Monday, October 27, 2014


bonjour tout le monde! hahah i just want to start out by saying thank you. thank you to everyone for the prayers, for the thoughts, for the letters, but mostly, thank you for letting me come on my mission! like literally it's only been 10 weeks and i'm more homesick than i've ever been, i sometimes just randomly start crying (that's nothing new), and i miss you all so much! BUT. i've never been happier, i've never felt the savior's love so strong, and i've already learned so much about everything out here! and it's only been 10 weeks! crazy things happen when you are having fun right? it's kind of been a rough week so i'm just so thankful for you all! well now that the emotional part is over ;) here we gooooo
well today was a good productive day. we had little time for studies this morning again...but just like every other tuesday..we had district meeting in Luxembourg! that's always a fun time! there's this monument there and it has something that looks just like angel moroni! haha i'll try and take pictures tomorrow for you all! it's not a temple :( but it looks like angel moroni! district meeting was good and then we made our way back to metz! and it was POURING rain! haha like harder than i've ever seen in Utah! so we had to make our way to the apartment in the pouring rain! it was a fun time! i got soaked and not to mention that this week it has started to get FREEZING COLD...and our heaters aren't it was really fun! i bought some applesauce yesterday that tastes just like grandma jolley's so there's a little taste of home for me;) but ya! i had an exchange with the elder from Tahiti tonight. he's pretty cool! we just went out contacting and went and met one of their ami's! it's so fun going with other people and meeting people you don't know! haha she wanted to see pics of my fam and haha it was just a fun night!
started today off still on an exchange with elder faura. it was really funny! we got up and had to get a train cause we had a meeting with someone in the next town over so we got on the train, and it started going in the opposite direction! haha so we flagged down one of the conductors and he said that the train was going to Thionville, which was where we needed to go, but that something was blocking the tracks and that we needed to get out of the way for the other trains that were coming...we later overheard that it was a person that jumped in front of a train:( sadddd but we were on that train for 3 hours! haha it was really interesting! then we got off and had an hour bus ride to the guys house. we got there and he asked if we could go teach his she came and picked us up and when we got to her was the nastiest house i think i've ever been to! she had 3 dogs, 4 cats, hadn't cleaned the house in forever, and it STUNK SO BAD. so we taught her, answered questions, yada yada and then she gave us a ride to the bus station. that was interesting! then we got back to metz bought some baguettes and returned to our original equipes. me and elder eldredge then had a lesson fall through so we just went porting. we found another house where it was a less-active family! this brother was the first bishop in the metz ward! and we were just about to get to a lesson/find out more about him and his wife when his daughter and some family friends came through the front door...and...i got my first bisus(?) in France tonight! haha you know the kiss thingy's on the cheek? elders aren't supposed to do those! but she started and ya..! haha funny stuff. we scheduled another appt with them this week so hopefully that goes good!
today was kind of a rough day...there were a lot of times that i had to get elder eldredge off his butt and doing things i knew he didn't want to do...he was really annoyed of me today...we went contacting a lot and he would always walk 5 feet in front of me and just doesn't ever talk to me, but then we get back to the apartment and he acts like we're i just go with the flow.. you know?:) haha then we had a meeting with an investigator. so we went to that and we walked and talked and prayed and that went well! i gave the closing prayer and after i was done she says "when you pray, i feel vibrations in my feet!" hahah so funny! so after that, elder eldredge said that he needed to go buy a new winter coat...which was kind of hypocritical, cause just last week i asked if we could go buy something and he was like no it's not p um that was weird..but when we were at the cash register he said, i know you think i'm being hypocritical and i know you're probably mad, but i want you to know that i'm buying this for elder pratt cause his family doesn't have enough money to buy him a winter then i was ok with was a nice coat, kind of expensive, and a really good gesture on his part;) then we went to the computers to do language assessment evals and finished up the night with area book work and language study! so that was an interesting day..
