Tuesday, September 9, 2014


holy cow! what a week! first off thanks to everyone for the letters on DearElder and the packages! i loved all of them! keep them coming too!:) thank you for all the prayers in my behalf...i seriously feel them and know the support from home is helping me out!
Today was a pretty good day! We had a ton of really good teaching and spiritual experiences and the day literally zoomed past! Soeur waldron started out today with a french lesson...verbs, grammar, yada yada...kinda like school but whatevs, but then taught us the importance of the investigators praying! it was an amazing lesson! Personal study went great! i was at the temple on that tuesday and had a question about something so this week i decided that was what i was dedicaing my studies to...trying to figure out what it meant. i studied that and found some stuff out but not everything..Today, our teachers forgot to tell us, but we had TRC...teaching resource center or something? but we essentially go in and teach an FHE lesson in french to a member...i guess i wasnt paying attention to the instructions cause i didn't hear they were already members...so i taught a lesson trying to get them to convert...haha pretty funny...i'm kinda stupid i guess! we literally had 10 minutes to prepare 2-20 minute lessons...and they went pretty well, except for them actually being members... hahah i know i'm a hoot. Elder Beach said nothing both lessons so that kinda bugged me...he would get asked questions by the members..and not say anything back...whatever. i got really in depth with them and was saying things i didn't even know i knew...it was way cool! i got one of mom's packages today and that made me soooo happy!
Today when we got to class, soeur waldron was waiting for us and writing in her journal. she told us that she was just writing about a prayer that was answered that morning! she told us she'd been praying about her brother, who right before her mission had fallen away from the church and her family. She said she had thought he'd been living in Texas for a few years but never knew and the night before, she texted his friend to check in on him and that that morning he had texted her back saying that he had moved back to Orem and had a good job and was now taking care of his body! she said that he struggled with major depression and had been suicidal in the past. she said that it was a major answer to prayer and that her family was so blessed to be ok. it was a good spiritual experience! She was crying really hard and you could tell of the love she had for him! Then we had personal study and i looked up more about my question, and found a scripture that not only answered my question, but had my exact question AS A VERSE IN ALMA. i was pretty stoked! Then we taught Carmelle, our investigator, without notes! she told us she's been praying and reading and thinking she might get baptized! it was a good lesson! i got another package today from mom! it was good!
Another good day! we have service on fridays and usually have to work til 845 but we got a new guy this week and only worked til 830! and we didn't have class til 915 so we got to take a nap! it was awesome! since i found my answer to my question, today during personal study i just wrote mom a note...i think i needed a break right;) haha then we had lunch and soeur waldron wanted to do interviews. so i expressed to her my dilemma with Elder Beach and how during lessons he doesn't necessarily help plan them and what not and she told me she'd noticed that and that she wanted to talk to him and make sure he is doing all right. But then after she left Brother pehrson came and today we taught our second investigator...which is him...named Francois. The lesson was on the restoration and Joseph Smith and it went well cause Elder Beach actually talked! and he said stuff! and helped out while we were there! we asked him to pray to close the meeting, francois, and he said not this time...thats ok though! then we set up a time for another meeting and went back to class. it was good.
Today went by really fast but seemed like it was so long! we started out teaching a lesson to Carmelle, and it went good. we just emphasized the importance of baptism and what not. then after she sat us down and asked how our companionship was going. this was as soeur waldron btw...and asked what we were doing to be a good companionship. she said she could sense that there didn't seem to be a unity between me and Elder Beach so we talked about that and i think that may have helped! after that i wrote her a note saying thank you and stuck it in her bag. i'm glad that i have her as a teacher cause she really seems to care about all of us, as every teacher should right?;) then frere pehrson told us he got a complaint from the building saying that our zone was always off task...which is kinda true but not all the time...i mean we're 18-20 year old kids...what do they expect;) but we got a lesson on diligence which really helped us out a lot! Then we had planning and study sessions. i got a letter from Henry Gardner today! it was really nice!
Today was my first fast sunday here! i thought it was going to be hard and long, but surprisingly, 4:30 came around really fast! i fasted for a few different things, but i want to say thank you to everyone who included me, my district, my mission, and even my ring in your fast! sadly i still haven't found the ring, but i am thankful for everything everyone is doing in my behalf! i had district meetings all morning where my branch president had found out about my struggles with Elder Beach and he had my favorite counselor in his presidency talk to me about it! he told me that he was going to talk to Elder Beach and find out if everything was ok. We had mission conference today and had a ton of speakers! so many topics, but my favorite were on temples, courage and faith! it was really good! then we had sacrament and it was just fast and testimony meeting! i bore my testimony, IN FRENCH! it was one of the coolest experiences ever and i felt the spirit calming me and helping me speak. such an amazing experience. then we walked to the temple and it was like 300 degrees outside that's where we took the picture! it was red sunday so we looked like a family taking family pics...:) then we came back and watched mormon messages and wrote in our journals. tonights devotional was really good cause the speaker had people from the audience that were converts come up and talk about their conversion stories! it was really good. then they played legacy as a film tonight so we went to that! i remember watching that like every sunday when we were little so it reminded me a lot of home!
today was uneventful and boring, but good none the less! today we started class by telling everyone why we came on a mission and what lead us to choose. i may or may not have been in tears, it was very spiritual! i loved it though! while the sisters were teaching i decided to read about the saviors resurrection and the turmoil in the americas in 3rd nephi...i learned a lot! Later in the day we had another meeting with Francois and we taught him about the livre de mormon and les prophetes. he told us that one question he'd been asking god about was helping him with his sons. so we told him about families too and how they are central to god's plan and how we can be together forever and we really got him intrigued! at the end of the lesson we asked if he'd come to church avec nous ci dimanche et il dit peut-être! go translate that! (with us this Sunday and he said maybe!) it made us happy hint hint! then we learned about passe imparfait in french which is some sort of language thing that almost makes no sense so pray i get it and understand it! haha i got 6 DearElders today! 2 from mom, 2 from macy, 1 from dad, and one from grandma and grandpa Jolley! love you all!
today was just another pday! funny thing though...for some reason, i was in the temple session and had this revelation that i'm gonna come home from my mission and dad's gonna have white hair like in the movie! haha i can't wait to come home from and come down the escalator and see his big white head! idk why i thought of it, but i just kept chuckling as i thought of that today!
Merci beaucoup pour les prières vous êtes offrir moi! J'ai ressentu et je suis tres bonheur pour vous! Je sais que l'eglise et vrai et Jésus-Christ et mon sauveur et redempteur. Je vous aime! Jusqu'a semaine prochain! (Thank you so much for the prayers you offer me! I am very grateful for you! I know the church is true and Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I love you! Until next week!)
Elder Libby

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