Monday, November 17, 2014


wow! this week has been crazy fun! haha it went by so fast and was a blast! never a dull moment when you're in France right?;) haha glad to hear that everyone at home is well and alive and seeing each other and all that jazz. it's good you all still have a life without me there....cause i was such a big part of them...right? a missionary can hope so! haha well you ALL know that i love and miss you all soo much! k i'll tell you a little bit about my week!
well today was just weird and made me hope that these four weeks for the transfer go by fast! but because of this week i think they're going to go by pretty fast! we had our studies and stuff and they went well and then since today was elder faura's last day in Metz we all went out to lunch at this american restaurant and i got burgers and fries...keep in mind that the choice was not mine! he is from Tahiti and likes american don't get mad at me for not absorbing the culture here;) haha so we did that and it was a pretty fun time! we got back and had a couple hours to kill and so we went contacting. haha elder eldredge was like not happy at all. he said 10 words to me the whole time we were out. and we were out for like 2 and a half hours so that was fun! he didn't talk to me the rest of the night and we had a mangez-vous with the piguet family! so that was interesting. but the piguet's are always fun. we got there and they had invited their cousin who is not a member. #primeopportunityformissionaries so we prepared a short spiritual message and shared it with him! just a scripture and some thoughts on it and he said he wanted to do it again! we have another rendezvous with him and them this week! then sœur piguet was sick the night of the luau so i showed her some of the videos of all the dances that the bishop did and some ward members that i had on my camera....she laughed the hardest i've ever heard anyone laugh...haha! it was something else that's for sure! she's quite the funny lady!
so today was a good day! we got up really early for our goodbye's for faura and then started to get ready for the day. we started our studies and had to leave a little earlier cause we had to catch a train to go to a rdv with sœur esse. she's the less-active tahitian that helped with the food for the luau. we got to the train station and frere brun was the member at this lesson and he drove us to her home. just so you all know, the brun family is like the coolest family that i have ever met in my whole life!! i'll tell you a lot about them this week! we got to her home and just talked about the luau for the whole time...we were there for like an hour and a half and just talked about how much fun the luau was! she's super nice and we told her that since she expressed interest in family history (cause i guess she did...i wasn't there for that) we'd like to come back and teach her more about geneology and stuff! she said she'd really like that. so hopefully we get back out there soon!then the brun family invited us over for lunch as well so we went to lunch and that was really fun to be there with all their family and hang out with them! then we had to catch our ride back...turns out it wasn't a train, but a bus! so we had like an hour long bus ride back to metz! that was fun! haha memories right? then we got back and met the new elder that came in for transfers! elder lattin is quite the kid! he's pretty cool! then me and elder eldredge went and bought me a new coat cause i wanted to look french and an infinity scarf! not being a brat or anything...but i look pretty dang french with my coat and scarf...just so you know:) haha i love them! we then had recieved a referral from another ville and so we went to meet him and this guy was something else!! he got up from his chair every 5 seconds to do somehting...he told us once that he needed to change his clothes, he needed to find his dog, and then go walk his dog...literally he left us in his apartment while he walked his dog for like 5 minutes! haha that was really fun!
today was a good fun day with just lots of laughs and no drama! so that's always a bonus!! it was just a fun day! today was a #dayofmiracles for our zone. we had a finding day which is when you cancel all appts for the day and just go contacting and finding all day! so we did just that. we contacted all day...we talked to tons of people but had no success:( so whatever! but then we had DMP with the ward mission leader and we couldn't reschedule that so we had to go to that! it was alright. we just talked about random stuff for a good 20 minutes and then he didn't have any snacks for us today:( so we just went back to the gare and waited for our train! it was a 50 minute wait! so that was dang fun! then when we got back to the apartment, it was already time for dinner again! so we took language study and dinner and i wrote a couple letters to home! haha we went out porting again tonight and knocked on doors for about 2 hours and didn't get anything but it all works. then we came back and made some hot chocolate and crepes! it was a fun night!
today was just such an amazing day..i loved it so much! i was just so happy with today and it was so great. we started out with studies but not a ton of studies cause we were going back to Forbach for the day! it was way fun! we got there and had a day of contacting again! we walked everywhere and then decided that we wanted a kebab for lunch..i think i've said what a kebab is before but i can't's like a french hamburger. they're freaking huge! they are like chicken and some other meats that are on a pole and heated up by these heater thingys...they're totally against the health code in the u.s. so don't go looking for them! but we got kebabs and they were really good at this one place we found! then we went hiking up to that castle again! it was fun. there was no one on the little park by the castle so i may or may not have played on it...i'll send pics;) then we made our way down and talked to some people and then we had to go to the brun families again cause we were going to go to dinner with the son cause he did tons for us to help out at the luau...he couldn't do dinner but wanted to go back to metz with us cause they had seminary! so we were like, hey we have a rdv with Nora tonight, can you come help with that? and him and the parents were like uhh ya! so we did that!he was like the most amazing kid ever. he's all i don't know if i want to go on a mission...he was like better than me and elder eldredge in the lesson. we talked about enduring to the end and invited her to baptism for the 5th time and she didn't say no but not yes! she said she was going to pray and see...Corantun brun bore testimony and it was like...well hello spirit! haha it was just an amazing rdv!
well today was just unproductive and we did a whole lot of ya! it was good contention or anything...just really unproductive. the day started out with elder eldredge telling me that he needed to go to the Church to do some stuff for school when he gets back from the mission...i was gonna say something about his parents doing it but...whatever! i didn't want to cause we got to the Church and i was watching Church movies and writing more letters home while i got to be 2 o'clock and he came down and said that it was time to we went! then we had a walk with francoise. it was a good walk. she just likes to go with us and talk! elder eldredge was really kind of a bum..he really made it known that he didn't want to be there with her...she kept asking why he was mad at that was sad but whatever. at the end she asked me to pray cause she likes when i pray. so we prayed and then headed back to the apartment! i got a package today from the gardner's! it was a letter and an ensign! it was pretty great if you ask me:) then we started weekly planning and didn't finish...we had to go emergency shopping cause we needed something for tomorrow and the stores here close at 9! so that was interesting!
today was good! super speedy and just really good! we had a member text us first thing in the morning asking when our next rdv with maxime was and we told him it was today and he was like can i come? we were like YES! so that was fun! at Church, we realized that in the past weeks all the other elders have had to give a talk in Church and were supposing that it was going to be my turn! well the conselor in the bishopric walked in and saw the new elder and asked if he'd bear his testimony. so i was off the hook! i was pretty happy! then we just had Church the rest of the day! it was pretty good! we just had lots of french words spoken! haha it was good though! our lesson with maxime was right after sacrament meeting and we met in the chapel. it was a good lesson and he said that he thinks he wants to be baptized but doesn't want to pick a date yet! so that was amazing! by the time we got home it was like 4:30 and i guess the counselor in the bishopric invited us over for dinner so we had to leave at 5:30 for that and we had dinner til about 8! it was fun! they had a cute little weiner dog...and for any of you who know know that i love weiner dogs! hha it was just so fun! then we headed home for the night and we ended the week and night like that!
well there's my week! i've got some fun pics to send you guys and i just love life here! i got a new french jacket and some scarves that are fun! haha don't think i'm weird...scarves are normal here and i actually really like them! but ya! i love life! things are good. i love and miss you all! keep me in your prayers and i'll talk to you later! love from France!
elder libby
2 nephi 22:2

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