Monday, November 3, 2014


what up my fam and friends?! quoi de neuf ma famille et mes amis? comment ça va? holy cow this week was way long and it seems like it's been like forever since i've been able to talk to any of you! but all is well and here we are. just another week in paradise! haha i just am so glad that i get to get on here and talk to all of you! p day is like the one day i get to be selfish so i love talking to you all and sorry for making you all get up to talk to me, but i'm pretty great ya? #cockymissionary #whatever #ithappens wow..i haven't seen hashtags for a while! anyway here goes my week in metz!
today was such a fast day! like it went by soooo fast! haha i can't even believe it! me and elder pratt don't like to go running in the morning..i'm not about that healthy life..but we got up and we just did some things in the apartment while the other elders went running...comme les push-ups, les sit-ups, les stretches....choses comme ça then the other elders came back and we just got ready for the day and then headed out to the gare for our train to Lux cause we had district meeting. when we were at the gare, some lady came up to me and read my tag and said oh Jésus-Christ! Young people that talk about god are so nice. if you want we can sit by each other on the train and talk! so we sat by her and holy cow...she TALKED! haha literally i think we said two sentences the entire 45 minute train ride to Lux! haha she told us that the government thinks she's dead, she doesn't have a home, she's living in a catholic Church with a few other people at the moment, and ya! haha funny cause she looked like a really Professional business woman and stuff! but ya as soon as the train stopped she was all, ok bye! haha so we didn't even get to like share a message or anything..i guess she just wanted to talk? then district meeting was good and we talked about all of our investigators the whole time then we made our way back to the gare, bought some snapples and then back to metz! tonight me and elder pratt had an exchange til tomorrow night. so for the night we had to go to the Church to learn the haka for the luau that we're having and i voted myself to be the camera man! haha i'm not doing the haka! so that was good and that ended our night!
today was straight up fun! haha me and elder pratt just had the time of our lives! it literally did not feel like missionary work at all! i just felt like i was hanging out with a friend all day. it was just SO MUCH FUN! we walked all over, found a fun little patisserie, went to try to find bibles in a book store (i don't know why so don't ask), and just had such a blast!! then we had to stop and get back and end our exchange...boooo but we got back to the apartment finished up the exchange and then me and elder eldredge had a meeting with the Piguet's! so we went to that and that went well. we then went out to have our lesson with Nora, and when we got to her house she came down the stairs in her bathrobe and had completely forgotten about our lesson! so we scheduled for another night and finished up the night with porting. so that was a quick fun day!
well today was just another day! haha started out with our studies and when we got to comp study, elder eldredge was talking in his "i really don't want to do anything today...." attitude...haha so i talked in my happy, go-Lucky attitude just to try to change the mood...haha we went contacting and he walked by me and everything, but didn't talk to me at all! haha so i just walked, took pictures, and tried to start up conversations here and there! but whatever! i've just decided to not let him get me down anymore! then we had lunch and a meeting with the ward mission leader so we went to that. i sat by the cutest little girl with big huge curly pony-tails! ahh so cute. then our meeting went good and we came back and had to go to the computers to do this stupid Survey about preach my gospel that the Church wanted us to do and while we were there elder eldredge found this cool Church website that was like based on the living christ and stuff and we realized that we didn't even have a copy of the living christ! so we printed a copy off and by that time it was time to go back to the apartment! so we went back and i got in the shower and when i got out, elder eldredge was watching a movie, and HE BROKE MY SPEAKERS... thanks bro! haha like the other elders left the apartment at 8:15 am and didn't get back til 9:15 pm so ya...they were fine yesterday! whatever...the Bluetooth still works just not the auxilliary when we get ipads they'll still i just have to wait til then!
today was soooo fast! i thought it was going to be awful and take forever to go by but it was sooo fast! we got up and went running and then came back and got ready! today we went to this town that's about 45 minutes from metz but in our sector called Forbach! the whole way there was a silent ride, so i just sat and started memorizing the living christ! it's a new goal and a new challenge to me...heck i'll throw it out to everyone! have it memorized by Christmas ok? it's such a cool testimony of our savior! i love it! then we got there and we had no lessons planned for the day so you know what that means.....A WHOLE DAY OF CONTACTING!!!! haha so that's what we did! we talked to a bunch of people and contacted 2 people and had "street lessons" with them and just talked all day! we walked all over and saw a few pretty cool things! we talked a lot about scary movies today cause it was HALLOWEEN! so that was fun! then we came back for the night and we played dress up! haha my costume was kinda dumb...hint before the pics...#BLOCKINOUTTHEHATERS part 2;) elder eldredge dressed up as a was actually quite scary...not being rude or hatin on anyone...but he wouldn't let me take pictures or anything sooo ya...but that was fun i guess!
well today was just a good day. no fights. no contention, just a good solid fun day! we had a lot to do! we got up and got ready for Samedi Sports and had our studies. it was a good study session! then we were off to the park. we just played the dumb games like every week haha and then we ended at noon! so me and elder pratt headed back to the apartment while the others went to the Church to practice for the luau. me and elder pratt just went and made crepes and watched a movie about emma Smith! so ya that was fun! then me and elder eldredge had our weekly planning and then made our way out to go see Nora! it was a good lesson that went by really fast and we just talked a lot about the heavenly language...this lady...she tells us she knows that what we teach is true...why won't she be baptized? she's talking about the heavenly language for heaven's sake!!!! haha! but it went well and we scheduled another date for a lesson and ya! then i had a craving for some dagum cocoa-cake! so we went home and realized we didn't have i awkwardly went to our neighbor, who answered in her lingerie, and asked her for an egg...she was like uhhh sure and went and got me one...what a kind soul. so i made the cocoa-cake! but...i used freaking olive oïl and it just tasted ya! that was quite an adventure! i'm just the most awkward kid i know so ca va!;)
today was mostly pretty great! since it was sunday we didn't have a ton of time for studies cause we had to catch our bus around 8:20. so we got to Church, greeted and such and then went to priesthood! it was good. still i don't understand a ton, but i get some of it! i had to pray at the end of priesthood so that's always fun! we wanted to meet with the bishop to talk to him about our luau so we met with him right after Church. he's actually american so we got to talk to him in English...that was nice! then we got home and we had a meeting with someone who elder eldredge met while on his exchange with elder pratt! so we met with him and that when really well and he said that when he finds out that the things we teach are true, he'd be baptized! that was really cool! then we had 3 hours of our dumb 12 week video to Watch. to we went and watched that and elder eldredge fell i was really paying attention and i really got a lot out of it! they talked a lot about the area book and i realized that i have only seen the area book once since i got here. so after we were done with the videos, and after we contacted and everything, i pulled our the area book to try to get to understand it better! it was pretty cool i made a paper for the guy we met today! then i kinda got homesick...elder eldredge had already gone to bed and the other elders weren't in for the night yet so i just cried for a little bit! haha sorry that's embarrassing but ya...i just miss and love you all!!! but all is well and know that i love you guys!
well there is my week! i'm gonna send a ton of pics this week cause i took a ton! haha so be ready! thank you for the mail, the prayers, the constant support! everything! i love you all and i am so thankful for all of you! thanks again and i'll talk to you next week! au revoir! je vous aime!
elder libby:)
that's a baguette dispenser!! haha funny huh?

and i thought this looked like the soccer field from
she's the man...i miss that movie!
this is how happy i was when i found the she's the man field!!!

this is just meeee being meeeee

be proud of me...i can sometimes point to the right thing!
#blockinoutthehaters part 2 happy halloween!


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