Saturday, September 27, 2014


haha like the title?:) thought so:) well we leave monday morning and needed a time to finish up packing and washing so here we are while i wait:) first off we DID get another apostle this Tuesday! such a blessing! M. Russell Ballard! He didn't have a set topic but talked a lot about the service of a missionary. One thing that I loved was he said "Be sure to bring your families with you on your mission. They deserve to be there the whole time with you." AHH! i thought that was amazing! i think i'm doing a good job at keeping you all here am i?:) (i forgot my journal so this is gonna be really short:)
dropped off my dry cleaning today! had class with both Soeur waldron and Frere Pehrson umm i honestly can't remember what happened! but it was a long day and it was good cause we were at the MTC right? i had a dream last night that three other elders in the zone gave me a i went to them and told them and we all agreed it was a sign...haha but literally when they put their hands on my head, every single doubt or question that ever came into my head this whole time, was answered during that blessing. like not even kidding you a bit! EVERY QUESTION! none the less i was crying and it was a good blessing
today we had in field orientation ALL DAY LONG. it was a good experience but it was just a class that went from 8-6 and we learned on how to be able to communicate with investigators and working with members or all that stuff...kind of a long day like i said, but it was good none the less! We had Frere pehrson the rest of the day which was just learning some french stuff and then just staying in the class and doing personal study all night!
Today was one day! haha it was good we had service (LAST TIME CLEANING THE NASTY BUILDING) and then personal study! we then had soeur waldron come in and teach us and i had a little breakdown but soeur waldron brought me out and talked to me. it was good! then Frere pehrson mysteriously found out about the breakdown and had me talk to him about it too...soeur waldron told him haha she was worried. but it was a good day!
today has been a sad day of goodbyes and pictures all day! this computer is dumb but i am trying to figure out how to send some so be patient! like i said, lots of letter writing and pictures today! but it was a good way to say goodbye!

well i love you all! thanks for everything and i cannot wait to talk to you on MONDAY! JE VOUS AIME!!
elder libby:)

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