Tuesday, September 2, 2014


They have a saying here that says "the days seem like weeks, and the weeks seem like days." And they are not kidding! I cannot believe it's been another week already! Lots happened this week and i can't wait to tell you all of them!

So today went pretty good..we had a meeting at 8:30 with Carmelle, our investigator. we had a little small talk with her....btw she has a cat...named shat...funniest thing of my life. anyway we told her we were going to paris and she got all excited cause that's where she's from and she told us where to visit and then we taught her on the POS and she was way interested and said she'd like to learn more about the resurrection so that was a big highlight! we then asked her if she'd been praying and she said every now and then and so we asked if she felt like she could be baptized and she said if she gets an answer that she would! made me so happy! anyway that was the highlight of today...we just watched mormon messages as a district the rest of the day.
Today was pretty crappy cause we had another meeting with Carmelle and we were talking about the POS again and we were legit only 10 minutes into the lesson and she asked us to stop and come back tomorrow....so we didn't even get to ask her to pray or see if she still wanted to be baptized or anything! it was awful. i never want that feeling again. anyway i was way mad the rest of the day and when i was walking down the hall one of the other teachers that i've come to know really well noticed i was mad and asked what was wrong and i went into a room with him to talk and just broke down bawling....i never want to experience that again cause it made me feel like i failed and i just hated every second of it! but i stopped crying and he just let me talk for like 25 minutes or so and then i went back to class with Frere Pehrson. the very first thing he did was show us a video, from Carmelle, who informed us that she is already a member of the Church, served in the Lyon, France mission, and is now our second teacher! which made me happy cause i knew she understood how i felt and knew she'd be ok starting fresh.
We woke up and had service again today. Same as last week. We had to clean someone else's residence halls and yada yada yada...but then it was study and prep time til lunch. when we got back Carmelle, or now Soeur Waldron, was waiting to teach us! she is like the happiest person i know and i am way glad she's our teacher! found out she served in Lyon, she is actually from k-town, mom you probably know her parents?, and she's never learned french except from her mission, so there is hope for me! we also had a sub for frere pehrson tonight and he gave us an update on the world and big brother! btw dad...haven't been getting those..who's winning?! but it was a good day! I think i got the packages this day so thank you for those!:) i love packages! hint hint
Today was kinda another hard day at the MTC...there's been a cold going around, aka the black plague, and sadly i fell victim this morning...i woke up and had a sore throat and cough that killed! but i've been taught well from a mother who cares for me and i knew to down some airbourne:) i need more by the way! I kinda just felt like a prisoner all day haha i've come to realize that the MTC must be a lot like spirit prison...cause all you do all day is sit in the classroom learning a language or studying..which isn't bad, but when there are 3 days a week of 11 1/2 hours of class time, you kinda go insane. and then everyone started getting mad at everyone so we all were arguing all day but whatever! But today i did find out that a girl in my district had a grandma in the mental unit at one of the places i had my CNA rotations! not the DAVIS that's my brother's name! one but another one;) she passed away in april and we got to talk about her for a while!
even though i can't take a sunday nap on sundays here...i love sunday's! besides Pday it's kind of like a break from everything which makes everything so inspiring. But i did have another catastrophe today...i left my ring on a hook in the shower and when i went back to get it, it was GONE!:( so i guess there was a kid that was looking to see who's it was and i still haven't found him...if someone wants to send me a new one though, i wouldn't be mad;) jkjk don't spoil me. hopefully it shows up soon! i've said lots of prayers in my rings behalf so lets hope so;) the talks in sacrament meeting today were on the atonement, and lets say that i may or may not have been crying the whole meeting. we had a piano interlude of "Tell me the stories of Jesus" that didn't make things any better...but it was the most spiritual sacrament meeting i've ever attended. my branch presidency are the coolest men i have ever met! the one over our district just returned from being the Sweden Stockholm mission president...and yes he knows Erin Swenson and Candace Richins! so if you see president richins at church, tell him he says hello for me! his name is Brother Newell and he is such an amazing man! i love him to death!
Today was the longest day ever! ahhh it dragged on forever and just when you thought it was bedtime, it was 2:45 in the afternoon....wow...haha Soeur Waldron came in and taught us a really good lesson on how to begin teaching at investigators homes. it went well and then we had to teach her again, as Carmelle. it went way well and she agreed to be BAPTIZED! it was an amazing feeling! and even though it took 6 lessons instead of 1 we got her to agree! which was so amazing! the rest of the day was a lesson day with frere pehrson and he taught us about how study habits can reveal the mysteries of god..and it was way amazing! then the rest of the night was a night where we just all got together as a zone and sat in the hallway and talked...haha so even though it was such a slow day, it was a lot of fun!
we decided as a district to go to the 7 AM session and we surprisingly made it! it was amazing. i love the temple and the simpleness and stress-free zone that it provides me. i can't wait to see if the paris temple will be built while i'm there! we then just did laundry and took a nap so it's been an awesome day!
Well i am so thankful for all of you! you mean the world to me! i love letters, dearelders, and packages;) i love being in on the loop! so don't keep me out! i am so thankful for you all! please keep in touch and i'll do the same! much love and til next week:) Je sais que l'Eglise est vrai et la benedictions vraiment aidons-nous(?). Je t'aime mes amis! au revoir! (I know the Church is true and blessings really help us (?). I love you my friends! Goodbye! ... google translate hahaha)

Elder Libby

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