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Bonjour tout le monde! Comment ca va?! (Hello everyone! How are you?) I cannot believe that it's already been one week! ok so here's the low down on the apostle rumor from last tuesday! Turns out i was right and Elder Richard G. Scott came and talked to us! he spoke on prayer and the importance of prayer as a missionary! SO COOL! haha here we go on another exciting week!
Today for TRC we got to do skype someone that actually lives in FRANCE! SO COOL! his french was so fast! but what an amazing experience! i couldn't believe it! it made me so excited to just get there and learn the language! it went well...we taught him on the LDM (livre de mormon) and it was great! turns out that the guy we taught was our teachers ex-boyfriend...super funny! then we taught a french guy that was vacationing in Morocco and he was HILARIOUS. he was sitting by the pool and cracking jokes and by the time we were about to teach him a lesson it was time to leave so he started talking in english and he was all "wait i like you guys why are you leaving?! don't you have a lesson?" haha so great! best trc ever! that was the best part of the day...we just learned french the rest of the day so that's good i guess!
Today was a day that i realized that throughout my mission there are going to be things that i don't understand what's happening and why, but that the Lord does and he wants me to just relax and be happy! for personal study i decided on charity to be the topic! it was amazing, the peace i felt and how much i learned. me and elder beach decided to teach Carmelle about charity today and it was a great lesson! i literally said maybe 3 sentences and elder beach did the rest and she stopped us after the lesson and said that she thought that was the best lesson that we'd ever had! don't know if that means she doesn't like hearing from me or what;) but ya! today elder beach said he was feeling nasty so we went to the doctor and he had a 101.5 fever! so we were rushed to the hospital and got him feeling better by the end of the night! tonight i was supposed to have a subway sandwich from mom...but when i got back from the hospital, the mailroom had smelled it and taken it from me :( sad day! but it was a good one full of blessings!
What a long day! but what a good day as well! started out with service...Dad i clean the building that you stayed in when you were at the MTC and can i just tell you that it is the NASTIEST building in the MTC? eww i hate it haha but it went good and we got out early again which meant nap time! but then it was study time! SHOCKER! haha today carmelle brought her muslim boyfriend to our lesson and we got to teach them the law of chastity...now if that isn't fun i don't know what is! seriously so awkward you don't even know! but it was good enough cause at the end we got the approval! we got our travel plans at lunch today! so great! best part of the day! for dinner our teachers for some reason came and ate with us! so that was fun! like a big family party!
today we started out with a ton of waiting cause soeur waldron came late and the sisters got to teach carmelle so it was just a lot of study first thing! we then realized we were late for zone teaching! so we ran to that and learned about the importance of teaching with the spirit. me and elder beach got to teach two elders about prophets and it was cool to notice that. i've noticed a lot lately that i'll be teaching lessons and just talking solely in french! how weird! and that when i'm talking normally it is so much harder to speak french...coincidence? I THINK NOT! it definitely really cool to see that though! but the rest of the day was just study and teaching so it was a good day! i love the feeling of being able to speak french! when i get good maybe i'll send a whole letter home in FRENCH?:)
What a great day it was! it was so amazing being able to participate in the Ogden Temple Rededication! we started out the day with study cause the dedication wasn't until 10 so i was studying and before i knew it, i was asleep:/ whoops! but i was suddenly awakened when it was time to go to the dedication! we got there and were seated by 9:30 and got to watch a powerpoint of temples around the world. Did you know that i LOVE temples? and that so many pictures were of the OQUIRRH MOUNTAIN TEMPLE?:) pretty good day! the dedication was awesome! learned so much from elder bednar and president monson! he did not look very good though and that made me kind of sad:( but it was amazing! we were able to participate in singing the spirit of god and spirit was amazing in the MTC! these missionaries are so amazing! but then we had district meeting and we talked on the LDM and how KNOWING it is true can bless your life. it was such a good lesson! Then during sacrament the topic was repentance! we learned so much and Sister Newell told us that repentance is something that we need to abuse! cause there are things in life that we might think are not big deals but they are! she talked of how she would always chew gum while being the mission president with her husband in sweden and when her son told her she couldn't cause it was breaking mission rules, she realized that was something she needed to repent about. just for chewing gum! it was an amazing talk! then her husband, president newell, who i love, and who was President Richins daughters mission president, talked on how a family in his mission used repentance to work towards baptism! such a good sacrament! then we had our sunday walk, in the RAIN, hence the pics with the umbrella! so much fun! we decided to go to choir this week and they informed us that if we were going to be there during conference that we would be singing in the priesthood session! GAH! MISSED IT BY ONE WEEK! ahh well i'd rather be in FRANCE!! the speaker tonight was the last MTC president and he talked on how it was important to be the best missionary you can be and it was really good and then we had movies! there was a movie of Jeffrey R. Holland speaking so we went to that but it was full:( so instead...we went to the testaments, IN JAPANESE! haha such a funny experience!
Today for study time i read a lot in alma 32-37 cause our teachers challenged us to and to relate it to the atonement and find relevance to teaching. it's pretty amazing and i challenge you all to do that! we then got really bored so we were taking weird pics and that explains the one with me and the elder and my teacher looking weird with the glasses! but it was good! then we taught frere pehrson and i think he might suffer from short term memory loss cause we taught him all about baptism last week and when we asked him if he'd be baptized he said he didn't know what baptism was! haha funny huh? so maybe before i leave i can get a commitment out of him! the rest of the night consisted of studying, laughing, spirit animals, writing, french and being a missionary!
today we decided that since it was our last time to attend the temple we would make it count! we did initiatories, an endowment, and sealings! and no one passed out this week! we got to be witnesses for a live sealing too! a man was sealed to his deceased parents and the spirit was definitely present! such a cool experience! we got to the temple at 5:25 AM and got back at 10:30 AM! what a good morning! and rumor has it there is ANOTHER apostle tonight! i'm pretty stoked!

Well fam and friends! i don't know if i will be able to email on Saturday, but if i can't i will definitely email you when i get to PARIS! i hope you know how much i love you all! you are all in my prayers constantly and mean the world to me! thank you for the constant support and prayers. I feel them and i am BEYOND grateful for them! well i bet the next time i talk to you will be in PARIS! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
Elder Tanner Libby:)

travel plans! leaving the MTC next Monday!!

candids with the umbrellas on a rainy day! hahah are we weird or what?

I went to school with these two! Hyrum Snell (left) and Tyler Rusnell (right)

These two are from Belgium and France! They are serving in Halifax Canada
and are learning English! They are so cool and so nice!

me and another Elder with our teacher Soeur Waldron! we were way bored
yesterday morning and started doing weird stuff with our glasses! such good memories!

me and frere pehrson! LOVE THIS GUY! i legit might cry when i have to say goodbye to him:(

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