today was just a really hard day...probably the hardest day that i've had since i got here. well the day started off with us sleeping in...the alarm didn't go off and when we woke up, it was 8:15. so that was no good, and might be the reason it was such a bad day. our studies went surprisingly well and i actually thought that it was going to be a good day. then we went contacting and the same thing as yesterday...he walked 5 feet in front of me the entire time. we had one lesson and while we were praying, we felt an earthquake..i kid you not! so many things were happening and pretty much telling us that it was a bad day! haha so umm we talked a lot about that on the way back to the apartment and started our weekly planning. we were about an hour in and all the sudden elder eldredge stops what we were doing and says look at me. then he just said a lot of things that pertained to how he thought that i was a bad missionary. i won't go into was just really rude! so i stood up, told him to stop, and walked out of the room, grabbed one of the other missionaries i live with and went for a walk. i just cried the whole time! he was telling me really mean, personal things that just were really uncalled for and so i cried, got over myself, went back and we had an hour long talk on how he's been treating me unfair and that we both have things we need to work on, but that we'd try to be better. so that was good i guess. then we had a meeting that night at sœur piguet's house again! haha she is the nicest lady! she showed me all the letters from her and mom, cause they've been emailing! it was good, and since it was a rough day, i cried when i saw them! she was laughing at me! but it was good. i'm so grateful for her! haha
started out with studies and getting ready for our samedi sports again! haha that was fun! the piguet boys came. i just love that family! such a fun group of kids! we came back from that and the two most amazing things happened! first, we figured out why the heaters weren't working, fixed them, and now we have heat!! such a good day! and then, i got a letter from makenly and corbin today! haha it was awesome! corbin's letter was literally like the cutest thing that i have ever gotten in my life just so you know! (by the way everyone...they're my cousins!) just the best thing ever. made my crappy week somewhat better! then we just got finished with studies and all that fun stuff and went contacting for the night! me and elder eldredge decided to walk all the way to the Church and back and that took a whole hour! and ya then we went to this tree down by the river (yes like the van;) and it has legit mistletoe on it! haha funny i know!
well today was good cause of daylight savings! found out that it was just me and not you guys i got an extra hour of sleep and you guys didn't! haha! so we slept for a while and then got up to get to Church! we got there and i was sitting by elder eldredge and all of the sudden he got up and went to go sit by someone i'd never seen i just stayed where i was..turns out that he was from elder eldredge's first ward on his mission and there were a bunch of them here for temple recommend interviews! elder eldredge's first baptism on his mission is going through the temple this week! so that was cool! he literally had us stay for like an hour after Church so he could talk to them all haha so that was fun! then we went back to the apartment and had lunch and then started our studies! elder eldredge tried to get it so that we could stay Inside all day but i made him get up and go contacting til it got dark! then we had like an hour and a half of movies to Watch for 12 week and ya so that was fun! then we had just studies and what not to finish off the night. so that was a fun day!
i just want you all to know that i love you so much! thank you for your constant prayers and your constant love coming my way. it's crazy but i can literally feel all of them! i know that our savior lives and loves us...some people say that it's coincidence. but we all know better right;) he loves us and wants us to come back to him someday! please continue to keep me in your prayers! i keep you all in mine all the time! this church is true and i know it! thank you for everything! i hope you all are watching a lot of movies for me!;) keep in touch!!
elder libby:)
shall we not go on in such great a cause? - joseph smith
thought of the week:)

