Monday, July 13, 2015


well this week was crazy but thats what you get when you be on a mission;) its great though and things are awesome as always! we find out transfers in a couple of days, and so as usual, PLEASE SEND ALL MAIL AND PACKAGES TO THE MISSION HOME FROM THIS TIME ON.:) chances are that i am going to be transferred and i dont want to miss them:)
La Mission Française de Paris
Elder Tanner Libby
131 boulevard Carnot
78110 Le Vésinet
thanks everyone! cant wait for your letters;)
nothing too crazy or exciting happened tonight for was pretty laid back and we looked out into the distance of the wheat fields and could see some hot air balloons in the air and thats when i decided that that is how i am going to propose to my if you are ever in a hot air balloon with me, watch out cause you never know what might happen;) (just kidding you know exactly what might happen cause i just told you;))
well today was really fun! we had quite the exchange if i do say so myself! as we were leaving the apartment i told myself that i was not alowed to leave the apartment without my journal or my soeur book (journal for missionaries and members to write cute little notes in that every missionary has) and what were the two things that i forgot to bring on my exchange? those....i wanted to kick myself in the we got on our train and into paris for district meeting and then we started the exchange where me and the other elder just went around contacting and porting for the whole afternoon! that night we had a dinner appt at a members house in the torcy area and those are always kind of awkward cause you don't know any of the we got there and started talking and they were just one of the coolest families that i had ever met! they were so nice and i just loved them! and they spoke english! so it was a lot easier to communicate;) i then found out that the wife is the sister of the less active that i am working with! the one that wants to baptize his son! so it was so good to be able to talk to them and it was just awesome so obviously we had to take a picture before the end of the night! it was quite a fun night and i won't soon forget those members! im supposed to be doing another exchange in torcy next week and they invited me over again and so im really excited to see them again:)
today we woke up and got some studies over with and then me and the other elder had to go into paris to go to a district meeting for another district because i was on an exchange with a ZL so you know i was pretty much a ZL for 24 hours! so it was fun to go and sit in on another district meeting and listen to the formation. maybe its bad to admit it, but i someday hope to be a zone leader to go to all the meetings like that! it was really cool! then we went to the gare and met up with the other elders and made our way home for the day, only to do another exchange! me and one of the other elders! nothing too crazy happened with me and him except for the fact that we had a dinner appt with the funniest lady in the ward! she is tahitian and her daughter is our age and they invited me and him over for our last meal with them and she made us POISSON CRU! i think its tuna? but anyway...the night got later and later until they finally drove us home. the night was filled with tons of dinner and tons of inside jokes! it was a fun exchange!
today was so fast! it was super fun though. we started off with a little bit of a french course from a family in the ward and then after me and my comp had a lunch appt with the oldest couple in the ward and they are the CUTEST couple ever. i seriously love them with all of my heart and i cannot believe that i am going to be leaving them! it was such a fun afternoon with them and then after lunch the husband told me that he lad a little project that he needed help with. he then took us into the back room where he had his computer and then 5 pieces of paper and said, i need you to type this onto the computer for me! haha so we spent the next hour sitting at his computer typing up this little family history story for him! it was cute. after that we were leaving to walk out the door and the wife grabbed me and pulled me down and said "i love you elder libby! truly there are missionaries that you just never forget! you'll always stay in my heart!" :') she is so dang cute it makes me want to die. so we took some pictures! then we had a little spiritual thought with a member family that we didn't know too well and it went well and she made some cute little treats for us and then after that we went home for dinner and then had some porting time!
well today literally contained nothing...we weekly planned and then had a dinner appt with mustard man and his family! so honestly there is not a whole lot to say about today other than the fact that mustard man's shirt that he wore tonight is going to make you die laughing! oh my goodness it is the funniest thing ever!!!! but it was a good day. really laid back and really not a ton to i am really sorry that it is so short!
just like all the other saturdays that i've had lately, we went down to chateau thierry for the day and had a blast down there. haha jk we went down there planning on seeing a ton of less actives and some investigators but none of them were home! which stinks! and it was 7/11 which means that i missed free slurpee day! and no they do not have a 7/11 in france:( so that was a bummer as well! we were however invited over to a members house for dinner and so at the end of the day we had that to look forward to. it was a really fun night with them too but we stayed way to long and needed to get out of there so that we could make it home!
today was really good for the most part! when we got to church the little oldest sister came up to me and gave me a little grocery bag full of treats and said "this is for you during your transfer. dont share it with anyone!" haha then we had a really good meeting and got to talk to everyone and it was really good! we had some fun after church with all the members and taking selfies and everything! infact so much fun that i got assigned to give a talk next week! so we'll see how that goes...then we came home and ate dinner and then went out porting for the night and had a lesson with a less active that we've been working with for a while! it went really well and she was sad when i told her that i was probably getting transferred next week! it was a good rdv! then we finished porting and then came in for the night!
well im sorry that it kind of got shorter and in a rush right at the end, but im running out of time! know that i love you and that i cant wait to hear from you all soon! talk to you later!!:)
elder libby

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