Monday, November 10, 2014


Salut tout le monde! j'espère que les choses vont bien dans l'Utah! choses ici à Metz vont bien et je ne peux pas croire à quel moment va vite! merci, d'abord, pour toutes les lettres et colis cette semaine! ça a été une semaine de lots de surprises et de plaisir! et je vous aime tous simplement !! ok voici ma semaine! oh...and this week was transfers! so me and elder eldredge stay here and that's gonna be good! the transfer this time is only 4 weeks long because of christmas! so that's exciting! can't wait to talk to some of you!
today was a really good day! it was interesting but really good and actually kinda fun! not a ton of talking between me and my comp but ça va! we had our last district meeting for the transfer today so we needed to get to that! we just had a testimony meeting today and told how we grew this transfer...i hate those things...cause you have to get up and talk cause there's only like 6 members and if you don't you're the dumb one of the group, AND i always cry...cause i'm just weird like that so ya...i got up and said like 2 words before i started crying...don't even know why! just cause? the spirit was too strong...we'll go with that! haha! then we had a burrito party and took our district photos! that was fun...haha i'm so awkward...i'll just let you all see the pics and see what i'm talking glad you're my friends:) then we made our way back to metz cause we had a rendezvous with soeur piguet and a less-active member so we went to that and i was asked to give her a blessing...haha luckily she spoke english! so that was cool and ya! then we talked for a while and then went over to the piguet's to make cookies! soeur piguet forgot to buy chocolate so we needed to go to the store to buy that and they were playing a bunch of american music...hhaha i miss that! then we got to the piguet's house and they didn't have a blender so i had to make the cookie dough by hand! haha that was fun! i have respect for the pioneers now so no worries. i think they might have had something else in mind when they asked for cookies though cause they legit were so amazed by them! haha all the kids were taking snapchats of the cookies and they were like, "we can eat the dough?" haha it was so fun! they are a funny family. then they showed us a bunch of their favorite vines and we just hung out with them for about an hour before we needed to head home for the night. that was way fun!
oh my was the funnest day i think i've ever had on the mission...and like it wasn't even that fun...haha it was just the best!!!! we had to wake up at like 5:30 cause....TODAY WAS LEGALITY AND WE HAD TO GO TO PARIS!!! WITH ALL MY FRIENDS FROM THE MTC!!! ahh it was just the best day of my life! so we got to paris around 9:15 and did some busy work stuff and just had talks and stuff with the paris bureau and stuff and then around 11:30 we had lunch! we just all got to talk to each other and it was like the best! i got to talk to almost everyone from the whole mtc group! there were like 5 kids that had to go to the doctor's office early so i didn't get to talk to them..but it was good! then we had a meeting with president and soeur babin and that was good! he's such a cool guy..literally he cries almost every time he talks. just love him! then we had to leave for our doctors appointments! we left for the doctors office and just took tons of pics all day. we got to talk and laugh and talk and have fun all day. it was just the best. i just LOVE PARIS SO MUCH!!! then we got to the doctors office and we had to wait in the waiting room. they split us up in to 3 different groups and i was thinking i'd be in like the first or second, but i was in the last, and i was the last person to go! #ialwaysgetpickedlast haha whatever:) it was good. pee in a cup, chest x-ray, doctor told me i'm fat....:( he was like you need to lose 10 kg's...that's 22 pounds...haha gotta love that. then we went back and had to go home...hard to believe that took all day but it did! and i was sooo tired! don't even know why! but we also found out today that ELDER COOK is coming to the France Paris Mission and wants the whole mission to come hear him speak! that's next Thursday! so that will be cool and i'll see everyone again! i'm way excited!!!
well today was not yesterday...haha but it was still alright! we did a lot today and it was pretty good. we started off the day just like normal..had our studies and they went pretty well! then we went out contacting and we just walked everywhere! i contacted this one dude who was muslim and he was like talking about muhammed and stuff and i accidentally told him we believe that he was a prophet too. haha so ya! that was fun...then ya all that was good. we just contacted for about an hour and then we went walking with Françoise. it was good! today she seemed really happy and she just talked and was laughing and smiling the whole time! she's definitely changing a lot! still not reading the BoM or anything but she's doing good! then we went back for lunch and i wasn't really hungry so i just did my laundry. elder eldredge fell asleep so i just read my scriptures til he woke up. then we went out to see if some people he'd met before i got here were home...i've never met them, but they weren't home so we just went back to the apartment and took language study and then dinner! we had a rendezvous with nora tonight and it went really well! she just won't be baptized! ahhh she tells us she knows that everything we teach is true but she won't be baptized....haha keep her in your prayers for us! then we went to the church to do some usb stuff or something and make copies of my passport cause of yesterday and stuff! it was an alright day!
