Monday, February 23, 2015


et les numéros continuent �  escalier!! je ne peux pas croire que j'ai déj�  passé mon marque de 6 mois! oh la la...ça c'est bon! comment ça va les gens? j’espère que tout va bien. je suis venu de savoir que je ne parle pas beaucoup de français a vous tous donc je vais commencer �  faire mieux! j’espère que vous tous pouvez traduire ça! (and the numbers continue to climb!! I can not believe I've spent my 6 months! oh la la ... it's so good! how are you people? I hope all is well. I came to know that I have not spoken much French to all of you so I'll start doing better! I hope you can translate all that!)
well tonight was fun..we had a rdv with a new ami! it went really well and he was really receptive and agreed that he wanted to meet again! he is a really cool guy. he goes around all of france teaching driving courses for trucks! then we went around contacting for the night and then we went and got kebabs! so that was a fun night!
well today was like the funnest day ever! i have seriously grown to love one of the families in my ward with all my heart. even though the dad assigns me talks in sacrament meeting....haha i do love their family! we got to go over to their house today and to make food and learn how to cook like a french person! it was SO fun! we started off the day contacting and we literally just walked around and talked to everyone! nothing too special but around 4 we walked inside and waited for our ride there! when he got to our house we ran out and hopped in the car and got to their house where the daughter showed us how to make the best french meals ever! we learned how to make ratatouille and tartiflette! ahhh they were amazing. we spent a lot of time there making food, laughing, eating, having a blast! ahh i love them! then we made our way home and the zl's were here for district meeting in the morning!
today was super long and super tiring but it was super good and you only know you've had a good day of missionary work if you are tired at the end of the day! today we had district meeting and that's pretty much what we did all morning. we were just getting ready for that and making our way there. it was a really good meeting on the importance of faith in missionary work! it was really good. we had a really good potato meal and made some italian soda's! it reminded me of Ben and Jesse's farewell and then i got a little friend home-sickness! haha then me and my comp went to a rdv we had with this less-active that we found a few weeks ago and it was good. he let us in and he let us talk! then we had another rdv. we got to the church at 4:30 and she didn't show up until 5:30 and we didn't get out of there until 6:30....ahh it was killer! but it was a good lesson and we saw some potential progress with her! then we were supposed to have a rdv with another investigator but he didn't show up and so we made our way home and stopped at McDs for a late night snack!
well the luxembourg elders were here today for an exchange and so when we started our studies and then for comp study we had a huge comp study with all 6 of us and it was actually really good. i learned a ton and got so many new ideas for my own studies! it was so good and lots of fun. then the lux elders decided that the wanted some kebabs so we made our way to eat them! then we went back home to find some less active names and we walked all around metz trying to find these people! that literally took forever and we got a lady to say come back tomorrow so that was good. then we had to go and get ready for our lesson with one of our investigators! we had a good lesson with her and she was telling us all about how she loves studying the scriptures and it's just a blessing in her life. she keeps telling us how much she loves coming to church and how grateful she is for us being patient with her so it's been quite an experience with her! keep her in your prayers for me! we gave her daughter her own book of mormon and that was exciting to see how happy she was! then we made our way home for the night!
how is it already my 6 month mark!? oh my haller it is so crazy that it's already here! i got a little homesick today....and by a little i mean a lot! haha who does weekly planning on an anniversary? i cannot think of anything worse to do....what a bummer. but that's what i did and it took forever to do! haha we went out contacting and nothing too special happened but then we came in and weekly planned and took lunch! then after all of that we both felt like we should walk to the church cause we just had this feeling. so we walked there and nothing really happened...we don't know why but we just did like we felt we needed to! then we came home and burned a tie for my 6 month mark! the whole apartment stunk but it was definitely fun!!!
today was kinda boring but it went well and all good things came from it. haha we had a goal today to have 4 lessons and we got 3 so that was really good! we started off with studies and today i finished up with doctrine and covanents! it was really good. those last few sections are really important and i loved them! then we went contacting and nothing too exciting happened yet but after lunch we went and had a rdv with a potential and that was good and then on the way home we were stopped by a man with his kids who asked to talk to us! so that was amazing! he said he wanted to meet again! then we were eating dinner and got a call from one of our investigators asking if we could meet again! so that was amazing. we got 3 lessons in one day! it was really good! the lesson with our investigator took a lot longer than we thought it would and she talked for a really long time, but it was still good! then we came home for the night!
it was a really good sunday! our two best investigators both came to church today so that was really good! we taught one about the priesthood and he was really happy to hear that someday he would be able to have it! he was also really excited when he found out that he could pick who he wanted to come to his baptism and that he could pick who he wanted to baptize him! he said he'd think about it and let us know. the rest of our day was kind of a normal missionary day! we went out contacting and porting to finish out the night! it was the first time in almost 2 weeks that i'd been porting! that's weird! but it was good. 
well that's my week! thanks for everything from everyone back at home! i love you all! i can't believe i've only got 18 months left in this place...that is so weird! keep the prayers, mail and packages coming! love you!
elder libby

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