Monday, March 2, 2015


well hey everyone! so like i cannot believe it's been a whole week....i cannot believe how fast time flies! but i guess it does go fast when you eat and contact and sleep and then do it all over again! gotta take advantage of the food in france right? might not ever get the opportunity again! it's pretty crazy how i keep eating all this new food and keep losing weight....haha #luckyboy haha just kidding i don't know. you'd think that kebabs would make you gain weight??
not a ton of stuff happened tonight! we had a rdv with a new investigator that we met a few weeks ago and we taught him the beginning of the plan of salvation! it was really good. then we walked all around and found ourselves at tezel and ended up buying's becoming a monday night ritual! it's one that i wouldn't mind keeping! apparently the kebabs in metz france are the best in france! so gotta take advantage, #amirite?
today was really funny cause it started off with some pretty funny scripture study! i read all about noah and the ark and i read gen 6:14 and was dying cause then the rest of studies i was thinking all about evan almighty.....SHEEP!!!!!!!!! haha i'm so pathetic it's funny! then me and my comp were in charge of the dessert for district meeting so what did i make?? COCOA CAKE!!!! (editor's note: this is pretty close to what you would know as coffee cake, but affectionately named by grandma and grandpa libby, and an-every-sunday-morning-ritual at our house!) it was actually super good not to toot my own horn! but ya it was really good! we had a really good lesson on obedience and the spirit was SO strong!!! i was asked to read the story in 2 Kings 5 about Naaman and the water of Jordan and i couldn't even finish the story i was crying so hard.... jk i finished the story but i did cry through almost the whole thing. what is it with this mission thing? it makes you softer than anything else...but that was really good. the elders made some cafe rio pork for lunch and that was amazingly delicious! not as good as the chicken but still good! then me and my comp went out and were contacting for dayzzzz that took a really long time! then came home and i wrote a few letters home and then we went porting for the night! it was a really good day.
well today was really long and really short and tiring and all that jazz! aha it was really good though. a lot got done and not a ton of stuff to report! we had a really funny experience this morning though...we had just finished studies and the buzzer rang so my comp went and answered and i was looking out the window and i saw a car and then he gave up cause no one was answering on the phone, i saw the wife of our ward mission leader running away to the car! haha so we tried to get her attention but she didn't answer. so we went downstairs and they had left a letter in our mailbox and it was an invitation to our meeting with him tomorrow! haha it was the funniest thing! maybe it doesn't sound funny to you all, but if you knew our ward mission leader, it would be hilarious to you all! then we had a couple rdv's tonight and they were alright! not a ton to report...but on the way home, we ran into a prositute on the road... was scary....
today was really a good day. it was really low key and just a good day. so we were contacting all morning and i realized that i had a few people who needed letters from me and i hadn't written them yet! so at lunch i wrote a few letters and we went and mailed them off! we then had our dmp meeting (french for ward mission leader meeting) we got to thionville and he had locked himself out of his apartment and so we had to have our meeting in the thionville library! so that was fun. we then came home and took dinner and then went porting for the night. it was a slower day and not a ton went on but it was really good!
today was super long and super good and ended amazing! so how is that for ya??? it really was super good. i was reading in genisis today about abraham and how he was commanded to be circumcised and how funny it was worded...they make it sound like a huge family party! haha i was laughing in studies! it was just my immature self...sorry i'm not grown up all the way was really funny though. then we had finished studies and decided to go to Tezel for kebabs before we started weekly planning! too good to resist and we needed to be focused during planning right? so we went and it was delicious as always! weekly planning was good...super long but necessary haha then we made our way to the church cause we had a rdv with one of our super awesome investigators, and one of the ward members was going to come with us. we were going to have the sister from our ward talk all about relief society and primary and young women's cause that is what we are currently trying teach our investigator. we want her to come to all 3 hours of church. and let me tell you. if any of you go on a mission and need a member at a lesson, ask the sister from our ward! she did an AMAZING job. she was killer and taught the whole lesson for us, and even related it to the atonement and shared some scriptures in isaiah that made it so spiritual! it was amazing. she is so cool. i love her to death! Our investigator told us she'd be out of town this weekend...but we'll see if she comes the next time! it was so good.
well one of the elders surprised us all with an exchange today, so we mixed up the companionships and I was with another missionary all day and it was really fun! we started off with meeting this new member who moved here from the paris region and he didn't know where the church was so we met him and took him to the church. we gave him a tour and shared a scripture with him. it was good! he seemed really cool! then we had some stuff to do on the computer and then we bounced to go see a less active! the bus didn't come for a while so we actually did some contacting and then made our way to his apartment. it was in the middle of the ghetto and it really stunk! haha but we met and shared a spiritual thought and then headed out. we then walked around and started to port in their area and it was really fun cause they have been porting in downtown centreville, and that's where all the really cool french buildings and apartments are! it was really fun! then one of their ami's called and asked if we could meet, so we went to his apartment and read some of the book of mormon with him. it was really good. we then headed home and finished our fun filled day!
today we had a really good day. we had a solid church meeting and lots and lots of people showed up! it was really good. we had a really good lesson with another one of our investigators! he is doing really good and things are looking really good for the baptism he scheduled next week! we will have to see what happens! he is doing well though so thank you for the prayers on his behalf. he says hello to all the friends in america! we then came home and took a ton of time contacting and waiting around for tonight cause we were invited over to the bishops house for raclette! which is a french potato and cheese meal that i'll have to make for you all when i get home. it is delicious! so when the time came, we all headed out there and had a really fun night laughing and talking. they are american so it's always fun to be there and talk with them. that pretty much took up our night cause we didn't get home til late and then we all headed to bed!
these past few weeks have been flying by and i can't believe that my time in metz is almost over! just about 2 more weeks and i'm out of here! crazy to be a growing-up-missionary! thanks for all the love and support. miss and love each of you guys! que dieu vous bénisse! (God bless you!)
elder libby

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