Monday, February 16, 2015


well this week FLEW! i don't know about you all....haha but it was so fast and i cannot believe that it is already monday. but i will tell you how much fun i had this week! it was definitely a good one!!
well all four of the elders decided that we wanted to go shopping for the last hour of our pday and we got some really niceeee comfy shoes! it was really fun! then we made our way home and the ladies who were here from slc were going to take me and my comp out for dinner, and grocery shopping. so we got to the grocery store and we were walking all around and got some groceries and went up to the cash register and those two paid for our groceries! it was so fun to be with them! then we went out to dinner and it was a Franco-American restaurant! so good and the dessert was KILLER. don't worry. there will be pics:) we had so much fun just laughing and talking. it was like a little taste of home for a while! we got home a little late.....tsk tsk i know, but you have to be able to take a few pictures right??
one of the elders decided he wanted to start exchanges today. so that's what we did! we woke up and got our exercising on and then we started our studies. i was supposed to give a talk in Church this week so that's what i worked on. i was getting all ready for that. it was good. then we started our exchange! we had comp study and it was good. we started our language study and in the middle of it, i decided that i really wanted a kebab. so that was what we did for lunch! then because i was feeling so full, me and my exchange comp decided that we would take a late dinner. so we went back to the apartment and found some less-active names and addresses and went out walking! as we were walking down one street we heard a car come rushing up to us and someone stuck out their head and yelled at us...i was thinking some crazy french teenagers...but it was Debbie and Karen, my news friends from slc! haha they pulled us over and asked if we could help them out later with the post office and filling the car with gas. then they gave us some chocolate and sent us on our way! they are so cool. we went and met with a less-active who let us in and he told us we could come back next week too! so that was awesome! then we were just out contacting and we passed a camera store and i realized that i was spending a ton of money on batteries for my camera, that it would make sense to buy a camera that i could just #impulsebuy i tried to buy it...but they didn't take card! so the lady told me she'd hold it! we were walking out when Debbie and Karen called and asked for help so we went and helped them at the post office! it was fun. we took some pictures and helped for a little bit and then made our way back to go buy my camera! me and my exchange comp ended the night porting out a neighborhood that me and my regular comp found ... and getting cokes from the mcdonalds! then we went home and played with my new camera!!
today was soo awesome because, WE WENT INTO PARIS. as we all know paris is where i am supposed to be ... i wasn't supposed to grow up in kaysville. paris is one amazing place! #hahailoveparis. we left metz around 730 in the morning and were there all day long! we got there and made our way to the chapel there for our zone conference. it was around 930 and it started at about 10 so we did really good! we had some really good lessons on the importance of ward mission leaders and how we need to prepare our papers for them with intent of the ward help. it's something that me and my comp are applying in our weekly planning now. then president babin gave us a really good formation on what real intent was and how with real intent as missionaries we can do ANYTHING. it was really encouraging! he is so cool. then we had lunch and president babin surprised us with MEET THE MORMONS!!! he told us that it would be playing as we were waiting for our interviews with him and his wife! so i was pretty happy and watched the whole thing. i may or may not have cried during the missionary part, i'll let you ponder on that! then we decided we wanted to walk down the street to notre dame! took some pretty cool pics there too! then on the way back i found a little vendor that was selling little eiffel towers 5 for 2 i bought them! then we went back and had interviews with president and sœur babin! it was really good. i got some advice i really needed. such a good day. on the way back we BARELY made our train. it was like a movie...we ran and hopped on the train as it was pulling away...just kidding it wasn't pulling away, but as soon as we got on and the doors closed, it started moving! we were running all through the gare trying to get to it! it was fun!
well today was really kind of sad....haha we had to say goodbye to Debbie and Karen! it was kinda hard and i only teared up a little bit! haha no i didn't cry. but it was sad! they were headed back home. we were doing our studies and got a text saying they were here so we made our way down to go see them and they had put together some bags for us! haha full of cookies and m&m's and a bunch of good stuff! not to mention some blankets! ahh they are so cool. we took some last pictures, hugged it out (shhhh) and then said goodbye! it was sad. but all was well! we then went upstairs and continued our studies and i wanted a baguette so i threw it in the oven. we then had to go to the Church to print off some stuff and then contacted our way back to take lunch! we were just trying to fill up the time walking around the apartment until i remembered...I LEFT MY BAGUETTE IN THE OVEN! holy crap i was so scared! i ran in the apartment building and ran upstairs to our apartment and it stunk so bad like burned something! haha so i ran to the oven and turned it off and opened it up and my baguette was just really burned black! haha i was so relieved it wasn't worse....i am so stupid!!! we then took lunch and made our way out to go contacting. we walked all over the place! it was so cold that we came home so i could put my long underwear on and then went out porting for the night. that's about all we did all night!
well today was pretty chill..not a ton happened. we woke up and remembered that we had a passback so we ran and did that. we met a little indian lady who let us in cause she wanted to know what we had to say about jésus christ. it was really good cause we got in and we started getting to know her and who she was and then went straight into the restoration. we got to a couple points and i had the impression to pull out and show her a picture of my family when we talked about the gospel blessing families. it was so cool! then my comp was all, let's stop there....haha so it was a bummer and she said she doesn't know when she can meet again, but gave us her number. so that was good! then we came back and we weekly planned for a good 3 and a 1/2 hours! haha it was a long weekly planning but it was really good. then we were invited over to a members house for dinner so we made our way there and they fed us raclette! which is just potatoes and cheese with some bacon and meats. it was really good and really fun!
today was kind of miserable...haha i'm a really bad complainer i know but it was just a long tiring day and it was rainy and cold and made me a little depressed and i missed my family and it was just sad...haha but the work still needs to get done, and it needs to be done with a smile, so that's what i did. haha it was hard some of the time but i did it! we started out with our studies and they were good. for lunch one of the elders told us he was making us a man quiche which was a quiche with some meat in it. so that was really yummy! then we realized that we forgot to make a progression sheet for the ward mission leader in our weekly planning so we took a good 45 minutes to do that! then after that we went contacting and we walked all over in the pouring rain! we walked so far we found ourselves at the restaurant that Debbie and Karen took us to the other night! we made our way to the Church cause we had a rdv with a new investigator. she showed up a half hour late and talked for a solid hour! haha it was a long rdv but good. then we ran over to a members house to teach a spiritual thought. it was good. after that we went home for the night.
today was good! i had my talk all prepared and everything! we got to Church and all was going well and i went up to one of the bishopric to tell him it was done and he told me i don't have to give it til the 8 of march! ha so i have it prepared for then! but we had really cool meetings today and it was really spiritual. the counselor and his family invited us over for dinner on tuesday night and they're going to teach us how to cook all of the dinner! so we're super excited for that! then the other counselor in the bishopric was here today so he invited me and my comp over tonight! so that was even better! we met with our investigator who set the baptismal date after Church and he told us that he's still working towards the goal of baptism on the 14 of march so please keep him in your prayers! he is doing really well, he just needs to figure out what he is going to do with some stuff in his life! then we went to meet with another investigator cause she'd been skiing for the past week and we hadn't met with her. she is doing well also! she got super tan at the slopes and made me miss skiing a lot! she's super funny and i love her. she told us she's planning on coming to Church this week! #progressionamirite? then we went home and planned out the thought for the family we were visiting tonight. we went to their house and they made us this chestnut chicken, we talked about how they met and got married and played around with their crazy kids and weiner dog! it was a very fun night!
well that was my week! like i said it went super fast but it was super fun! i'm so glad to be here! thanks for all the prayers and support. i'll talk to you all soon! over and out! ttfn!
elder libby

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