Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello all,
well what a fun week! it has been very good and very fun! lots has happened this week but i want to first let you all know that i am not being transferred yet! all is well in metz for now, until about the second week in march. you can continue to send letters and packages to 
elder tanner libby
6 rue henry maret
57000 metz
we learned just the past couple weeks to NOT use fedex...they charge up the you-know-what to the recipient and it is NOT worth all the hassle:) so we've decided that the best is the USPS:) just for future reference! not saying that i'm expecting anything or anything!;) this week was really good and i'm starting my 4th transfer and about to hit my 6 month mark so life is pretty good! k here goes week 24!
me and my comp went out to finish up a neighborhood of porting and there wasn't anything amazingly amazing that night so it was just a night of porting; touching the lives of all the people who slam their doors in our faces! haha just kidding, but ya that sums up our night!
today was a really good day full of really good food and a really good spirit! haha i know that i said in the last email that the church here in metz is almost finished so we can have district meeting here but we had heard rumors of this TOO DIE FOR burger joint back in lux...the burgers were at least 15 euros each so i mean they have to be good right? and so we all decided we wanted to do that. i can now cross "eat a hamburger in luxembourg" off my bucket list! haha not a lot of people can do that so i was pretty happy! we woke up and headed up to lux to get district meeting good and overwith and took some pretty fun photos! the burger was literally delicious. it was worth the 17 euros...haha it was called the new york and it had a fried egg on it and when they brought it out to me, it was dripping yolk from the egg....ahh! killer! but we all know that i'm a sucker for a good burger joint with some fries. so ya...that was like the highlight of my day. then we were on the way home and all the elders were talking about how freakishly large my leg span is when i do my morning leg lifts...haha yes i do leg lifts in the mornings....make fun all you want, but i'm gonna have abs when i get home:) so when we got home i did some leg lifts and i don't look that weird...haha? swimmer's curse? we then had a huge district discussion on how we can get members in on missionary work, and then had a rdv with a family from our ward again (the ones who hosted my christmas skype)! it was so fun. the meal was delicious. a tomato and potato filled with this meat that made me sick i ate so much! ah it was killer! the french are amazing in the kitchen! then their daughter lent me her cookbook so that i could copy down a bunch of recipes! haha i was happy! it was a good night!
today started off really well. we went out right after studies and we taught 3 different lessons, got 2 different numbers, and 1 future visit! it was really good and i was quite happy with the success that we saw just in the first few hours of the morning! for language study i started to translate recipe's from the family cookbook i had borrowed so that when i get to america i can bring some french lovin' back home with me:) then we went out contacting and i don't know why but i was just talking to everyone. i was literally stopping people in crosswalks and just talking to a ton of people...haha it was fun. then that's when we got all of our lessons and ya it was cool! then i went and got a baguette for lunch and then we went to this book store cause now my comp wanted a cookbook so that was fun! then after that we went on some less active finding adventures and didn't find any...bummer deal! haha but i wanted to make some cookies so that i had some cookie dough to eat so we went and bought some cookie ingredients and headed home to figure out what to teach our new investigator! we headed to that rdv and it was really interesting! haha he is so far off on every topic and didn't really understand the plan of salvation...haha it was interesting! then we hopped on the bus and heard some english speakers! they told us they were from america and were going to georgia tech! they were really cool! i then went to buy a coke with my mcdonalds fund:)
today went really slow and really fast at the same time....haha i had a lot on my mind all day so it was like not a bad day but not like the best day ever...i was thinking a lot about transfers today and i was really distracted all day because of it...I know its not right but life goes on! we were just doing language study this morning when one of the missionaries whos being transferred came in and told us we were going to get kebabs today...haha so we went for lunch and i got a durham. it was really good. it is pretty much a kebab in a tortilla (still dont know the french word for it) but it was delicious! we then went less active finding again and that was an adventure cause i found an umbrella at a bus stop that someone had left behind and that's good because the one i had was broken! #blessing. so i took it and opened it and it was huge! if i get caught in wind with it, i'll fly away like mary poppins! haha it is massive but so fun to play with! we then took about 20 minutes out of dinner to go and make copies of a bunch of recipes and swap some music on our usb's when the phone rang and it was an ex-investigator who said she wanted to meet tonight! she met us at the church and as we taught her the plan of salvation, she had lots of questions and was debating that satan was stronger than keep her in your prayers! 
today was really long! like longer than any other weekly planning friday! haha we had our studies and then went out contacting for a couple hours and came back in cause it was dumping snow! but that was ok cause i had my parachute/umbrella! it was just really cold when we came in. we then took lunch and did weekly planning and that's literally what we did the rest of the night! ahh haha around dinner time the same missionary that’s transferring came in AGAIN and said that we had to go to kebab's once more before he left, so we went the kebabs AGAIN haha but then after that we came back in and we took time to finish our weekly planning and we did transfer prophecies! it was a fun way to end a really long day! haha
today we woke up and we started our studies and when it got to comp study we couldn't even focus! we were all waiting for a phone call thinking that someone would either train or be called to a district leader! we were just waiting! and around 11 we headed out the door to check the repertoire at the computer! it was fun to get on and see where everyone was heading! i am staying in metz with three other elders and only one elder is leaving! he is heading to compiegne...i don't know how i feel about that! haha he's been here since i have and he's pretty much my best friend right now, but we all have to make new friend's sometimes right? we then had a rdv with this less active in the ward who told us all about how her neighbors are stealing her keys and bugging up her apartment and so she has cut off all telephone and internet connections and stuff and how she can't leave her apartment cause her neighbors will break in...haha if it's true, that's an amazing story! but she started crying at the end of the rdv and told us that she is very thankful for us cause she was praying for the lord to send her angels and about 10 minutes later we called. so that was cool. then we went out to a rdv with another investigator! it was good. same as the other two rdv's about the plan of salvation...she has lots of questions and doesn't agree with a ton of stuff...pray for her too! then we contacted to finish up the night in the dumping snow again! it was really fun!!
well today we had a rdv right after church with one of our strongest investigators and....WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! save the date!!! march 14!!! it was really good. we had a member come in with us who made a lot of things logical to him. she compared setting a baptismal date to a marriage date. you aren't gonna get married two days after the engagement. you put the date in the future, wait and work things out, and pray to know if it is right. she said that if he did that, the lord would answer. so he set a date for what just might be my last saturday here in metz!! it's the end of next transfer. AHHH! i was happy! then we went home and figured out what we need to do! haha another family invited us over for dinner tonight and so we had to go get tickets for a train ride to their house. it was a fun night and we had lots of laughs! they are a good family and i love them with all my heart! they are so good! then we came home for the night and did some more on getting ready to prepare for a baptism! ahh what a good day!
so this week was really good! thanks for all the support and letters! keep them coming! i haven't gotten any for a while! but i'd love some! love you all! 
elder libby!

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