a little taste of Metz!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Bonjour ma famille!!! et mes amis aussi! comment ça va? how has another week already gone by? haha not a lot of new stuff here in the good old France but it was definitely a good week and i am thankful for everyone and their support:) well umm ya here we goooooo
well our district, since we are all the way on the east side of France consists of the set of Elders that cover the whole country of Luxembourg. so for district meeting, since our Church is under construction and we can't go there during the day, we have to go to Lux once a week for district meeting. DANG!;) haha such a pretty country! it is crazy how small it is though! i mean they've got one set of missionaries covering the whole country! haha so we were there for a few hours of the day and had some lunch while we were there also! so that was pretty fun! then when we got back, we did some language studies and the ZL's were coming into town for some exchanges with the other set of missionaries so we met them and did some language study and then me and Elder Eldredge went porting again! (knocking doors)(it's called porting cause "porte" means "door") we found one guy that said he loves jésus and wanted to meet us tomorrow at a pub to talk about him! haha first offered beer in France. check! but we told him we don't drink alcohol and that we could meet him almost anywhere else so he agreed to meet at his house tomorrow and then we continued porting. the man next less-active member! used to be a branch president, and him and his wife just got "too busy to go" so we are meeting with them this week! really cool expériences!
today was a day that went on forever! like seriously...i felt like there we so many more hours in the day..woke up at 6:30 and since the ZL's didn't have any exercise clothes or anything we had to just do little exercises in the apartment. and by we, i mean they...haha i was still trying to Wake up...cause i hate waking up in the morning! but then we had studies and for the rest of the day, we kind of just did things to fill the time.....haha we went to get lunch with the ZL's and when we came back i had a letter from the fam!! haha it was so good to hear from everyone! even though all Bowen told me to do was try to find a chocolate cake shop...on the other side of the country;) haha it was so good to hear from them. then me and elder eldredge went and went on a walk with an investigator...she's an older lady...probably in her 60's and she's just sooo depressed and ya..but she speaks English and we walked and talked with her for like an hour and that went well! then we went to go meet Louis! the guy from last night! our lesson went well, but at the end he realized he was late for a gig...he's some sort of musician i think so we couldn't leave with a prayer and we didn't get a date for another meeting...keep your fingers crossed! we then just ported for the rest of the night and came back! yuppers a longgg day! OH by the way...there's a new advertisement that we saw at a bus stop's talking about BREAST i'm gonna leave it at that and let you all decide what the picture of it is...haha it surprises me how normal that is for them's so sad! and it literally just sneaks up on us everywhere!
today was a day that went by really fast! we were going to get up and go running this morning but i literally could not wake up to save my life! i hate waking up in the morning! can you tell? had our studies and then we took lunch cause we had a meeting today with the ward mission leader around 2...we just talked all about the luau that we are having and he gave us cookies and ice cream! then we came back to our apartment and kinda all just talked for a little bit and started language study cause we needed to get to the computers a little later to do some assessments for my 12 week program and we couldn't go til the workers on the Church had left..we got there and did the assessments and i printed off a talk by Jeffrey r holland..remember lot's wife..and if any of you haven't read that yet, READ IT NOW! it is so good! go to and read it! so amazing! then we went to the Piguet's house and she let us teach a lesson and then she fed us! my first mangez-vous! then on the bus ride back we saw the advertisement for breast cancer's's so sad..but then we got back and talked about like movies and jobs and how different things will be when we get home haha ya!
i started alma today and i'm starting to get excited that i'm going to finish the whole BOM in one transfer! then after that we had a half hour until the Lux elders came into town for their exchange with the district leader so we talked about a ton of stuff! then they came and we went to this chinese buffet they've been raving about since day one...honestly i don't ever want to eat chinese here again because of the last was alright but nothing will ever beat ABC...staying true no worries guys. haha then we headed to the Church again so that i could finish some of the assessments that i needed to finish! and then we went contacting for the rest of the night...elder eldredge was kind of mad that i wanted to go contacting though..we hadn't done anything all day so i kind of made him let us go! then we went and he started getting mad cause i was asking him what everyone was saying when we talked to them and being happy when i understood he gave me this lecture on how i need to not be prideful and i need to remain humble...idk i didn't think i was being prideful so whatevs..then he made up this rule that i could only get a coke if we teach two lessons a day and a baguette if we get a new ami...(investigator) so umm i did just that haha we taught two lessons that night and got a new ami! haha idk if it was all serious but it was just kinda bugging me cause he was being all stubborn and stuff
today we literally did nothing almost all day! it was such a long and boring day! we started off the morning with some crepes..i'm trying to lose weight right? ya it isn't working when all i do is eat! then we started our studies and when we were supposed to do comp studies we all got talking so umm bad start to a day already! then we went off to Samedi Sports! so that was actually pretty fun...we played basketball, soccer, and a little bit of football so that was fun! then when we came back we were just studying and then elder eldredge and elder faura had a meeting with someone for the luau in a couple weeks and so that went to that and told us that they would only be like an hour or so...they left at 1 and we waited and cleaned and talked, and watched Ephraim's Rescue and by the time that was done, it was 6:45! so me and elder pratt had enough of doing nothing and we went out and walked and contacted and got cokes and just did stuff...haha we taught 2 lessons and came back to the was pretty much a day wasted and i kinda was a little mad but whatevs..
well today we woke up and headed out to Church! just like last week, it was a good time, but i didn't understand a lot of what went on and i felt kinda lost, but it was good and i got to talk to a ton of people! when i got to sunday school, sœur piguet saw me and she came up to me and told me she thought i looked so good and that my suit was the nicest suit ever! haha she was so nice! then i had to help pass the sacrament and when i passed it to her she said the same thing again! haha we had sacrament and then after she came up to us missionaries...and said it again! she was just so funny! then when we left the Church and got to the bus stop she was waiting there and asked me if we could get a picture and i told her only if she sent it to my that's where that picture came from! it was funny! then when we got back to the apartment we had lunch and by the time that was done it was already like 2 so we started to finish our 12 week studies that we had slacked on for the entire week.. by the time that was done it was already time for dinner! i wasn't hungry so i just listened to conference talks and then by 6 we started our weekly planning and that takes a minimum of like 2 1/2 hours so by the time we finished it was already yesterday was just a day of planning and stuff!

