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hello all! how is life?? i hope all is going well! so today, one of the elders in my apartment who is from logan, his dad is in france for a business trip. he was kind enough to call my mom and she got to send me a little love in his suitcase :0) he stopped by our apartment took us all out for lunch! so that was really fun! this week has been really good and it FLEW by...literally time flies when you're having fun! and you're always having fun when in FRANCE right?? so um ya! here we go!
well because we are probably not the smartest kids in the east of france me and my companion completely forgot about having to prepare a meal for district meeting so we went to go and find some stuff to make fajitas! it was lots of fun we went all over metz trying to find tortillas of all things! haha what's the word for tortilla in french? we don't know...but it was good fun! then we were on our way home and we walked past the kebab shop and thought of how good that sounded and we stopped and got kebabs for dinner. #kebabnumber1 for this week, then we went home and called it a night
so today was my 5 month mark! january 20 already! and we completely didn't even remember til like 8:20 at we didn't even get a lot of celebrating in! i was bummed... but all was well cause in the end i got ice cream! so for the first time since i've been here in metz we actually had district meeting here in metz! we got ready and the lux elders called and said their train was delayed and then district meeting was delayed til like 12! haha that was fun stuff. we had a really good lesson and even better food. when you put the time into it, lots of good stuff happens! the meal was good and we laughed and talked and had lots of fun! then after that we headed back to the apartment and showed off all the stuff we had bought yesterday at soldes (its like, "whoo-whoo, mid-summer blowout!", all the merchants put their items on 75% clearance!) next, we just got a new ward secretary and he asked us if we could take all of the information for the new ward list and make it beautiful for him so that was hard....haha but we did it in less than 3 hours! me and my companion were then alone in the apartment cause the other elders went on an exchange in lux so that was fun! we got on the topic of who we thought we would marry...and that was fun....haha thinking of home and after mission life does not make time go fast! but we had a lesson with our newest investigator that night. she is the one we have who's husband was just released from the hospital because of diabetes...rings a bell for me huh? love my sis macy :) but that was really bizarre. we taught her the first part of the plan of salvation and she said she doesn't think we lived before this life cause if we did, we would think back to that a lot and that is looking back... she believes that god wouldn't want us doing that. so that was fun and haha interesting.! then we went to buy ice cream to celebrate my 5 months here!
today was really good! it really was almost exactly what i needed! i've been thinking that this transfer is my last in metz and i've been really sad about it cause i don't wanna leave! haha things are just getting good we've got about 5 solid ami's and i feel like i'm starting to see "the fruits of my labors..." is that the scripture? idk. but ya! i was really nervous about it all day! but i read a really cool scripture in personal study that helped me.... D&C 84:81-84. "therefore, take no thought for the morrow, for what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed. for, consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin, and the kingdoms of the world in all their glory, are not arrayed like one of these. for your father who is in heaven knoweth that ye have need of all these things. therefore, let the morrow take thought for the things of itself." it was really cool! it answered my question! and i loved it! then me and my comp went contacting. not a ton happened while we were out but we did find georgia tech and a lot of english speakers! haha that was fun! but then we went to the gare to get the zone leaders cause we had an exchange with them tonight! so we got there and i knew who my exchange was with. it's a good thing i love that kid with all my heart cause i sure do spend a lot of time with him! we then got the apartment and set all the goals for our exchange, the zl's companion told us that this parents gave him some money as a reward for having 6 months left in his mission and that dinner was on him! so #kebabnumber2 haha for the week! haha they are really good! we had a rdv with a family in the ward that i love and we shared a spiritual thought with them! it was really fun. they are such a nice family! then we made our way back home and went and bought some drinks for the night!
today was a really good day! we were finishing our exchange with the zl's and we had to go to the church so that they could do some sort of confidentiality thing that all zl's have to do at the end of that was fun and it took forever! haha we got to the church around 9 and we didn't leave til like 12:30!  the time went kind a slow but it was good. we then had a meeting with the ward mission leader! so we got on our train and we headed to his house! it was a good meeting where we discussed a lot about this new initiative france is doing where all the members are being challenged to hand out books of mormon or something like that! it was really good. then we talked about our ami's and we ate some snacks and made our way home! by that time, me and my comp had a rdv with another investigator! we got to her house and talked about a little story in the january ensign...we couldn't figure out what to teach so we talked about a spiritual thought. it was really good and she loved the little story about the lady giving her flowers away! it was good. she told us she was going to come to church on sunday too! so that's exciting! we then just contacted to finish up the night! it was a good day!
well today was good except we had weekly planning! i'm such a complainer but weekly planning kills me! it is so not fun. but anywhoo. last night the two other elders in our apartment walked in and had been shopping...that's a no no but they said as long as you take the time out of your meals, it's, after much debate, we went shopping during lunch! at least I didn't eat a kebab that day. i found this coat that is to die for! haha it is the nicest coat ever! but it was one size too big and wayyyy expensive so i was kinda sad when i couldn't get it! but life goes on! haha we then had a rdv at the church with a member to go home teaching! so we made our way to the church to do home teaching and that was good! he based the lesson off of a talk in the ensign this month and it was good! the guy really wanted to just talk and so it was good for him to talk! then we had a meeting with the forbach branch president because we need to get things going there! so that was really good. he answered a ton of questions and really helped us out! then we talked to some other people that were at the church and made our way home and ended the night with a coke and a baguette! it was good!
today was literally kind of miserable haha no nothing bad happened but it was just really long and i didn't like it! haha we woke up this morning with a big thick blanket of snow! which was awesome until we had to go out and work in it! haha we started off today with studies and then we all decided that we wanted kebab's for lunch....#kebabnumber3 ahhh i know i am so bad...3 in one week?! how can i do that!? but they were really good so i kind of don't even regret it! haha but anyway after that we went to go and do some less active finding in the snow and both places we walked to, the people didn't even live! so we really didn't even do anything but find empty apartments! ahhh but anyway. after that we came home and took dinner and then we went porting and found a less active family there and we shared a spiritual message with them so that was good. it was a good way to end off the day.
today was really good! we had church obviously so that went well. one of our investigators came to all three meeting just like he regularly does and that was really good! we got invited to a members house for dinner and so that was really good! another exciting thing is that another investigator came for sacrament! i was really happy! then we had a CES devotional afterwards and our investigators stayed for it! it was really good! when we went home, we needed to take the train to the members house for dinner and when we got to his house he walked us to his car and said, we didn't have a ton of time to make food so is KFC ok? haha so we went to the drive-thru and got KFC for our sunday dinner! when we got back to his house it smelt a little like something burnt from the kitchen so we don't know if they just burned dinner or what, but it was good and fun! lots of fun! then we went home and finished off the night with some contacting!
well there's my week! lots of fun stuff and lots of progression! if anyone is sending packages or letters from now on, maybe send them to the mission home just to be safe! i don't want them to get lost incase i transfer! thanks for everything! love you all!
elder libby

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