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bonjour tout le monde! hahah i just want to start out by saying thank you. thank you to everyone for the prayers, for the thoughts, for the letters, but mostly, thank you for letting me come on my mission! like literally it's only been 10 weeks and i'm more homesick than i've ever been, i sometimes just randomly start crying (that's nothing new), and i miss you all so much! BUT. i've never been happier, i've never felt the savior's love so strong, and i've already learned so much about everything out here! and it's only been 10 weeks! crazy things happen when you are having fun right? it's kind of been a rough week so i'm just so thankful for you all! well now that the emotional part is over ;) here we gooooo
well today was a good productive day. we had little time for studies this morning again...but just like every other tuesday..we had district meeting in Luxembourg! that's always a fun time! there's this monument there and it has something that looks just like angel moroni! haha i'll try and take pictures tomorrow for you all! it's not a temple :( but it looks like angel moroni! district meeting was good and then we made our way back to metz! and it was POURING rain! haha like harder than i've ever seen in Utah! so we had to make our way to the apartment in the pouring rain! it was a fun time! i got soaked and not to mention that this week it has started to get FREEZING COLD...and our heaters aren't it was really fun! i bought some applesauce yesterday that tastes just like grandma jolley's so there's a little taste of home for me;) but ya! i had an exchange with the elder from Tahiti tonight. he's pretty cool! we just went out contacting and went and met one of their ami's! it's so fun going with other people and meeting people you don't know! haha she wanted to see pics of my fam and haha it was just a fun night!
started today off still on an exchange with elder faura. it was really funny! we got up and had to get a train cause we had a meeting with someone in the next town over so we got on the train, and it started going in the opposite direction! haha so we flagged down one of the conductors and he said that the train was going to Thionville, which was where we needed to go, but that something was blocking the tracks and that we needed to get out of the way for the other trains that were coming...we later overheard that it was a person that jumped in front of a train:( sadddd but we were on that train for 3 hours! haha it was really interesting! then we got off and had an hour bus ride to the guys house. we got there and he asked if we could go teach his she came and picked us up and when we got to her was the nastiest house i think i've ever been to! she had 3 dogs, 4 cats, hadn't cleaned the house in forever, and it STUNK SO BAD. so we taught her, answered questions, yada yada and then she gave us a ride to the bus station. that was interesting! then we got back to metz bought some baguettes and returned to our original equipes. me and elder eldredge then had a lesson fall through so we just went porting. we found another house where it was a less-active family! this brother was the first bishop in the metz ward! and we were just about to get to a lesson/find out more about him and his wife when his daughter and some family friends came through the front door...and...i got my first bisus(?) in France tonight! haha you know the kiss thingy's on the cheek? elders aren't supposed to do those! but she started and ya..! haha funny stuff. we scheduled another appt with them this week so hopefully that goes good!
today was kind of a rough day...there were a lot of times that i had to get elder eldredge off his butt and doing things i knew he didn't want to do...he was really annoyed of me today...we went contacting a lot and he would always walk 5 feet in front of me and just doesn't ever talk to me, but then we get back to the apartment and he acts like we're i just go with the flow.. you know?:) haha then we had a meeting with an investigator. so we went to that and we walked and talked and prayed and that went well! i gave the closing prayer and after i was done she says "when you pray, i feel vibrations in my feet!" hahah so funny! so after that, elder eldredge said that he needed to go buy a new winter coat...which was kind of hypocritical, cause just last week i asked if we could go buy something and he was like no it's not p um that was weird..but when we were at the cash register he said, i know you think i'm being hypocritical and i know you're probably mad, but i want you to know that i'm buying this for elder pratt cause his family doesn't have enough money to buy him a winter then i was ok with was a nice coat, kind of expensive, and a really good gesture on his part;) then we went to the computers to do language assessment evals and finished up the night with area book work and language study! so that was an interesting day..
today was just a really hard day...probably the hardest day that i've had since i got here. well the day started off with us sleeping in...the alarm didn't go off and when we woke up, it was 8:15. so that was no good, and might be the reason it was such a bad day. our studies went surprisingly well and i actually thought that it was going to be a good day. then we went contacting and the same thing as yesterday...he walked 5 feet in front of me the entire time. we had one lesson and while we were praying, we felt an earthquake..i kid you not! so many things were happening and pretty much telling us that it was a bad day! haha so umm we talked a lot about that on the way back to the apartment and started our weekly planning. we were about an hour in and all the sudden elder eldredge stops what we were doing and says look at me. then he just said a lot of things that pertained to how he thought that i was a bad missionary. i won't go into was just really rude! so i stood up, told him to stop, and walked out of the room, grabbed one of the other missionaries i live with and went for a walk. i just cried the whole time! he was telling me really mean, personal things that just were really uncalled for and so i cried, got over myself, went back and we had an hour long talk on how he's been treating me unfair and that we both have things we need to work on, but that we'd try to be better. so that was good i guess. then we had a meeting that night at sœur piguet's house again! haha she is the nicest lady! she showed me all the letters from her and mom, cause they've been emailing! it was good, and since it was a rough day, i cried when i saw them! she was laughing at me! but it was good. i'm so grateful for her! haha
started out with studies and getting ready for our samedi sports again! haha that was fun! the piguet boys came. i just love that family! such a fun group of kids! we came back from that and the two most amazing things happened! first, we figured out why the heaters weren't working, fixed them, and now we have heat!! such a good day! and then, i got a letter from makenly and corbin today! haha it was awesome! corbin's letter was literally like the cutest thing that i have ever gotten in my life just so you know! (by the way everyone...they're my cousins!) just the best thing ever. made my crappy week somewhat better! then we just got finished with studies and all that fun stuff and went contacting for the night! me and elder eldredge decided to walk all the way to the Church and back and that took a whole hour! and ya then we went to this tree down by the river (yes like the van;) and it has legit mistletoe on it! haha funny i know!
well today was good cause of daylight savings! found out that it was just me and not you guys i got an extra hour of sleep and you guys didn't! haha! so we slept for a while and then got up to get to Church! we got there and i was sitting by elder eldredge and all of the sudden he got up and went to go sit by someone i'd never seen i just stayed where i was..turns out that he was from elder eldredge's first ward on his mission and there were a bunch of them here for temple recommend interviews! elder eldredge's first baptism on his mission is going through the temple this week! so that was cool! he literally had us stay for like an hour after Church so he could talk to them all haha so that was fun! then we went back to the apartment and had lunch and then started our studies! elder eldredge tried to get it so that we could stay Inside all day but i made him get up and go contacting til it got dark! then we had like an hour and a half of movies to Watch for 12 week and ya so that was fun! then we had just studies and what not to finish off the night. so that was a fun day!
i just want you all to know that i love you so much! thank you for your constant prayers and your constant love coming my way. it's crazy but i can literally feel all of them! i know that our savior lives and loves us...some people say that it's coincidence. but we all know better right;) he loves us and wants us to come back to him someday! please continue to keep me in your prayers! i keep you all in mine all the time! this church is true and i know it! thank you for everything! i hope you all are watching a lot of movies for me!;) keep in touch!!
elder libby:)
shall we not go on in such great a cause? - joseph smith
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