so blurry...sorry :(
well that sums up my week everyone! haha things are good here in France and i just love baguettes and the smell of cigarettes already! haha it is so great here and there is no where else i'd rather be! it is so cool to walk down the street and see how many people are eating baguettes or speaking a language you can't speak faster than you can blink! i love each of you back home and i am so thankful for all that you all do for me! keep the prayers coming and i'll keep the emails coming! i love you all so much! i can't believe i'm already two months old! haha only 22 short months! so don't wish me home! much love and many baguettes

Elder Libby


notice all the empty coke bottles ...

glad he left the toilet seat up for the pic ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


BONJOUR TOUTE LE MONDE! Comment ça va? i cannot believe what a week it has been! i am so much better this week though...thank you for all the prayers and thoughts in my behalf! last week was hard but this week has been all the better and i just love it here in FRANCE!!! i also am just loving hearing from everyone that is getting mission calls and who is all leaving and all that! congrats to everyone!!! the work is going great! and missions are so amazing! well i guess i can tell you a little bit about my week:) it's been a good one so stay attentive..:) wow i'm weird k here we go!
well i am like so stupid because monday night i left my journal at the Church after we went back to get it first thing and they had moved all the furniture out of the computer room (because the church is currently under a huge renovation, remember?) and so me and elder eldredge had to look around the whole church to find where they put my journal! ahhh but we found it and then we put some of his music on my usb so that i had some more! but then we had to go clean our apartment parce que we didn't get to we did that and then had to go to email the president. but we went to this place that had really slow and old internet service so we had to go to another place...ahh that took forever..but then it was time to head back to the apartment for the night.
WEDNESDAY ---- HAPPY 12TH BDAY BOWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how is that little fart already 12....ahh that blows my mind! today was one of the funnest days that i've had in france! i just loved it so much. it was exactly what i needed and i just felt at home and happy! it was such a good day! we had zone conference today, and in my zone, there are 4 blue's (they call green's blue's for some reason...) me, elder merrill, one of my good friends in the mtc!, SOEUR HUDSON!!!, one of my fellow district members at the mtc and one of my favorite people ever on this planet, and Elder Wilson, the one that Megan Bunch's sister told me to look for at the MTC. me and him are also pretty close! we just all talked and it was so good to just catch up with them...i just love them all so much! we had interviews with president and soeur babin! they went so well and i can tell that they really are like my parents while i am here. they are so nice and such inspired people! Soeur babin reminds me so much of Dearwyn...just so loving and she even looks a lot like her! then we had meetings and what not but then we had lunch..we got chinese! then we were all waiting for trains and final messages from the president and we got talking about lunch...turns out that we ate...DOG for lunch...i repented so no worries...i don't think i'll be eating chinese food in france anymore:( i thought it was CHICKEN! but nope it was fluffy from two doors down....i got my wallet and camera back today and good thing too cause.....WE WENT TO THE EIFFEL TOWER!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW. THAT THING IS HUMONGOUS! seriously think of how big you think it is, and its a billion times bigger haha so crazy! i got lots of pictures and i'll be sending them later today:) wow thats all that i can is like almost majestic! but we accidentally missed our train back to metz so we had to wait and buy tickets for a new train...we look at lots of nice Swatches and i think i'm going to have to buy one:) along with shoes...i LOVE french shoes!!!
Another good day! ahhh but who can have a bad day in france right? haha jk i had a few last week but they've just been getting better and better every day! i feel like today i really got really close with my companion and that's something i need right? i mean he's pretty much my wife for the next 6 weeks;) we went contacting for about an hour and talked to maybe 5 people and they all said no hah! but we had a meeting with the ward mission leader again this week so we went to that and got back around 5. we decided that we were going to make dinner and go get baguettes. then we went contacting again for the rest of the night and got two numbers! one was a fake number and the other lady won't answer her phone...but we keep trying!
what a day! so the bishops wife called us last night and asked if we'd teach institute for her we planned for a lesson in institute during study and then went contacting...just another day in paradise! if you consider paradise somewhere with no success:) but it's always fun to listen to how people reject us! ahaha. then we came back and started weekly planning and got a little off subject and ended up not finishing...oops! so we ate dinner and went off to our rendezvous avec Nora! it went really well but she told us again she's not really ready for baptism yet. she said she likes meeting with us and she likes talking with us but she doesn't know yet. she's such a cool lady. i hope things work out with her! then we taught our lesson at institute and it went pretty good! we talked about the 4th section of D&C and then went to print some things off the computer and then headed home for the night.
today felt unproductive and slow but none the less it was good! we studied and had a lesson with our recent convert. like 2 weeks before i got here, but that went well. we asked her to bare her testimony and she said no but ya...other than that it was a good lesson! then we were supposed to meet someone at the church to help us prepare for our ward party we're having in a few weeks, but she never showed i was playing the piano for a long time! but then we went to get kebabs. which are like a french hamburger...and fries! they're pretty good but i like american hamburgers better!:) haha then we went back and finished planning from yesterday, and went to teach a lesson to one of the other investigators. he suprised us with telling us that he didn't want to meet with us anymore...kind of a bummer but what can we do? then we went to the church to print off some stuff and when we got back, but watched 17 miracles. so it was a pretty good day!
had my first sacrament meeting in france today! haha it was pretty good! met lots of nice ward members and the bishop! he's actually from utah so he speaks fluent english...what a relief! haha went to all three classes and might not have understood everything, but i definitely liked it! haha then we came back and went visiting a bunch of people in the ward and then contacting! then we came home for dinner and some studies and then we went porting! it was a fun day! porting is knocking's definitely different, but i like it! then we went home for the night,

well thank you everyone for all that you've done for me to get here! i love it here and i am doing great! i love chatting with all of you and can't wait for my pdays so that i can talk to you all! thanks for everything and i'll talk to you next week! au revoir! je vous aime!
Elder Libby

