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well what a week! haha it was crazy and seemed long but short and all over the place! haha i don't even know where to begin! but we'll try out something and eventually get there. transfers this week were really good! i was put in a 3 sum equipe for the day and didn't get to go pick him up in paris...but it was all good! elder quist is from a really small town in washington and he's good! makes me work and that's exactly what i need right? haha he's really interesting and i love him. so something that i learned last night that is interesting in france is that you have to be 18 years old in order to drive! that's do high school kids live:) just kidding!!
MONDAY night
we left for the Brun's house cause we had a mangez-vous (which is just a word we use for dinner's a lot more fun to say mangez-vous than dinner appt) but it was so good! i love every single member of that family!!! they are all the best and i love them with all my heart. we had this rice and meat stuff and it was good and on the way home it was snowing! but we got to metz snow:( so ya but it was a good night and lots of fun!!!
well today was just long and kinda boring...eldredge decided to save all his packing for one he spent all day packing and i just sat around the apartment and like ironed all my shirts and doing a lot of dumb stuff! haha it was my last day with eldredge so all is well in love and war...for comp study i decided i wanted to give the new testament a little break and read doctrine and covenants..and it went good! i love the doctrine and covenants! then eldredge wanted to go to the chinese buffet and holy cow i feel fat....haha we had kebabs yesterday and the chines buffet today....ahhh so ya... then we went home and packed all day long.....ahhh it was really long..and then! Nora saved the day cause she invited us over for a mangez-vous! she fed us like a legit 5 course meal...i honestly wouldn't doubt if that meal costed any less than like 100 was amazing. we had duck liver for an appetizer...don't worry, it was nasty but i was a good missionary and ate it, and then duck for the main meal. i felt like a murderer cause like ducks are life and i love little ducks with all my heart but it was really good, and i felt bad that i liked it. but then we had a chocolate cake and it was really good! i love nora! she told us she had plans to keep us over til midnight but we told her we needed to be home by 9:30 and she was a little upset! but all is well. she shed a couple tears saying goodbye to elder eldredge...she's such a good lady.
today was good! my new comp came and its awesome! we woke up and took eldredge to the gare at the butt-crack of dawn! it was really fun cause i got to wear my favorite outfit and all the elders were like we don't know you...they really did ignore me the whole way there and back...haha it was really funny. but i was in a 3 sum companionship all day with the other elders all day while we waited for my new comp to come in. for some reason they didn't send me into paris with elder eldredge. but it was a good day. lots of studies and then they had to make a CD for one of their amis to we went to the church to make the CD and then took lunch and by that time, my new comp was just about to arrive in the gare! it was fun to go pick him up. on the way there elder pratt and i switched tags to play a little joke on was funny cause we picked him up and the whole way home he thought i was elder pratt! it was funny. tonight we had a mangez-vous with the Royer family. i talked a little about pauline royer a couple weeks ago. she's the one who lived in utah for a couple months to nanny and speaks english! he family was fun and we had a french dish called tarteflette. i think i spelled that wrong. but it was a fun night. their house is the typical french house. think of what a french house would look like. yup that's their house! haha they don't have central air, it's a wood burning heater and like a log cabin feel with cement and everything! so cool. that's where we are going for christmas so that will be good!
today was really good! my comp is like perfect cause he's like un peu awkward but like so blunt. haha he like really just wants to make me a good missionary cause he thinks eldredge was a bad missionary so he's all you can't be anything like him. so it's really good for me. i like him a lot. today was a rdv with the old lady from a while ago where i saw the HUGE spider run across her floor under her piano and so we got out to her house and we literally just talked for like ever...haha! she talked all about how she lived in normandy during ww2 so that gives you an idea of how old she is...haha! she's really funny. we shared he is the gift with her and she had prepared a lunch for us! it was good. like this salmon spread on bread. it was really fun. she just loved the company. she asked us to come back next month so that will be good! we came back and headed to DMP with frere schnieder! it was really good. we talked all about mine and elder quist's ami's cause like i'm running the ville and i have no idea what the heck i am doing so we were just trying to figure out what was going on. it was really good and really needed! then we came back and took dinner and then went to go get a map so we knew where we had already ported and then went out porting to finish the night. it was really good. no one wanted to hear us sing christmas carols...cause we suck..that's the reason i know it. haha! but it was a good night
today was soooo long! haha i feel like it was just a day where we didn't do anything! ahhh it went on forever! but it was good and we all have those days i guess. during studies today we got a text from and from the referral sister in the mission saying we got a self referral from! it was way cool! so we called the lady and she was like call me monday and we'll set something up! it was really cool! then we went contacting and while we were out elder quist told me that he'd heard of the famous Tezel Kebab which is here in metz haha so we went there for lunch and i am really done spending money! haha but it was really good and then we went home and started our weekly planning....ahhh i love weekly planning....not! haha we planned for 4 was so awesome! like i said, i really have no idea what i am doing...running a ville is not easy! then we had our lesson with nora just like every other friday night and that was really good. most of the night was just talking and getting to know elder quist! she is just such a talky lady! she is amazing. for her commitment this week we gave her a talk in the ensign and as she was flipping through she saw "Societe du Secours, and Jeune Filles" which means relief society and young womens. she asked about those and i was like SCORE. it was good to explain that to her and her daughter.
today was really good. my studies were really focused on the temple. i really love and miss the temple. i read a few talks on the temple and as i was reading it i realized how much we take the temple for granted. like we all live what 15 minutes from the temple? and we go maybe once a month? people here like 5 or 6 hours away and have to plan out a WHOLE day and hundreds of euros just to's crazy! i realized how important the temple is and how sacred and important the ordinances and covanents we do and make in them are amazing. never take them forgranted! my challenge to everyone at home is to go weekly if you can. please make it a goal and go for ME! i want to be there. it's the best place on this earth. better than disneyland. i promise! but today was just a contacting day all day! we went to tons of new places and went all over metz! it was a fun day! we talked a lot and found new porting areas and everything. it was really good. then we went porting to finish off the day and we went to a less active family and they let us come in and leave our christmas message with them and talk for a little. it was good. they were a cool family! their daughter tried to bisou us again and it was really funny to see elder quist reject the bisou! haha he's so awkward i love it!
today was like the best sunday that i've had since i got to france! like we were constantly doing something and we actually did missionary work! it was really good. we woke up and headed to church and it was really good today! maxime came to all three lessons again and he is just prime! i'm really glad i have the opportunity to teach him! he's awesome! after all the meetings we met with maxime and he said the same thing...he just wants to be sure before he commits...which is good, but it's taking forever to be sure;) just kidding. we talked about prayer and answers to prayer and then we left. it was good. choir was good and we are almost done! i'm excited to be done! i don't necessarily love choir! we then went contacting and went to a mangez-vous with the raymond family! it was a really good! we talked and were there for the rest of the night and they are just a cool family! they were the ones who he's a swat team member or whatever haha he's really cool. they are nice.
so that was my week! haha it was really good! i love france and i love you all! keep me in your prayers and remember that heavenly father loves you! thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!
elder libby
alma 29:9

the actual "forgive me father for i have sinned" things!

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