today was just crazy! we seriously went all day long...haha! it was a little slow right in the middle, but the rest of the day was just a blur! first off, i finished the book of mormon this morning! that was good! haha i was really happy that i finished it in one transfer! then we just went and contacted! didn't find really any success, but it took like 25 or 30 minutes before elder eldredge talked to me...he's just funny i guess! and then we just walked all over the place! we walked to a new cathedral and found a garden and a park and some funny statues! haha it was fun! then we decided that it would be a good idea if we took cookies to our less-active members and asked them to come to the luau tomorrow. so we got there and i made the cookies and when i put them in the oven, i went in to our study room and elder eldredge was sleeping on the couch! haha so i waited and waited and he never woke up and then we had to go to the church to start setting up for the, we never took them to our less-active members. so we went and did that and it was good! it took the rest of the night and we just had fun while doing it! a less-active member from the ward is tahitian and she volunteered to make food and give us a bunch of decorations so she was there helping us! it was a fun night! and a bunch of ward members were there for seminary and institute and we just had tons of fun with them! i love this ward here! i got a package from the fam was pretty great:)
today was seriously sooo fun! it went by so fast and it was just so great! the day started off kinda ehh cause someone closed the blind shutter thingy on our window so when the alarm went off, we all fell back asleep til 8! ahhh it was bad...but then we got up and we had our studies. personal studies were good and i just started reading in the new testament cause i don't know what to read this transfer...but it was good! then we were supposed to start comp study and elder eldredge goes i don't want to do comp what did we do instead? he asks me how i want to propose to my wife...haha dude i don't know! haha i'm not even sure who or if i wanna get married yet! haha that scares me...ahhh weird k we're done talking about he was talking about that for a good 45 or 50 minutes and i just sat and pretended to listen while i was like quoting movies in my head cause i don't really wanna talk about that. haha then we had to go pick up a grill from a ward member for the luau tonight and get to the church to check out transfers! it was good! elder faura is going to versailles! lucky....i wanna go there! but the rest of the afternoon was just getting ready for the luau...haha when we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready, we found that our water heater had broken! so not only do we not have warm water, but our heaters don't work either! haha so what did i do? got the biggest pot we had, put water in it, and boiled it on the stove and used that for my shower. like i said earlier, i now have respect for the pioneers..even though they probs had cold showers...mine wasn't constantly running hot same thing right? then all the other elders were making fun of me and telling me i was weird and stuff...but later that night, they all did the same thing! haha whatever...haha the luau was a huge success! lots of ami's came and we had so much fun! lots of help from the ward members and we had tons of fun doing the show and everything! it was just such a fun night! lots of videos and pics! it was fun getting to know everyone! it was just such a fun night. Nora and her daughter came and her daughter made friends with some of the kids and nora did too! and she told us she'd probably come to church tomorrow. it was just a great night!
well today was just another sunday! got up and headed out to church! it was a good day! for our meeting with priesthood we had a lesson on missionary work so that was fun! then for sunday school we went in the ysa (which is j.a. in french) class and it was good! they talked about like stakes or something...haha french is kinda hard to understand;) but it's coming and all is well! then for sacrament we walked in and started and after the sacrament, we looked down the aisle...AND NORA AND HER DAUGHTER WERE THERE! so we got up and went and sat by them! it was like the best feeling ever! she is like the coolest lady you'll ever meet! she was like nodding her head and singing the hymns the whole time...she is so cool. i just love her. and then after church we had to stay cause the bishops wife asked us to be in the church choir for the christmas program...haha so had choir practice and then we had to get to a rendezvous with our other ami maxime! remember him? it went well..he accepted the restoration and said he was excited to read the BOM! so that was really good too! then we had to get back and finish our 12 week for the week and that took forever then we had weekly planning and that took forever...haha so by the end of that...that was our day! haha
well i am just so great here! i love the baguettes and crepes and the nutella too so i guess you could say life is pretty great! not a day goes by that i don't miss any of you at home though so remember that i love you and you all are in my prayers! keep the letters and emails coming! i love them and i love you all! remember that all is well in the end...NO MATTER WHAT! god can work miracles...i've seen them everyday since i got here! he lives and loves you!
elder libby
matthew 11:28-30

Paris with friends!

this guy started playing tequila on the metro and i thought of home!
senior cotillion, riding in the jeep in moab, and all the fun
times we had with that song!

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