Monday, December 8, 2014


bonjour! well looky there! another week come and gone!! haha sometimes i cannot believe how fast the days go here. another week come and gone! crazy stuff. welll um something interesting...ummm i got nothing!! haha it's really just been crazy and i can't believe how fast the days go...thinking that i'm almost at my 4 month mark is CRAZY. so ya...time flies when you're having fun? i've loved looking at my temple countdown! it's fun to read all the little notes from eveyone and look at the temple of the's like a thing in the apartment...everyday someone asks what's the temple today? so yes! it's a blast! thanks to all who helped my momma! i love that Christmas package BEAUCOUP de much! (that makes no sense in french so just use your imagination!) k here goes my week!
well we were supposed to have district meeting today....but elder lattin was sick...still:( soo it turned into a finding day! ahhh that was fun! i really like going to Luxembourg though...they have a store there called America Today and we go there to buy the snapples and mountain dew that we always have! so it's always a party when we go there! but because we didn't go we just had a contacting day...haha the day started out with studies and i am trying to finish up all the ensign this week! so hopefully that happens fast! but studies went good and around about 11 we went out to go contacting for a couple hours. it was good. we talked to a few people but we walked all over and after a couple hours we went back for lunch and chilled with the other elders cause elder lattin is on bed rest...haha i'm just glad i haven't gotten sick yet! but after lunch we went contacting and got 2 lessons in an hour and a half! it was awesome! we talked to a bunch of people but those 2 lessons made the day! we then had a rdv with the new ami that me and elder cardon found last week on our exchange named abraham. we got there at 4 and at 4:20 he wasn't there so i called him and he said oh i'll be there in 20....and he ended up not getting there til like 4:55! ahhhhh it was freezing cold too! haha but we met him and found out a lot about him and were done in about 15 minutes. it was good. lots of getting to know him. but we got home around 5:30 and took dinner and i had a letter from home! it was court macy and mom! i was pretty happy so i read it and took dinner and then eldredge needed to go to the Church for we went to the Church and that killed the night!
today was such a fun day! haha loved every minute of it! kinda...haha! me and elder pratt had an exchange today and we went to Forbach, because he's never been...but we left the apartment around 9 and caught our train! on the way there it started.....SNOWING!!!!!!!! i saw some snow! it was awesome! haha and when we got to Forbach, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground! i was like so happy! it made me feel like i was home for a little bit...haha i miss Utah just a little! but we contacted and walked all around all day and just chilled. it was awesome. we went and got kebabs for lunch and it was fun to just joke around and have fun while doing missionary work. i love that kid..but it was fun just to get out and hang out you know? um we were there in Forbach til about 3 and then came home and when we got back both elder lattin and eldredge were ya we just chilled and waited for them to Wake up so that we could end our was good. we've gotten really good at rubiks cubes lately so we are like masters at those and that's kinda what we did while waiting! but we went out porting once elder eldredge woke up and we ported into this old lady who invited us in and showed us pictures of a pair of sister missionaries who used to visit her and she asked if we could come back! while we were talking though......i saw the BIGGEST spider crawl across her floor and run Under her piano...ahhh it was nasty. but hurried and sang a Christmas hymn for her and then we headed out and headed home for the night! when we got back elder lattin was listening to phantom of the opera and i was all excited! so i went and listened to it with him and remembered that phantom takes place in paris! so we talked about that and how he's been to the paris opera house where it takes place and he showed me all the pics and oh my gosh....i need to go there before i head home!!! haha it was a good night!
today was a lot better than i thought it was going to be...not lying at all it was really good! haha today was another day where we had no plans so it was just going to be another finding day...yay...those are always fun...but it was seriously so awesome! for studies elder pratt came in with us cause elder lattin was sleeping and it was really good. we all had really good studies. i read talks again! we then went contacting and it was a little rough at first...not really any talking or anything but then after about an hour we started talking and it ended well. we taught a couple lessons and it was good! we then headed back for lunch and elder pratt was watching ephraim's rescue...again...haha he LOVES that movie! we then got a call from the lux elders and they were on their way over here cause they needed to do some second year legality stuff and needed help on knowing where to go and me and eldredge were up and at em! haha we headed to the gare and got them and spent the afternoon taking them where they needed to go. then after they had everything figured out, they wanted to go shopping so we left them and made our way around centreville and contacted! there was a huge Christmas marche going on so we stopped and looked at what was all there...we found a marche with churros...haha and fell into temptation. we went and got some churros and lets just say that they are a lot better in the US! haha they were all right but lots better in the US. then sœur piguet called us and asked if we could come over for a spiritual message and talk so we went to that and she told us of some problems her and her kids had been having and we talked for a good 2 hours and then we shared the He Is The Gift and talked til we needed to go home. it was a good night!
