Tuesday, December 23, 2014


what a week! ahhh time flies when you're having fun! this week was a rush....i honestly can't believe that it's already monday! what a crazy fast week! ummm i don't think anything too crazy happened...it was just really busy so it flew by! which is always good right! lots of stuff to do and that means i'm doing my job hopefully huh? k here goes week 18!
we finished off the night by stopping by a patissserie and i got a religeuse...i think they call them that cause when you eat the first one, you religiously go back and get more...not even kidding! haha they are amazing! we then went scoping out the stores for soldes...which is a huge european sale that happens twice a year and everything goes to like 50-70% off and it's like apparently amazing. so i found a few things i want! a couple weeks ago, we went into this one store and i saw this sweatshirt that i wanted and there were like a bunch of them on the table then tonight when we went there was only one left and it was my size...coincedince? i think not! so i bought it! it says inspirée par des rêves, i'm getting excited for soldes!! then we went porting to finish off the night.
today was a good long day of missionary work! haha i was really glad when it was over... like you honestly wouldn't think it is so exhausting sometimes...but like some nights my head hits the pillow and i'm OUT. it's funny. but we had a good day. during studies we got a text from the ZL's asking us to prepare spiritually for the conference so i got ready for that...whatever that means;) just kidding but ya i tried to figure out what some questions were and get in tune with the spirit! it was really a good study session. then we went out and contacted and we talked to this one dude who was a 7th day adventist? and he was nice but he was all telling us how Jesus Christ doesn't support the mormon church....haha i was like can you see my plaque (badge) dude? haha it was interesting! then we went and tried to find this less active family but we got lost and we ran into this syrian kid who was really nice and he spoke english and took us to this completely different place than we asked but it was nice! haha he was a good kid! then we went over to the piguet's house to finish the night and today was the twins birthday! so we had cake and stuff! it was a fun night!
today was awesome|! the christmas conference was really good and i love paris with all my heart!! it was amazing! we woke up and went to paris at 6:30 so we were all really tired on the train ride over! it was really funny! elder quist was cracking us up! haha it was really good. lots of dumb jokes but they were really funny cause of the lack of sleep. then we got to paris and went to versailles! i talked to like all of my friends! we had a really good conference with elder teixiera of the seventy! he did awesome! i forgot my other journal at the apartment so i don't remember a ton of what he said and all the impressions that i had during the conference but i do remember that it was amazing! haha he made us lots of promises and it was powerful to hear that from a servant of the lord! then of course i saw all my friends from the mtc and it was really good! we wanted to go see the eiffel tower and then we didn't:( we ran out of time....ahhh so we got back and then went and got kebabs and finished off the night! it was such a good day!
today was such a busy day! it was crazy! we had lots of stuff to do today and i was like super exhausted all day long! haha we went out contacting again and we talked to this one guy who was like oh! i see your guys visitors center in paris all the time! i work right next to it and go there all the time but i've never been stopped by anyone...so i was kinda worried....because the neighborhood that the visitors center is a gay neighborhood...haha funny huh? kinda ironic! but ya he said he'd really look into it! then we had dmp with frere schneider and it was really good! talked a lot about the amis and their needs! it was really good! then Charles, his son who has just recently came home from his mission, asked if he could come back to metz with us and go contacting with us! so he did and we went home teaching with him and it was really good! he told us he had some leadership positions while on his mission and we think he was AP so ya...i took all his advice to heart! haha it was good!
today feels like nothing happened...haha it was so long and full of like nothing....ahhhh but we had a rdv with georgette...a lady we met a few weeks ago and she was really nice and bought us water at a street side cafe...typical frenchy right;) haha it was fun but the rest of the day was full of weekly planning...it was awful! haha i honestly the longest day!! but ya then we had a rdv with Nora and that ended the day. it was a good rdv but i'm starting to get the feeling she doesn't want to meet with us cause of the religious stuff...i feel like she wants to meet with us cause she feels we're friends and she just wants to talk...so ya...we're stuck so be sure to keep her in your prayers!!
today was my 4 month mark if that means anything! haha it was a good day we really all day were just preparing for the ward christmas party...elder pratt signed me up to make cookies so all morning we were just walking around trying to find ingredients to make them...and then the other half of the day making the cookies! haha it was good though. we went and put on the christmas ties from mom and all headed out to the christmas party. it was really good! Nora and maxime came! it was really good! i had to give the spiritual thought...kinda butchered it...haha i can't speak french! it was really good though and we had lots of fun with the ward!
today you could definitely feel the love in the air....haha it was totally christmas sunday. everyone was so happy and go-lucky! it was crazy! everyone asked us if we had places to go for christmas...it was really touching to see how everyone cared! i love the ward here in metz! then we had a little after party after sacrament meeting with all the left over wassel that the bishop had made for the party! it was really fun! then me and elder quist were invited over for the night at the Brun's so we went there and had a really fun night with games and food and lots of fun! they asked us to come over for christmas eve so i am really excited for that! it was a really fun day!
sorry that this is so rushed! we are trying to cut down on time today cause we are talking to family on thursday! i love you all so very much! thanks for the love and prayers! talk to you all soon! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
elder libby

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