Monday, January 5, 2015


well this week was something else! talking to the family was amazing and i loved every single minute that i had! it was incredible and i am very thankful for modern technology haha how did missionaries work without skype?;) it was amazing though and i'm sorry i couldn't call all of you...i really wanted to and was thinking of everyone who wrote me a letter! so thanks to whoever did! i love you guys! haha alrighty here we go with week 19!
well monday night me and elder quist finally went and contacted our referral that we'd recieved like a week before! just like schedule conflicts and everything led to not being able to meet til tonight but our first lesson went very well! she told us she believed that the story of Joseph Smith was true and asked us to come over again so we could talk more! it was a good lesson! then we decided that we'd go out and find a new porting area and see what we could do. so we found this one area and started it and then finished out the night with that. but on the way back to the bus stop we were stopped by ... the police! haha someone in the neighborhood called and tattled on us! what bums...but we showed them our passports and they were nice and joking with us and then left. so that was pretty funny!
today was when the plague hit...haha i woke up today with this nasty cough and a really bad headache so i started popping the airborne!!! haha i love that stuff! but i took some of that and then we had to head out the door to make it to district meeting! it was good fun. we got to lux and then had to get on the bus and get to the church. the meeting was good except while we were there my headache was just booming and i wanted to die. haha it was so bad i felt like i couldn't eat anything or else i'd throw up! haha it was really bad. we got on the bus and train and that only made it worse so by the time we got home from luxembourg i just needed to lay down and take a nap. so me and elder quist stayed in for the rest of the night and i slept off the headache! haha it was really bad but thank heavens for sleep and airborne it finally went away! i woke up around 7 and so after a little food we went out porting to finish up the night. it was really good. nothing really happened but it was really good.
well last night i did not sleep at all! haha i was up all night just tossing and turning and having a throbbing headache! haha i hate being sick! but we got up and me and elder quist had to wait in the apartment all morning to wait for my package from home to come! it was a package sent from my grandparents! they gave me lots of goldfish! it was a great present and much worth the wait i'll tell you that much! haha then me and elder quist had to go buy cookies for the little service project that we decided to do for christmas eve. we all decided that we'd go and carol for some less active families and give them all a box of cookies so they knew we were thinking of them on christmas! but that plan was thrown down the hole when we got there and no one was home and one guy was too busy working to hear one song...haha so we just left all the cookies and counted it as an A for effort! haha we got home and went to catch our train to get to the Brun's house! it was such a good night with them. they gave us a good dinner and a little gift and it was really good to just chill and talk cause they are the coolest family! we then ended our night and got in bed cause SANTA WAS COMING!
we woke up around 8 and just made our way out to see what the big fat man with a long white beard brought us! it was awesome to walk out and see some presents. none of us were on the naughty list this year! santa treated us all really well. i was mostly excited to just read all the letters from home! i got up on the couch and read all the letters and it literally took me almost an entire hour or so just to get all the way through! so thank you to everyone who was a part of that. only a couple got me choked up but there were no tears so i'm getting better! haha i loved the letters though and it was definitely the best part of the morning. we then were all just sitting around waiting for the bishop to come and take us to his house for the afternoon and it was actually a lot better than we planned. we had a good meal and some fun playing apples to apples and bananagrams! it was really fun to be able to talk in english (cause the bishop here is american) it was really good. we listened to some music and talked and it was really nice. when i saw the car of frere royer come into view, my heart sank! haha i was terrified and i kinda didn't want to go call my family! haha weirdest feelings ever! but we got to their house and i called and it was awesome! like i said i wanted to call everyone but...i couldn' i'm sorry but know that i love you all! then they made us dinner! it was escargots and this kind of pasti! it was so good! hahah yes even the snails! they look disgusting but they are delicious! then we took frozen, incredibles and finding nemo back to the apartment...haha one day a year for movies? we gotta take advantage!!! haha but it was an amazing day!
today was kinda awful...i woke up last night and i was dripping with was awful! so i changed my garments and tried to get back to sleep...haha i woke up thinking i was fine and then i stood up out of bed and....the banging headache came i got in the shower thinking that would help and then it didn' elder lattin decided that we could start exchanges and me and elder pratt could stay inside and recooperate and not die! haha so that's what we did. we literally just chilled in the apartment and watched all the videos on our usb's and listened to a ton of music and i wanted to just leave the apartment...being sick on the mission SUCKS, elder lattin and quist had a rdv with nora tonight and said that it went really well and they left her with a good commitment so hopefully she keeps it and i get to see her next week!
well today was a lot like yesterday! besides the fact that....WE WOKE UP TO SNOW!!!! it was really little and had all melted by 10 but still it was snow!! elder lattin and elder quist had to go to paris all day long so it was just a long day....haha elder pratt slept almost all day long so it was me listening to all the movies and music on my usb all day long! i wrote lots of letters back to people who wrote me on christmas day and it was really good but really long! haha then when the other two got back the mailman had brought presents too! haha i had a little package from the one and only PAM COBURN!! haha it was a letter and a little game! really nice and made me remember why i love her so much! haha we played with that for a little to turn out the night and elder quist started coming down with the this stuff can kill haha it's spreading to everyone!
yesterday was a longer day haha we woke up and elder pratt and quist were now dying and i felt really good! so me and elder lattin went to church and everyone thought we'd killed the other elders or something ahah it was a good church meeting but for some reason i was really thinking about home today! so it seemed to go on forever. when we got home we decided that we'd tend to the needs of our dying companions for the day so we stayed in and took care of them. me and elder lattin and towards the end of the day all four of us got really good at uno and took lots of time playing that! it was good fun but we're really need to all get healthy again and back to missionary work! haha
well that was my week family and friends! thank you for an amazing christmas! i love and miss you all and i pray for all of you all the time. know how much i love you! i can't wait to see you all again! talk to you soon! over and out
elder libby!

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