Monday, November 24, 2014


what a week!! it has been one that is definitely fun and i won't soon forget some of the memories that i made this week. it was just amazing. well i'll start off with some fun news from France...umm first off, so far in the 8 weeks that i've been here i've lost a total of 29 pounds!! don't worry that's a good thing in case you don't remember how fat i was before i be happy not concerned! umm starting on the 28th we are supposed to Christmas carol for our that should be fun! if people don't already think we're weird, they're going to think we're weirder when we sing to them! haha and one more thing...our mission president told us this week that we have a HALF HOUR on WEDNESDAY to celebrate Thanksgiving after district meeting! haha not even on thursday! so that's fun! (mom don't go calling the mission home...i know you're thinking of doing that right stop :) ) so that's some new fun stuff from France!! haha here goes my week!
so today kinda was just blehhhh haha i was really ready for it to be over! it was just kinda a day that i wanted to get over fast cause there were no exciting things happening and it seemed like there was whatever...but we went and did missionary work all day! we started off with studies and that was good cause i have the ensign now and i've just been reading conference talks for them! i love conference talks! after that we had comp study and 12 week...that took forever and we watched a ton of The District and by the time we finished it was time for lunch. so while we ate i watched the John Tanner Story. i had no idea who he was...but that was an amazing movie! it's like 25 minutes long so if you find it, you all should Watch it! and then we had DMP with the ward mission leader...the lady in the office must've messed up on my tickets or something because they wouldn't even print out and i had to pay for my own! good thing for reimbursements right? so we got to Thionville to have our meeting and when we got to the apartment, he wasn't even we waited and waited and he never came home! so we just sat in the apartment building waiting! ahhh then we had to leave to make our train and we got to the gare and headed home...when we got home it was time for dinner and language we took those and then eldredge was like lets go contacting all the way to the Church cause i need to print something that's what we did and on the way there we taught one lesson. this lady was way nice and we talked to her for about 10 minutes and then elder eldredge asked me to pray and after the prayer she asked me what part of France i was from...BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. i can die in happiness now...don't know if it was the look or the language but either way, she thought i was from France! made my day! then we went to the Church and i was sitting in the chapel playing the piano for 45 minutes waiting while he "printed something off..." that printer must be really slow....
today just seemed really long but it was pretty good! we started off with our studies as usual and of course i just read more talks in the ensign..they're always really good! and then we went contacting for a while..the other elders went out for an exchange with the ZL's last night so it was just me and elder eldredge in the apartment so that good i guess? companionship bonding! then we went contacting for like 2 hours or so and we talked the whole time! it was good! we realized that it was time for lunch and we made our way back to the apartment and i turned on ephraim's rescue...and when we finished lunch we realized how packed the rest of our day was, cause we had to go into paris tonight for the Elder Cook Conference, so we had to take dinner and language study at 2:30! early early dinner! haha we had a rdv with the piguet's and their cousin arville. have i told you about him? we met at the luau and the piguet's want us to meet with him at their house once a week. so we went to that at 5 and finished up at 6 so that we could make our train! the rdv was good! we found a "because of him" video on in french and shared a message with that and he told us he was interested in meeting with us more. so that was awesome! then we left for paris!!!!! on the way down i couldn't sleep so i started reading Our Search for happiness. that's a pretty good book! and by the time that we got to paris i was like 2 or 3 chapters in! we got to paris and had to go find the other elders that we'd be sleeping with! and both companionships were some friends from the MTC!!! elder reiss and elder wells! so i was way excited...wanna hear how awkward i am? i saw elder reiss on the other side of the ticket scanner thing that we have to scan the metro tickets in and i ran ahead of everyone, scanned my ticket, and the doors didn't i pried them open and my bags got when i finally got out of the gates...everyone in the whole station was staring and laughing at me and i was the last one through....haha i was pretty proud! but i ran and gave elder reiss a huge hug cause i just love that kid more than words can explain! anywho we met up with the others and made our way to our apartment for the night! then we got to the apartments at like 10:30 and we just went to bed cause we had to get up super early in the morning!
today was just simply amazing. so spiritual and so great...i just loved every second of it. not only did i get to spend the day around all of my really good friends, but i got to hear and personally meet and shake hands with an apostle of the Lord. it was just simply amazing. we started off our day at 5 AM which was like the only bad thing that happened all day so don't worry. :) we had to get ready and get to the gare in Melun by that was way fun! for any of you who remember...i am NOT a morning person...getting out of bed is like the hardest thing in the world for me...i can hardly get up and at them by 6:30 let alone we finally got to the gare and we almost missed our train! after me and elder eldredge had bought ours, we had 2 1/2 minutes before it was supposed to leave! so we ran to the voie and barely made it! we were pulling the doors open to be able to get everyone in the train! it was funny all the workers were yelling at us! but we finally got to paris and had to go catch one more train to versailles! i met this guy on the metro that was talking to me about the bible and then he gave me his number and i gave it to the paris ZL's! Courtney...elder Brown is one of the paris zl's! haha it was fun! and then we got our train! i ran into like everyone!!! i saw sœur simpson from good old