Thursday, July 2, 2015

WEEK 45 gonna tell you first off because i cant hold it in any longer!!! i bought my first french suit today!!!!!!!! soldes started again and it was 50% off and i just couldn't say no!!!! it is so nice and i even took some pics in the dressing room!! hahaha! so mom can be proud of me cause i am just the coolest! #gettinthemdiscounts i am pretty stoked about that! and! we hit 20000 km on the car today. that i guess is a momentous occasion so if you'd like to celebrate go ahead;) well this week was crazy but good! it is my last pday without an ipad! i know ive said that like 12 times but i think this is the last time!!!
well tonight started off with some dinner and then a short (haha!) run to the gare to get our train took us a good 45 minutes to go there and back! ohh la la! but we finally got out porting and taught a lesson and the lady told us that she would like it if we came back when she got home from her trip in august.
so i got my package from germany today! all is well! N'inquitez pas;) (do not worry) all is well! today i got to do an exchange with one of my favorite people ever! it was a blast. hes my new zl and he just became my new favorite person. so much fun to hang out with and so easy to talk to! i mean i think i just found my new best friend!;) no just kidding but it really was such a fun exchange! we started out this morning with a train ride into paris for our district meeting and that went well. we got there and had a good meeting and some good practice teaching and then a good lunch. we had to bolt out of there so that we didn't miss our train and made it with 15 minutes to spare! we had a fun train ride in and took some fun pics and then got into reims and made our way to the church for a rdv that we had! it went really well! we taught him the baptism and gift of the holy ghost for his after baptism lessons and he always loves to bear his testimony so that was really fun! after that we planned a little bit and the only thing that we needed to do was go to burger king for dinner! so the rest of the day was just contacting and talking! we talked about everything and he is just such a stud! i love that kid! after the day was over we went into burger king for lunch and ran into our ward mission leader and talked and then made our way home for the night when he asked me to cut his hair...cause i'm apparently the best in the mission or something like that;) after all of that we watched some fun church vids on his ipad!!
well i almost died today! that was fun! the other elders said it looked a lot scarier than it was though so i guess thats a good thing! we woke up this morning very tired cause me and the zl were up having some pillow talk for a while last night...shhhh! i think we finally fell asleep around 00h30 so thats fun! we got ready and then headed out the door to go catch our train to find our collegues and took some fun pics on the train ride in! its been a pretty fun exchange! we got into paris and we were all hungry and wanted some food so we went to macdo and ate and talked and on the way back into the gare i stepped to the side of the sidewalk to move for some lady who then yelled at me for i didn't know why til all of the sudden a bus was rubbing against my back and nudged my elbow! all the other elders were screaming like oh my heck are you ok? and i was all ya guys it just touched my elbow! then the lady was still yelling at me and she just walked off...sorry i was moving out of your way! i (almost) jumped in front of a bus for you! lol anyway we caught our train and then got to reims only to start another exchange! haha me and another elder spent the whole day contacting and stuff but when we came in for dinner, i had a letter from debbie and she is just the best! i love her! it was a letter with some money to spend! it was fun and i was happy! we then had a lesson with a member and it was probably the last time i see her cause she is going on a trip to italy with her mom for the summer and i will get transferred so she told me she had a small present for me and when we got there she had bought me some frozen cereal! and, no, it's not frozen cereal, it's FROZEN cereal! lol she said that she was walking down the aisle and saw it and it reminded her of me! we had a good lesson on the atonement and talked and ate and it was a good time! they told me that when i come back after the mission that i am welcome to sleep on the floor of their apartment and go to disneyland with them! so i told them that i am holding them to that deal!! im excited for that trip after the mission!
today we got back together as a normal companionship and when we did we were gone all day! so its been like a week long break from my collegue! we finished up the exchange today at noon and then me and my comp had to go to another ville to do a baptismal interview cause the district leader there lives 4 hours away and we live 50 minutes so its just a lot easier for us to do it. we left the apartment and as soon as we got on the train i was out! haha we got to charleville and elder and sister wilson were waiting for us at the gare to take us to the lady's house! it is always so much fun to see the wilson's they are such a fun couple and i just love them! my comp went in to do the interview and i just sat and chilled with elder wilson and we were just talking and laughing and having a good old time look at some things on their car! after all of that we went and chilled with the other elders for a little bit and then had to go and catch our train to come home. we had a rdv for some after baptism lessons! it went really good and we talked all about the priesthood and how it worked. when we told him that we would not be here in reims this sunday cause of the meeting in chateau thierry, he asked if it would be possible for him to come to! after that we had a little dinner with the youth of the ward and one of my new good friends was there! it was so fun! she even asked if we could come over one last time this week before she leaves! she wrote me a note saying goodbye and im really gonna miss her!
i got a package from debbie today!!! a lot of junk food makes a missionary so happy!!! i am so grateful for her! she is the coolest:) i was so happy to get mail! it came right when i needed it. today was friday and that means that there was weekly planning! so with not a ton to say about today, we got up and went contacting and then mailed off some letters and then came in for lunch and planned. in the middle of planning we got a call from the elders quorum president asking if we would be able to come and help him with a blessing and so we finished up and then went to meet him. it was the daughter of a really old member and she was feeling really stressed and wanted a blessing. it went really well and after we were done we needed to get to the church for our meeting with the ward mission leader and ward council. tonight was really good and we talked about a lot of people and made some really good progress! i love the members in reims! i also got this recipe for a cake that the bishops wife makes and it is delicious so i am excited to make it!!
today was super crazy!! we used up so many kilometers on the car it is insane!! we were driving all over chateau thierry all day just doing whatever we could to get people to come to the church meeting that we were having the next day! it was crazy how busy we were. we started off our day with some church cleaning! the people who had to do it this week were out of town and asked that we do it for them so we were at the chapel for a good 2 hours cleaning! after we stopped and got some treats and went home for lunch and then out to chateau for the day! it was good. we saw tons of people and they all said they were going to come! we had a younger member follow us around all day cause he wanted to help and so that was fun! we went to the last members house and as soon as we knocked they were sitting down to eat and took us in to eat with them! by the time we got home it was close to 10. it was a crazy day!!
we started out our day with just waking up and getting out the door fast cause we needed to get down to chateau! it was really good we got out and went finding jackie and then made our way out to chateau! there were almost 50 people that showed up which was amazing and because of it we hope that they'll soon open up a branch!!! that could help our so many people and it would just be awesome!! we had a good meeting focused on the temple and it was just really fun to see all the people there! and our newest member blessed the sacrament!!! it was really good!! he is such a cool dude! after the meeting there was small talk and it was fun to see all the people again. we then hopped in the car and made our way home. once we got home we ran into the other elders while driving down the road and jackie stopped and picked them up and we all went home for dinner together! after that we finished up some planning and then went over to one of the members house for some dinner for the last time cause she is going to the states for 2 months and i'll be transferred out when she gets back. she told me when she goes to utah that she wants to meet my mom and that she wants to keep in touch.. now thats against the rules unless we have permission from the mission president and she said tell him im like your grandma, im 68 yrs old, and that i have a temple recommend and he can call the bishop if he wants proof;) she is SO CUTE! we then went over to a members house to give him a blessing cause he has a test this week and wants to do good! it was fun to sit and talk to him for a while!!!
well theres that week! glad to hear that all is going well for all of you! hope to hear from you soon! love you!!
elder libby

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