today was just plain awesome. i honestly just had like the best day. it was something that i needed...haha i've been a little worried about things going on at home and been thinking about home a lot but today was just a day where i realized how much i love it here! elder lattin was feeling better today so we had district meeting! we went up to lux and had a really good district meeting. lots of announcements and stuff but the lesson was on desires. and elder lattin had us all go around and explain why we desired to be here on our missions. it was awesome. #spiritinlux but after that we had lunch and headed back to metz. we stopped by america today and got mountain dew! it was can't get it like anywhere else in europe so we take advantage! haha! we got back to metz and went straight out contacting and we talked and had fun and it was just good. it's times like today that i really like my companion! haha but it was good and that took a couple hours. we came back and tood dinner and then headed to the Church to meet up with sœur brun cause she wanted to come to our lesson with Nora tonight! so when she got there her kids came too so we talked to all them and then needed to get going to Nora's! on the way there we were telling her that we were going to invite to baptism and she explained that her mother was a lot like nora and it took a good chunk of time before her mom was she advised us to just talk with her and give her time. she's the coolest lady ever. then we got to her house and she had a ton of snacks and everything out for us and we all talked and we shared he is the gift with her and Lila and it was good. a good spirit and we shared a spiritual message. that's our job right? so after the lesson we went to the Church to get the brun kids and they were setting up a Christmas tree in the Church! so we joined in! i felt at home just playing with my friends! haha it was awesome! then we all started to take pictures and selfies and i was taking some with the kids and sœur brun yelled at me and said (in french) elder libby! i am your french mother and you haven't taken any pictures with me! haha so i ran over and took some with her. i love her! it was a good night. they invited us over for dinner on monday night so that's going to be really fun!
transfers were announced today! elder eldredge is leaving and going to Blois and i am staying here! my new comp is named elder quist and he is from Washington we believe. he sounds pretty cool! i called him on the phone and he sounds cool so i'm excited to meet him! we woke up today and i immediately started stressing cause we'd find out between 10 and 12 if we were training or if we got any leadership calls or anything...haha i was so scared i would have to train! so the other elders played a prank on me and said that the APs called them and were waiting to talk to me...they said they got our phone numbers mixed up and they were my heart started pounding and i Grabbed the phone and said hello one was on the line...i chucked their phone across the room! haha i was mad but all is well and i'm not training! so bon! haha we had a part-member family call us and ask if we could come over for lunch as a goodbye for elder eldredge so we went to that and while there they let us use their computer to figure out transfers. it was a fun time there! they made us bbq chicken and this really good vegetable stuff and they had an american friend come over. she is from orem, served in the Lyon mission and she's currently living in belgium being a nanny. we talked and ate and played uno and that was good. but we had to get going...haha they were lots of fun to be around! then we went to have a rdv with abraham but he never showed up so we called and asked if he'd come to Church tomorrow and he said he would so lets hope he comes!
today was my last day as a bleu!!!! haha bitter sweet...i'm growing up! haha but it was a good day. Maxime came to all three hours of Church today! which is awesome because we didn't even call to confirm....which is bad of us...but he still came!! it was awesome. our day at Church was great. we just had lessons and testimony meeting and that's about all. we had the Christmas choir practice again...and i don't really like choir so sorry if that offends anyone! but we had to leave early and get to our lesson with maxime. it was an awesome lesson. he like bore his testimony and everything! it was just awesome! we didn't ask to set a baptismal date yet cause he says he wants a couple more weeks...maybe next time though! it was really good. then the rest of my day consisted of weekly planning....blehhh and then finishing up the district! it was awesome! i'm done being a bleu!!!
well there goes another exciting week in metz France everyone! haha we have 3 dinner appointments this week so that's going to be awesome! i love all you at home! thanks for all your support and everything! i'll talk to you all next week!
elder libby
ether 12:4

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