Monday, October 6, 2014


well this is a fun week! start out in les Etats-Unis and end up in FRANCE! i can't believe i'm actually here...haha it feels so crazy! i can't believe that it is real life! well this week has been long and crazy and i may have already committed stupid in front of the mission president and his wife a couple times so stay tuned and you can hear my funny stories:)
what a crazy day! last night we were up til 12:30 helping and finishing packing and taking our last few pictures before BYU security came and yelled at us for not being in bed...haha so we went in our rooms and got ready for bed..but the kids that all left for Lyon were supposed to leave at 5:50 AM so we were back up at 4:30! ahhh it was a delight:) and so we sent them off and headed back to bed for a good 20 minutes and then we went to our last supper...or breakfast...haha it was a great feeling! then we came back got ready and all that jazz and we headed to the buses! then off to the airport! we were taken to a train station and headed to the airport and met one lady and talked to her about the church for a while so that was good! when we got to the airport, i kinda started to freak out a little cause i didn't know what to do, but then all of the sudden out of nowhere this worker came and figured out all my bags for me! then it was time for calling and cafe rio! so great haha. after crying and saying goodbye to friends and family on the phone we got on the plane and i might have cried when we took off..but i can't remember;) but i sat next to a lady from the czech republic and she just patted my arm and said it's ok change can be hard, but it's going to be good! she asked who i was and what i was doing so i taught her about the church. she said that she was catholic and looking for something more cause it her religion didn't seem to have everything. so i told her all about us and why i was going to france and she said she was going to go and see if she could find missionaries in the czech republic. that was cool! the plane ride was long and i couldn't sleep! but i played lots of sudoku and listened to frozen and waited haha! but we got to see....THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!! as we flew over canada we got to see them! so cool!
as soon as we landed in paris i tried to call mom and courtney but i couldn't...we read the phone instructions wrong and i can only call internationally when i'm in the US...haha but i knew that sometime or another the mission president would email you all:) so we got off the plane got our luggage and i don't know how everyone knew where to go...(was there like an orientation of the paris airport before we came?) but somehow we went right to the mission president and his wife! so crazy to finally meet them! but we got to talk for a little and eat some pain au chocolat! then they took our bags and gave us a book of mormon and said meet you at the church and they left us! we had to find our way there by train and try to get rid of our book of mormon! so crazy! i actually didn't give it away but i did talk to a guy...didn't really understand him but i talked to him! then when we got there we ate and filled out papers and waited for our interview with the president and his wife! when i met with them they asked me what i needed from them or if i had any more questions and i told them i just wanted a shower cause i STANK! haha they told me i've never looked better and that i would get one in a couple hours. haha they are such nice people. then we had one last rendezvous with the entire group and then it was off to the hotel and mission home! it was the nicest shower and sleep i've ever had:)
well here's where my stupidity comes in...haha we left the hotel...and i left my camera and wallet...i told the APs and they said they'd get them and take care of it! (they did tell me just today that they are getting them to me wednesday!) then we went off to consecration hill! it was just a hill that over looked a foggy valley and had a long iron rod. they compared it to Lehi's dream with the fog, the great and spacious buildings, the iron rod, and there was a vineyard right below us! such a neat experience. we got to sit and write down some goals that we had for our missions and i could tell right then that this was going to be a good place! then it was off to meet our new companions! we went off to the church again and they gave us a tour of notre dame and the lock bridge and then came to the meeting with all of our trainers in it! when they started it was a crazy heart-pounding