Monday, February 9, 2015


well this week was really fun!! haha me and my companion had quite the fun week. we did lots of service and had the opportunity to meet some really cool people. it was just a really fun week! we got a new elder in the apartment and we've been doing service all week! and we've been treated as if we were in-the-states missionaries! haha man am i jealous of them! haha but here's why i'm jealous....
nothing too exciting happened tonight to me and my comp...we went out porting for the night and on the way home i really wanted a coke...just like any other night right?? haha so he was nice enough to walk with me to the store and get a coke with me.
well today one of my favorite elders in the apartment was being was kinda sad....:( we had our studies this morning and since the bishop and his wife are in america this week, she asked me and my comp if we could cover for her in institute this week. so that's what my studies consisted of this week! this morning i had some stuff to mail to the mission home so we had to run to the poste and then we went around contacting in metz. metz is such a cool town. you should all come someday. then for the one elders last day, he wanted to do this thing that they do in france called MARDI-FOU (foo). that is when you get a large pizza from domino's and a large yop, which is a yogurt drink and the challenge is to eat the whole pizza and drink the whole drink. it apparently has been impossible and everyone who does it throws up...haha so we did it. and there was only one person who ate the whole pizza and drank the whole yop and didn't even feel sick. who was it?? ...ME. haha they all cast bets before we did it saying that i wasn't gonna be able to do it! but i proved all the others wrong. we spent the rest of the afternoon though letting all the other elders stomach's settle...wimps...haha jk but they didn't even finish...come on! after our dinner break, we had a rdv with one of our strongest investigators and our little lesson this week was on teaching our children to walk in the truth and we asked if she'd be open to letting her daughter come in on our lessons too and she said yes! she said she really wants her to learn what we're teaching. as we were getting ready to leave, she told us, "thank you for being patient with me." ahhh it was such a good rdv! we got home and were all sitting around talking and about to go to bed when the phone was a lady from salt lake city utah who's aunt who lived in metz had just passed away and she was wondering if the missionaries would be available to come help translate at some banks and attorney's offices! say what? so me and my comp said yes!
so we needed to be to this ladys apartment at 10 this morning so me and my comp had shortened studies and made our way to their apartment! we got there and they invited us in with welcome arms! it was like we took a step back into america for a little bit. we walked in and they had been going through all their aunt's stuff and cleaning out. we needed to get to the bank to settle some things so off we went to translate! no worries, we had a dictionary! we aren't professional translators you know. haha that was really fun though! then we went to the attorney's office and that was really fun too. lots of terms that kinda gave me a little headache! haha we made our way back and they then told us that they were buying us lunch! it's so weird to have someone taking such good care of us! it's like they knew us :0) we took them to get kebabs (what else??) so that was really fun! we got back and started helping them clean up in the apartment. we found so many treasures! i found an american rice cooker. and they let me keep it! i found a space heater. and they let me keep it! i found a juicer and a toaster! ahh it was like christmas morning all over again! so much fun. we finished helping them out and went home for the night and met the new elder in the apartment. he's from st george and he is pretty cool! i took some pictures with him this week so that was fun! me and my comp also went porting to finish out the night. it was good!
so today we got to go back with debbie and karen the sisters from slc and helped them for the day. we started off our day with studies and then made our way over to their apartment to go with them to the life insurance place for their aunt. we got there and they had spoiled us with some patisseries and little breakfast was awesome! we then got into the car and this little french lady took us for a drive to the life insurance place, and let me tell you. french drivers are so funny and so scary! haha she was zipping and zooming all over the roads and honking her horn and cussing up a storm! haha it was hilarious but i feared a little for my life! she then tried to park in a TINY parking spot and was killing me! she was like, i know i can fit in here...haha it was good. then the parking meter wouldn't work and let's just say....OH LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!! ahhh old french people are the greatest. she then walked us over to the life insurance place and she was walking in the middle of the roads putting her hand out to tell cars to stop...haha it was an adventure! then after all that we went back to the apartment and we took lunch and went through some of the aunts jewelry so that debbie and karen could take what they wanted home. it was fun to see them remember all that their aunt had worn and loved. it was a cool experience. we actually ended up finding some really old francs from like the early 1900s and they told us we could keep them! so that was cool! then i guess they found some money from the aunt stashed away and decided they'd treat the two of us to dinner! it was really fun. we went to this italian restaurant and it was really good! they are such a fun group!
well we'd been in contact with the senior couple of our area telling them that these ladies had some furniture that they were trying to get rid of and wondering if there were any apartments in the area that needed new furniture and such! the church is apparently opening up a new area close to here and the senior couple just got the keys to the apartment and they need furnishings! so they were more than happy to hear we had some. so we planned to meet today around 2 to load up cars and bring things to the storage unit in our building and all that jazz. so we started weekly planning but didn't finish and we had to get over to help load up the car! so that was fun. we got over there and we took down some furniture and loaded up the car. we couldn't fit a ton in there so we had to bring some over and store it in our apartment storage so that they can come back and get it later. that took a lot longer than we thought and by the time we knew it we had to get to the church to teach institute! it went well! it was on the law of consecration and we got done really fast....does that mean i'm a bad teacher?? idk...but then we got talking one of our ward members who attends institue, and has become friends with my mom, and she showed me all the pictures that my mom has been posting of me that debbie has been sending her! haha it was fun to see how much my mom appreciated it. the sister from our ward then gave us a ride home for the night.
well because yesterday we had to spend the whole day packing up furniture for the senior couple, we still had weekly planning to do...haha so that's pretty much what we did all day long! i actually really wanted a kebab for lunch and the new elder from st george hadn't been to the world famous tezel yet so we decided that we'd go for lunch! it was really good! then me and my comp planned from 12:30 all the way til 5 haha ahh that was killer. we then took dinner and made our way out to go porting! as we were walking out the door we got a text from debbie and karen telling us they had a dessert for us and were wondering how they could get it to us. so we met up at mcdonalds and they bought us dinner and gave us the dessert. this really good french cake thing! they then took us home for the night! we've been super blessed to come to know them. they told us too that they were coming to church tomorrow!
well today is really good cause i finished my whole journal! haha i get to start a new one! first journal i've ever finished in my life! and i'm only 18. someone beat that. it was a really good feeling! well me and the new elder were asked to teach a lesson in primary today...and the lesson was on the atoning sacrifice of jesus christ. i don't even know how to teach about that in english...let alone french! haha just kidding! but was interesting, but we had fun with those little french munchkins. then we went to the investigators class and that was really good ...our best investigator has been coming every week! he's still doing good and we still have a baptismal date! then we walked upstairs and debbie and karen were right there and asked if there was somewhere we could go to take pictures because they wanted to send my mom a certain we went upstairs and she pulled out a bunch of hearts...haha we had a little photoshoot in the middle of the church! it was good. they are so good! then we came home and had lunch and went out contacting! funniest thing ever...these geese in the river were like trying to fly but were walking on the water. like jesus. it was the craziest thing ever...i got it on video and it sounds weird to describe but it was so cool! haha then we went out porting for the night and talked a lot about what we want to do after the mission and what we did before! that's the good thing about having a good comp. i can talk about anything with him!
so there was my week! it was really good! thanks for all you do for me! i love you all and i've been really blessed this week. i got a little taste of an american mission. it's been amazing! i love you guys! talk to you soon! au revoir!
elder libby

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