. she told us that she just lost her second husband last year from a really bad sickness but she came to accept it cause she knows that he is doing better now. the spirit was strong! we taught her the restoration and she was asking lots of questions and then...SHE INVITED HERSELF TO CHURCH!!! she just told us that she was going to come! we finished up our rdv and fixed another time to go and see her and then left. while there we missed a call from the guy at the city mairie and he told us that he had everything that i needed! he took good care of me! so we told him we'd be by in the morning! we then went to a less active rdv and it went well. we just talked all about joseph smith and then headed out to a dinner appt with a member! she invited us over cause she found some new areas that she wanted us to port and she wanted to tell us all about them! we found out that she was like the same age as our new investigator and then asked her if she'd be willing to help us teach her! she said yes and we talked all about that and ate a salmon and spinach lasagna! it was a fun night! plus she took my pants and told me she'd sew them all up for me:)
so this homeboy that works for the city is seriously the best. if he is not employee of the month right now then he needs to be promoted! we went to go and pick up my stuff this morning and he had everything figured out and he signed me up for an appt next week! he is the best. we then went over to a recent converts house to teach him. he had a dr appt so we had to really quickly teach him! then we went searching a new bus map for the apt and there were none at the bus place so we went to the church to look up this guys address for tomorrow cause we had a rdv with him. then we went home and ate lunch and then went to another recent converts house and helped him out with his lesson that he was asked to give in church this week! he was really nervous! but it was a good rdv! then we went home and we planned cause you know its friday and we should probably do that sometimes;)
we got a call from the member that lives not too far from us and he was really wanting to come and help us out with some contacting today. he is a little not all there in the head so we have to be nice to him and so we told him he could come and help for a couple hours! after studies i felt like i needed to call our new investigator just to see how she was doing and she just started to cry and tell us that her ex husband was killed yesterday and that she needed us to pray for her cause she needed it. i just didnt know what to do! she told us that she wouldnt be able to come to church tomorrow but that she would still like us to come over next week. promise me that you will all pray for her and her daughter! so we did our studies and then went out and contacted and taught a lesson and then went for language study and lunch and then we tried to go out and see some members but they weren't home and so that made me sad. then we went and got the member so that he could come and help us out and we were just laughing and having a fun time! while waiting for him to get ready to go outside i found a sudoku puzzle on his table and so i took it and finished it while waiting:) then we went out contacting and we laughed and had fun! then we dropped him off at home and went out porting and bought some ice cream and coke for the night:)
today went by pretty fast! which is funny cause every week sunday seems like it is going to go so slow but it ends up flying by! we went back out to the neighborhood that the sister told us to try and got 4 passbacks and taught 2 lessons! it was great! we got to church today and the sister brought back my pants all sewed up and perfect! she takes good care of me! then we had great meetings and had fun with all the members! after church me and my comp had to get on the internet to look at train times to try and find out some of the times that we needed to order for our week and then we went home for lunch and watched for good old emma smith! it was fun:) we then took a little time for our studies and then went out porting to finish up the night! like i said we saw tons of success out there and it was all because of #membersinspiration seriously it was a great night!
well i hope you are all doing well! remember that god is real and that he does watch over all of us. he loves us and wants us to be happy, so we need to find the happiness! im grateful for him, his son, and this gospel in my life. love you all:)
elder libby

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