Monday, January 19, 2015


hey everyone!! it's been a week and this week the internet cafe is closed so i have little time to write. sorry but this letter might be a little short and fast! but that's how we like things right? this week was really good. i got a better understanding and stronger testimony of the importance and blessings of fasting! it was an amazing week!
so me and elder Q went porting to finish up the night and it was pretty good! we talked a lot about friends from home and i realized again how much i love all of them! haha we talked about school and what we wanna do when we got back and what we were thinking of doing for jobs and it was a pretty good night!
no more going up to luxembourg for district meeting cuz the church in metz is almost done with construction! so we're just gonna come here now! that's gonna save us a lot of money! haha and i'm really glad cause spending all that money just for a 45 minute meeting and a meal is not worth it to me! so district meeting was good today and the food tasted better! that made all the difference! the other companionship had an exchange with the lux elders so they all came down to our apartment so that was a fun night! but we had a rdv when we got back and they were really good! we then had another rdv with this one guy that we found in our potentials list and when we got to the meeting place he didn't have enough money to go on the bus so we had our rdv in....MCDONALDS! haha it was good fun! we taught him the first lesson and he wants to meet again!
today was long and it felt like we weren't doing anything when we really did a lot! haha it feels like it is always on wednesday's when me and elder q never have anything planned so we just go contacting and stuff all day! so that's exactly what we did all day. and, we went to get kebabs! we went less active searching and we had a rdv with an ami! this ami gave us some pates (liver hors d'oeuvres) and it was good! it was a long day with not a ton of fun or interesting stuff!
today was such a good day and i realized how much our heavenly father loves us! it was amazing! we had a normal day but we had scheduled a rdv with this less-active/recent convert that we have been scheduling rdv's with for a lot time! she would always cancel the day of and so we were hoping that today she'd come to this one! our day had been full of contacting and stuff til we had to go to or ward mission leader meeting! it was really good and we talked a lot about less actives oddly enough! so when we got home we went back to the church to wait for her...i really wanted her to come cause i wanted to figure out how she was doing! she finally walked in the door and she told us a lot of personal things and just broke down crying! she told us that she knew she needed to be at church but didn't know how eveyone would treat her. so i couldn't even talk cause i was about to cry! the spirit was so strong and as elder quist was bearing his testimony and saying how christ loves her, i could see the spirit touching her. she told us she'd come back to church cause she's made plans at work for this week to be the last week she works sundays and she'd come next sunday but that she wanted to meet once a week with us! it was amazing and as soon as she left the church, i cried with relief! i was so happy to be able to help the lord in helping the people we teach realize his love for them!
today was super long and tiring! but that's the way it should always be right! haha so we had studies and then right after we took lunch cause we had a day in forbach! it was really good we got there around 1 and straight off we started looking for a map so that when we got back home we could find some less actives and do some fun stuff with the map! so elder q didn't do anything and it was all me trying to find my way around asking people where they thought i could get a map ... and i did it! i was really happy! then we went and got kebabs and yes i know...two in one week was bad...i'm sorry and i repented! haha but then we went contacting and porting all around out in forbach! it was a really good and really exhausting day! but we did it and made good things come out of it!
so today was weekly planning and it was really good. haha i just really don't like weekly we did that til about 3 in the afternoon and when we had a rdv with a new ami that we found last week while going through the potentials! and when we got to the church she walked up the walkway and had her son with her! it was super cool and a super good rdv where we just had to finish up the restoration! it was really good! then we had a rdv with one of our very strong investigators who is trying to decide on baptism and we taught her about fasting and as we were preparing this morning for that lesson, we got the feeling of maybe asking her if we could start a special fast for her to know the truth...and she said YES!!! so we did and i felt amazing! it was one of the most spiritual experiences! she is amazing and i love her with all my heart!
today at church was really good! Another of our strongest investigators came to all three meetings again and it was really good! me and elder q thought of 5 families that we could ask if we could go over to have a meal and share a thought with them and we believe that it was because all the fasting we were doing, they all said yes! so i was pretty happy! it was really good. then we left and headed home and started to mess around with the map that we got in forbach! so that was really good. we got it all messed around and all marked up. it was good. then the bishop and his family invited me and elder q over tonight to share a spiritual message and eat crepes! so that was way fun! we spent the rest of the night there. it was good to have another english night! such a fun family!
ok i'm super sorry that this is short and not a ton of info...this week was weird cause of the internet cafe! i love you all! keep in touch! i love you!
elder libby

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