Monday, January 5, 2015


already in the 20's! haha look at that! i'm almost a fourth of the way done! amazing how time flies even when it seems like it isn't haha! this week was super long so i'm pretty happy to be sitting down writing my emails this week! it's gonna be good to get the holidays out of the way and get back into the normal routine of crazy missionary scheduled life! haha just in case you're wondering, i am no longer sick but i have a cough still and that sucks but we learn to live with lots of things we don't like right? haha ok here was week 20!
elder quist was still feeling really sick today so after emails and all that fun stuff was over we headed back to the apartment and we played uno and we found a scrabble board in the apartment so we even got to play bananagrams! haha it was fun but i was really wanting to just get out of the apartment and get back to doing missionary work! time seems to go faster when you do what you're supposed to and i was getting really homesick and really apartmentsick haha i had been in the apartment for almost a week straight and i just wanted to get out and do something. but that happened soon enough.
today we woke up and made our way to luxembourg first thing for district meeting. we got on a train and just talked to whole time and when we got up there me and elder quist realized that we had to buy drinks and bread...haha so that was fun trying to scrouge up some money to get ready for district meeting...luxembourg is sure expensive...i can't wait to be done going up there! haha district meeting was really good. we had lots of announcements and a good lesson so you could say it was productive! we had some good lunch and some good laughs and then we left. we decided that since in the next couple of weeks we are going to stop going to luxembourg for district meeting we needed to go get some snapples a few last times! so we did and the lady in the store recognized us and was talking to us like we were regulars! cause we kind of are...but it was funny! then we got home and elder quist said that when he goes outside is when his sickness kicks in because of the nasty we stayed in for a while with the other elders and i realized that me and elder lattin were perfectly fine and so we didn't need to be in the apartment and so i asked him if we could go out and do something so we did! it was really good. we went porting and found this family that was like ooh ya you're the mormons! the elders right? haha so we talked and they asked us to come back later! so that was good. it was a good way to end the night!
elder quist was feeling lots better today so it was a really good day of solid contacting and finding. today was new year's eve and we had heard that france is kind of a scary place to be outside in on new year's day so we decided that thursday we'd stay inside again and then work our tails off today! so that's what we did. we started off with studies and everything and it was good, then we went out and we contacted for a couple hours. after lunch we went back out to the porting neighborhood to see if we could talk to the people who knew us and they weren't we just made our way back to town and contacted and did some stuff til it was time to go in for the night and dinner. we had been invited over to the bishop's house again for new year's so it was really exciting to get over there and have another rdv with english speakers! their family is really nice and so it was lots of fun to talk and have a fun night with them. she made us chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa so i was like about to cry cause i haven't had that in like almost 4 reminded me a lot of home! i love salsa and mexican food. i cannot wait to eat cafe rio again! our night consisted of schrades, talking, laughing at french cultures, fireworks even! haha it was really fun! we had ice cream sundays and when we were leaving the bishops wife gave us popcorn boxes to use over the next few days and i had about 5 boxes in my arms and reached across the table to shake hands like a good missionary does before they leave dinner appointments and a box fell out of my arms and landed on an ice cream dish and it fell to the ground and shattered.....i am such an idiot! haha i was really embarrassed and she just told us to go...haha i felt bad but hopefully she wasn't too mad at us! we then went home and watched frozen! it was a good day!
today we woke up and since it wasn't safe to go out all day we just chilled in the apartment and watched a few movies that the Royer family lent us! we watched frozen again....haha then the incredibles, and finding nemo! after finding nemo was over i fell asleep on the couch and when i woke up we had nothing else to do so....we watched finding nemo and the incredibles again! haha it was really an unproductive day but we were following counsel from the mission president and ward members...haha i felt like we were breaking all kinds of rules! but it was really fun! we then ended the night by watching last ime! haha it was funny! by the way...the frozen we watched was on USB from the Royer family and so it was only in French! so it was fun to watch that and hear all the quotes and songs in french...i thought a lot about my friends while i was watching it! i mean i did go see it in the theater with my friends and family 5 different times! haha je voudrais un bonhomme de neige!
today elder lattin had a meeting in paris so me and elder quist and elder pratt were a three-sum equipe and it was really good! we got a call last night from the senior couple that they'd be coming by around 1 to deliver new mattresses and frying pans so they needed us home so they could be delivered! haha yay...another day spent in the apartment...i have memorized every nook and cranny in that old apartment it's insane! but anyway we dropped elder lattin off at the gare around 7 and the rest of the day was studies and waiting around for the senior couple...well 1 pm came around and then 2 and then 2:45 so i called and asked if they were still coming and they said they'd be here in 5 minutes! so we ran down and met them and brought everything up! it was fun to talk to them and they seem really nice! in fact, the elder lived in metz for 3 years when he was a kid and his dad was in the air force, and he literally lived right around the corner! so we went and took pictures with them and talked and then we needed to go get elder latting from the gare! we went and had kebabs for dinner and then had a rdv with was really good except she's not willing to start praying to know what to do...we think it's because she knows what the answer will be...but be sure to keep her in your prayers! elder quist wants to drop her and i don't want to yet...she told me on friday that she was like my french mom.. she's really nice so pray hard for her! then we headed in for the night and found some frozen music on the other elders USB.....
today was long and really boring! haha it included staying in the apartment encore to do weekly planning! haha it was a really long day but it was really good none the less! haha we had studies and then went straight into weekly planning and it was actually really good! we talked a lot about our amis and went really into depth with the area book! it was awesome! we got a rdv set up for later today with this guy that we found in the potentials area and it was just really good! then we went and got baguettes before our rdv with abraham. the guy we found. it was good. he was on his phone the whole time and didn't seem too interested but at the end he said that he wanted to meet with us cause he was we'll see where that goes! then we went in and took dinner and made our way to a spiritual thought with the piguets! we got to their apartment and soeur piguet called us and asked us to meet her at the grocery store cause she needed help! so we met her there and she had bought us chocolate's for christmas cause she felt bad she didn't get to see us on christmas. haha she's awesome! then we went back to their house and their non member cousin showed up! arville if you remember! so we gave a spiritual thought and it was really good! then we made our way home for the night! it was a good day!
today was really good. church was really good and maxime came to all 3 meetings again! just like normal! it was really good! we had a really good testimony meeting! there was a time when no one was going up so frere Royer, who is the second counselor looked at me and nudged his head towards the i became his favorite and went up and bore my testimony! haha it was a good meeting! he said to be sure to tell my mom that i saved the meeting! then we taught maxime the word of wisdom and he was like stop teaching...i already do this so it's all good. haha! it was funny! he's currently praying to know if baptism is the right thing! so keep him in your prayers too! then we went home and contacted for a while and then ended the night with few hours of porting! it was really good! we got a family that asked us to come back tuesday night so that's exciting!
well thank you for the continual prayers and thoughts! i love you all and i am so thankful for all you do for me! i look forward to talking to you all soon! talk to you later!
elder libby

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