experience! but they called Metz and my name! AHH! so cool! i met my trainer and an hour later it was time to go! it was really bitter sweet saying goodbye to my MTC zone but when we started leaving, it got better. we got on the TGV (train) and headed to Metz! it was about an hour and a half train ride! but we got here and headed right to the apartment! i put away my bags, ate some dinner and went contacting! so crazy! haha it was fun but we had no success...but it's all good! we live with two other elders! one is a francophone which means he doesn't speak english very well but is fluent in French. Elder Faura. and the other is from Logan! his name is Elder Pratt and me and him have become pretty good friends!
today we started out with studies! it was good and i decided to make it a goal to finish the book of mormon this transfer. but then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and my jet-lag was so bad that i was almost falling asleep and i was trying to stay awake! haha but we did good and we went to explore all over metz! we went to the cathedral and the republic and all that jazz! it's a fun little town! we tried to get all my passes bought today and went to get BAGUETTES! I LOVE BAGUETTES! but then we had language study and it was almost time for bed so i just went to bed! it was a fun day!\
Today feels like a day that we didn't do anything. but it was a good we started off with our studies and then we went to go get our tickets so that we could go to general conference tomorrow in Nancy. we then were going to go contacting but we didn't have time...we got lunch and went back to the apartment and i accidentally fell asleep...when i woke up we were watching 17 miracles on the little dvd player...haha so then we got up and went to a meeting we had with an investigator named Nora. She was awesome and we talked a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ. when we asked if she would be baptized she said not yet...she kept saying Je suis la...i am here...don't rush me...but it was good and it will come i know it will! when we got back home i really wanted a baguette so me and elder Pratt went and got one!
started off with studies again and then we were supposed to go to this ward thing that they have every saturday called samedi sports. haha i guess it's when all the little neighborhood kids get together and play sports all morning. but we had a lesson and had to go to that instead. we taught a guy named Deka. he was pretty good, but he seemed really disinterested and really depressed so he said no to baptism today too....but we got another meeting with him and we'll just have to see how that goes. then we went back to the apartment and we had to pack cause we were going to stay the night at the elders in Nancy! so we went to Nancy and headed to the apartment. there were 12 elders there for conference...haha it was crazy! when we got to the church, one of my soeurs from the mtc was there! AHH i was so happy! i sat by her and talked to her all night haha but i did pay attention in conference so don't worry! but it went good and when we got back to the apartment, i realized that i was just so sad and depressed...haha and i had been like it all day long! so when everyone was asleep, i said a prayer...i asked Heavenly Father to help me understand what was going on and that everything was ok. i was just waiting for an answer.
Woke up and got ready for conference..when we started walking to conference it was pouring rain! haha it was so crazy! but we got there all wet and all ready for conference. and the way they watch conference here, you watch saturday mornings on saturday night, then priesthood and saturday afternoon sunday morning. during the priesthood session during the medley of all the missionary songs, i got the strongest and most overwhelming feeling of the spirit and heard a voice in my head say to me "i need you here." i was astonished. i couldn't believe i got an answer to my prayer that fast. it was an amazing experience that i won't soon forget! then we watched the other conferences and i was just on cloud nine the rest of the day. it was amazing! i made so many friends with all the other missionaries and i just was happy! it was amazing. when we got back to our apartment i wrote it all down in my journal. it was a good day!
so that's how things are going in France! i hope all is well in good old UTAH! haha miss and love you all more than you even know. keep me in your prayers if i can be selfish! i love you all so much! thank you for all that you've done for me!
Elder Libby

