Monday, July 20, 2015


well transfers came!!! everyone, i am leaving Reims to the great city and metropolis the people of France like to call DUNKERQUE!!! from what i know there are about 8 people in the branch and the city isn't that big either, and in the winter it is colder than ever! so thankfully i am going during the summer and fall;) i am very excited to go though! another elder in my mtc group started his mission in Dunkerque and he said that he loved it there so i am excited to go:) i'll have to get you my address next week when i am there but i will definitely get it to you! so just send all the packages and letters to the mission office this week;) hahah!
tonight we were asked to help mustard man with his home teaching. he is the home teacher of Nolwenn's aunt and so we went with him to her apartment and had a fun time with her. she was dog-sitting her mom's dog and it is the cutest little white dog ever and of course i had to take some pictures with it! it was really fun! after that we had about 20 minutes to go contacting and then we came in and figured things out for the exchange tomorrow with the ZLs!
we had a pretty fun bastille day! i don't know about all you but it was super fun for us! French Independence day is NOTHING like the 4th! so dont worry i didn't have any parades or crazy carnivals! but it was a really fun bastille day! probably the best one that i've ever had;) hahah we got into paris for our district meeting and all bore testimonies on a certain thing that elder ericson asked us to. i was asked to speak about a family on my mission that has helped me out the most. so OBVIOUSLY it was the Royer family from metz:) i showed pics and only teared up! we then ate and then took our district photos! it was a really fun district meeting and i am going to miss this district! then me and elder johnson had a lunch appt with the Fieschi family! the same family from last week and so we were waiting at the church for them to come and get us and then we got to their house and had lunch and then after lunch they had us play ping-pong and then after ping-pong they took us to their garden to show us and for us to help them water their plants and then after that we went back to their house and hey had us set the table for dinner! and we were like woah! we're eating dinner here? and they were like, it's bastille day! you're spending the entire day with us! lol! so we started setting the table for dinner when the wife said, plus we invited our less-active son so you can say that you had some sort of missionary work for the day! haha so that was fun! plus the sister of the little boy in the Reims ward came and so we got to talk about his baptism! remember that family? the dad is less active but wants to baptize the son? so that was good to talk to her about the baptism as well! so all in all is was a really fun day filled with lots of laughter and on the way home we may or may not have heard the song "im so excited" come on;) it was fun!
well we woke up this morning and did some studies and then elder johnson, being the cool cat that he is, likes coke just as much as me and told me that carrefour, the french wal-mart, was having a sale on coke that was 3-10 packs for 10 euros! so obviously we went and bought some! because of the fact that i was most likely leaving this transfer i only bought one 10 pack but it was funny to see him walking back to his apartment with all of his coke! after that we made our way back into paris to make the exchange with our companions. once we got back to reims we went back and planned for a little bit and then went out and contacted for a while until we had a rdv with this old investigator who was painting her walls and said she could only talk to us for like 5 minutes and we were there for a half hour! haha we shared a little spiritual thought with her that she said helped her right when she needed it! then we went to another lesson in the park with an investigator that we have now and holy cow! he asked questions! almost too many!! when we finally finished we had missed dinner and needed to get back to the apartment!
well today was the last time that i got to go to the french course in the mornings with mustard man and his wife! which was a little sad but it was good to see them one last time! they are leaving on a trip for 15 days so this morning was the last time that i would see them! it was her birthday today and we didn't find out til we got there so i felt kinda bad that i didn't give her a little present of some sort! but it was good. after that we left and went home to go eat some lunch and then we went to teach a lesson with jean parfait and jackie and it went really well! jackie told me that if i was transferred that i needed to keep my tuesday night open so that he could take me out to dinner. so im excited for that! after that we went home and took the car out to chateau thierry cause we had a dinner appt with a less active who was going to make me his special and famous TARTIFLETTE:) and i love tartiflette!! it was fun. we got there and he hadn't finished making it yet so he allowed us the 'privilege' to help him make it and then we shared a little spiritual thought with him! he is super cool and i hope someday he comes back to the church! he'd get married really fast!;) hahha
today was just another know spending the whole 4 hours in the apartment literally planning for nothing!!!!! hahaha it was so crazy. i dont know how we spend that much time planning for maybe two people that we are seeing! it doesn't make sense! but that pretty much took up the entire afternoon! we went out contacting and then came in for lunch and weekly planned and during it i looked out the window and something right behind the cathedral was on fire and there was so much smoke coming from behind! we thought it was someone invading on reims! but im still here and everthing is ok! then we went out porting and came home and i gave myself a haircut and then i wanted to do transfer prophecies but we didnt do it.......
well i found out today that im spending the next chapter of my mission in DUNKERQUE!!! i was a little nervous at first to tell you the truth! but it was all good in the end. it is going to be my first 2-man apartment and so that is going to be interesting and it is going to take some getting used to, and also i just can't get over how small the branch is! it blows my mind! so that is going to be very fun and it will keep my very occupied for the first bit of my new adventures there!! after we found out about transfers we went home for lunch and then looked around on the new list to see what missionaries were going where and had some fun with that. we then hopped in the car and made our way out to chateau thierry. we went to go get a member who had asked if he could come and help us out for the day and it was fun to be with him. we stopped by a couple member's houses and then some less actives to tell them about transfers and also to share some spiritual thought! it was fun to see them all again one last time. we then came home for the night and i called a few people to tell them that i was leaving! jean parfait said that he was going to ask jackie if he could come to dinner with us on tuesday night!
well i had to give my talk today! and i only cried a little bit!! im gonna miss all these REMOISES!!! they hold a special place in my heart! it was so fun to be able to see them all once more and to take some pics and get invited to dinner once more!! i love these frenchies;) so ya my talk went well! i think i only messed up on all of it and i don't know how much it made sense...but after all the meetings and figuring out what was going on for the next couple days we went home and we had mail! on a sunday? it happened;) i got a post card from debbie! it was fun to have something from them;) we then went out contacting and then went once more to see the Rol's. brother rol got some eye surgery this last week and wasn't at church today so sister rol asked us to come over to see him once more! it was fun to see them and laugh with them once more! they are the cutest old couple ever! then we came home for dinner and i did a little video journal to send home in my package and then started packing! i took down my photo wall and my room is just starting to look so naked! it sucks having to move!! but it was a good week!
i hope you all know how much i love you and how much i miss you! keep the emails and letters coming! i love you:)
elder libby

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