k-town! haha she's been here just a week! and all my mtc friends! we all talked on the train ride there and i realized that i did not grab a ticket to get out of the train i buddied up with sœur dionne and had to sneak out of the train station with her and her ticket! haha i'm such a good missionary right?;) anyway then we walked to the Church and there were more friends!!! and we all talked and waited for elder cook! it was so fun catching up on times! not to mention that today was our 3 month mark since we entered the MTC!!! haha we got lots of pics! then a hush came over and elder cook walked in! he had requested that all missionaries shake his hand! so i got to shake his hand!!! it was amazing! at first he talked a lot about preach my gospel and how much of a blessing it is in our lives as missionaries and then he got into the spiritual part...and this is when the tears couldn't be stopped! haha there was not a dry eye in the whole Church! his testimony and message to us was unspeakably amazing! something that i love is he told us to remember 4 loves. 1-LOVE your companion 2-LOVE your mission president and his wife 3-LOVE the people you serve 4-LOVE the lord. it was amazing. and his testimony made the walls shake. definitely an experience i won't soon forget! then we had to make our way back to Paris and it was on the train ride back that i realized how much i love being here. how blessed i am to be here, and how much I LOVE FRANCE! i was praying almost the whole train ride to paris that i'd have to opportunity to serve in paris someday and that i'd get to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in that amazing city someday. it was an amazing and very spiritual thing that happened to me on the train! anywho, we got to paris and had to say goodbye and make our way back to our villes! it was a good fun time there. we were waiting at the gare with all the Nancy missionaries and i hope that sometime i can serve with some of them! they were awesome! when we got back to metz, we took dinner and then elder eldredge had things to do on the computer so we were there for the rest of the was a good day and i loved every second of it!
today went by pretty dang fast and it was really fun!! haha it was a blast just like any day of missionary work right? studies were good today just as usual! after i read a couple of talks i was going to continue to read our search for happiness when the last talk i read said something about reading and knowing the testimony of Joseph Smith. so i decided that i'd read that instead! little did i know that it was just joseph Smith history...haha i'm kind of dumb ok? but then we had comp study and 12 week and by that time we were ready to leave for Forbach for the day! we got to Forbach and went and got kebab's...haha those things are going to kill me! but we ate that and then went contacting for the rest of the day. we went all around again and talked to tons of people! it was a good day. it's starting to get really cold in France so there aren't a ton of people out walking anymore but we do what we can! then we made our way back to metz and had a rdv with nora! it was really good! it was just a re-cap on last time and telling her that we wanted to start teaching her about the commandments and she was like all excited for it and started like bearing testimony on the plan of salvation...haha #gettothefont! why is she not baptized?! anyway it was really good and she invited me and elder eldredge over for dinner before transfers just in case any of us get transferred out! so i'm really excited for that! i'll get pics of her and send them so you all know who she is! then when we got home i realized i needed a i asked elder pratt for a haircut and let's just say....i really miss andrea cutting my hair...anyway anyone can send her to France every 6 weeks to cut my hair?
today was really busy and really good! we were going all day long and it was awesome!! we had studies to start out the day and then we started exchanges today! haha i was with elder lattin! it was such a fun day! i love that kid!!! we had a good comp study and then we had 12 week! it was really fun! he was a party and we contacted all day! we went all over metz and we found this castle that we wanted to take a pic by! it was just fun! we then had to go home for lunch and when we got there the other elders were there too so we all took lunch together. that was fun and then we went out contacting again for the day! we went back to that castle and found a stair way the lead to the roof...don't know if we were allowed up there or not? but it was good none the less! haah we took some fun pics! and then that ended our day and our exchange and everything! it was a fun day!
today was just another sunday! haha nothing really happened..we woke up and got to Church! still haven't had to give a talk so that's a happy day! in all the meetings i honestly just had no idea what was going on...haha! but it was good and it was sunday! so all is well. i sat by the piguet family during sacrament meeting and they thought it was so cool that a missionary wanted to sit by them. they are like the funniest family i know. i love them all! then after sacrament, we had choir again and it was good....i just really don't like singing in front of people haha singing is not my thing....but whatever! oh!!! by the way! maxime came to all 3 hours of Church today and it was awesome! he made tons of friends and said that it was good. we taught him after choir and the lesson was good. we taught him the plan of salvation and his commitment last time was to read the chapter in the BOM that talks about Lehi's dream...just one chapter...and he read 5!!! it was awesome. he's pretty golden! there was also a new family that came into sacrament today and we went up to talk to them and found out that they were from american fork, had lived in germany for the past 2 years and he had served here on his mission so they were just visiting! it was awesome! we talked to them a lot after Church about missions and stuff. they were way nice. then after all that we headed home for the night and finished off the day with studies and weekly planning! it was a fun day...haha lots of busy work...haha that's for sure!!!
well there was my week! it was amazing and i loved it! i also love all of you back home! thanks for your constant prayers and love. i love all of you more than you know!!! thanks for all you've done to help me!! email me!! i love talking to you all!
elder libby
1 john 4:18-19

3 months!

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