Friday, October 3, 2014


just enjoying some YUMMY looking pastries!

new companion ... Elder Eldredge (hang loose :])

Elder Libby is looking GOOD & HAPPY! (How can he not be with food like that?) We love love love seeing him in pictures! We love him!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


To the Family of Elder Libby

Sister Babin and I were delighted to welcome your son , Elder Tanner Steven Libby , into the France Paris Mission on 30 Sep 2014. He and his MTC companions were enthusiastic and all arrived in good health.  He spent his first day eating some good food, visiting with me, contacting non-members in the heart of Paris, and sharing testimonies.  We enjoyed his spirit.
The next morning, after a mission orientation, Elder Libby left for his first assignment to work in the Metz 4 Area with Elder Eldredge, who will be his trainer.  Their apartment address is:
6 rue Henri Maret
Metz, 57 5700
(write him!! :])
Any packages or letters you would like to send will reach your missionary at this address.
We feel very privileged to work with your  son .  We also realize the responsibility we share with you to help him continue to grow spiritually as he faithfully performs his duties.  May the Lord inspire us all to sustain him in this challenging and exciting assignment.  We hope you will join Sister Babin and me in praying each day for your son , his companion, investigators, and all of us serving in the France Paris Mission.
A positive, supportive letter from home every week does wonders to sustain a missionary’s morale.  Proverbs 25:25 states:  As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. If you have any questions, or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us at our office (001-331-3480-0483) or home (001-331-3976-8402).
Frédéric Jean Babin
President, France Paris Mission

Dear Families of our Missionaries,
I am pleased to be able to send you this little E-mail to announce to you the creation of the Facebook of the Paris France Mission Babin.
We hope to be able to place photos of the events that take place here in the mission every 15 days so that we might share with you the Spirit that animates our mission.  Your comments are welcome, but we hope you understand we will not be able to respond to each one individually because of time.
We are very grateful for the support that you give through your prayers and the E-mails for your children. It is very precious.
Some amazing things are happening in this mission thanks to the faith, the perseverance and the desire of our missionaries to better fulfill the reason why they are here on mission. They are continually putting amazing efforts into raising the bar and to see the fruits of their labors.
We are very grateful for these chosen youth who have been place in our care and we assure you that we are doing all that we can to make sure they are taken care of. We love and care for them dearly.
We invite you to join our group, so that you might be able to participate in the great moments unfolding in each photo. Here is the name : “France Paris Mission Babin”
Sister Babin