Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Bonjour mes amis! Comment est-ce que il est déja Lundi encore! Cette semain a (Hello my friends! How is it already Monday again! This weeks has) (gone by so fast...don't know how to say that yet;) but here's the laydown:)
Today we were supposed to teach Carmelle, but time ran out and so instead of having us teach her, she had me and Elder Beach teach her during companionship study...luckily we got to do it in English and it went SO well! we were studying the atonement so i thought it was going to be a trainwreck but it was so good! Then at the end she hinted to us that she wanted to know more about marriage so we planned for that for our next lesson. Today at TRC things went way good! Me and Elder Beach taught in unison so that's really good! Today there were a few soeurs in the zone that had an emotional day so we had to comfort them and get the drama down...but it's ok! I also got a package today that may or may not have contained CAFE RIO! let's just say that i automatically became everyone's best friend and was the talk of the building;) just kidding, but everyone thought i was pretty special! LOVE MY MOM!!!
Today was kind of a crappy day...it seemed like the whole day someone was just trying to get me and i just wanted it to end...you know? i think i'm kinda starting to get a little sick of the MTC and wanting so badly to get on the 14 hour plane ride!;) during personal study i was reading a lot about the savior's resurrection and i came to realize how precious that is to me and how sensitive i can be to that! it was a good feeling. Today we assigned ourselves an investigator which meant that i got to pick someone less active i knew and play a role as them! i picked someone very dear to me ... and got to put myself in their shoes. i really felt so spiritual and hope someday this person might come to know of the love of the savior! we got to go outside tonight to play soccer and heard the noise from the first home BYU football game! it was so good to hear music! speaking of music...i want to know all the new songs that have come out! i hear theres a new t swift? hook me up!
Today started positive, went bad, and then went so good again! We started out with service...i had to clean toilets....and it's nasty cause we clean a building that we don't even use! NASTY. but then we taught Carmelle and not even kidding...we had a killer lesson today! we even picked a hymn we could sing with her, and when we got to teach her...it went so bad... she was asking things we didn't even know how to say.. and she had to stop us in the middle of our lesson and tell us that it was going way bad..she told us that we weren't working as a team should and that we need to work on being better...so to say the least i was like really mad cause i thought it was going to be killer and she told us that it was really bad...but i tried to stay happy! Later today...there are these people at the MTC who are legit investigators that get paid to walk around and let missionaries practice teaching on them. We were challenged by frere pehrson to find one and....WE DID! she is like a prime investigator. her name is Sarah and she's like the happiest spunkiest self-confident person i've ever met! she promised to meet with us on Monday!
Today started out with Soeur Waldron helping us plan for the whole next week...literally it took 3 hours....ahhh kill me! but it was productive i guess...we then got to teach Francois and things went really good! we taught about baptism and at the end we asked him if he would be baptized if he found these things to be true....and he said maybe! which isn't yes but it isn't no right? ahh! but he told us after that that was one of the best lessons he'd ever had taught by us! so that made me happy! then we had to practice teach on some of the other elder's in our class in french and that went really well! then tonight, there's a sister in my district who's kind of like a hippy haha she's so great! but she has this thing she calls spirit animals where you find out what kind of animal you are through an imaginational journey...kind of weird but also so fun! we did it and tonight i could see mine, but people all around me were like i'm a rhino, or horse, or polar bear, or dog! haha so funny!
What a good sunday! we started out with meetings and....i got released as District Leader this week! good and bad thing...i don't get to pick up mail anymore...and that's about it! haha Elder Wells is our new district leader! Today Soeur Hudson taught us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and things started getting pretty emotional. it was such a spiritual experience! then for sacrament meeting, the Montreal District sang a Child's prayer! it was so good! i still haven't had to give a talk in French, i bore my testimony last week so hopefully that gets me off the charts!;) After our walk to the temple, we decided to give this spirit animal thing another try...and i found mine! no mom i'm not a duck...I'M A PENGUIN! haha it is the weirdest thing..but when you've been cut off from the world for 4 weeks, sometimes you go insane right? after that i just read a bunch of talks on LDS.org til the devo! The movie we watched tonight was called the restoration a joseph smith story. it was so emotional and i cried like the last half of the movie! so good!
today was such a good day! for some weird reason...the MTC decided to make us move buildings for class though and so we went to move our stuff from one building to the next, and it took like an hour and a half! gah...i hate moving! haha but we planned out our "english fasts" for the next two weeks at the MTC, which is when we're only allowed to speak french, and then we had lunch. For comp study me and Elder Beach planned out our lessons with Francois and Sarah and when we taught Francois, he said we did really well! he is such a cool guy..i love him so much!!! and then he did interviews with us and i'm so glad he did cause i kinda just wanted to talk to him...for some reason i felt really stressed and i felt so much better when he calmed me down. he is like my favorite person at the MTC and i am so grateful i get to know him! The soeur that's in those pics i sent, the one that's my new BFF? she is amazing at the piano! she can't read music so she plays by ear! she played so many hymns for me and she is quite amazing! then when we came back, the native french speakers are in our new building and they came and talked to us! so cool but i am in such trouble...haha i can't even understand them sometimes! haha oh well i'll learn right?
Today at the temple we were doing sealings cause there were some elders in the district that had never done it before. it was so cool! but funny story! there was a newly wed couple that came in...they told us it had been 8 months, and when we were on the last name, she legit passed out cold and flopped on the floor! oh my goodness! i was like all scared but when the sealer kept the sealing going and didn't stop the whole room was laughing! and when she finally came to, she started laughing too! scariest moment of my life...i thought she was dead..haha! but it's been a good day i would say! and to make things better, there are rumors going around the MTC saying there is an apostle at tonight's devotional! stay tuned!

Merci pour toute le monde! je suis tres reconnaisant pour toute le monde! (Thank you for all the world! I am very reconnaisant for all the world! -hahahaha google translate ;) ) i love you all and can't wait til we can talk again! thank you for your loving support! Jusqu'a prochain temp!
JE VOUS AIME! (Temp up next! I LOVE YOU!)
Elder Libby:)
me and the district!

the seour with the really big hair is from Hawaii and I told her when
I grow my hair out it looks like her! she was way nice! she's serving
in Montreal French speaking and left this morning!

me and this soeur are like BEST FRIENDS! we're gonna sit by each other
on the plane to France and color in her coloring books! Soeur Walton is the BOMB

these are the creole speakers in our zone! the only two in the whole
MTC speaking creole! they're pretty cool and we've kind of adopted them into our district!

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