Wednesday, June 3, 2015


well this week was crazy and today was crazier! i don't have a ton of time so i am going to try to make this email as good as i can! we were just out and about today and i wanted so badly to come emailing but my comp wanted to shop and all the computers were taken out of the church and so we had to come to an internet cafe...AH. but i'm here and i guess all is well right? so like i said sorry if this week is just short and sweet!
well we had an interesting night with some investigators that some old missionaries found and they invited us over for dinner! it was good and fun. we had to help him haul a big huge table upstairs to put on their patio and so that was really fun! but she fed us this really kinda gross stuff that was flavored like crab...and then some veal along with it! so that was an interesting meal! lol but we made it through with no vomiting and just chatting away and before we knew it it was time to be home for the we hopped in the car and went home.
we decided that since it was ridiculous to go all the way to paris for district meeting and that it was almost impossible to get home at a decent hour that we were going to try having district meeting in reims! so we were actually able to have studies this morning before having to leave the apartment for district meeting! it was good fun. we got to the church only to find a ton of tools and workers everywhere and found out that the outside of the church is being renovated! what is it with me and churches being under construction?? so we made do and had to go around all of them. we got started on our district meeting and it was all about the importance of planning and practicing. it was good stuff. we then had some lunch and it was grilled cheese sandwiches and caesar salad! it was delish! and it's always fun to be able to eat lunch with your friends;) then i was able to go on an exchange with elder nelson again! i love that kid with all my heart! it was so good to hang with him and be with him! we had a pretty great exchange! we started out with some contacting and walking around talking. we then decided that we wanted some drinks and so we went to go get them and then had a lesson with the recent convert in the ward! it was really good. we talked about the plan of salvation with a focus on the atonement! it was really good. we turned it into like a testimony meeting! it was really good. then we had a dinner appt with mustard man! him and his wife invited all 4 missionaries over and it was really fun! we laughed and talked and then elder nelson wanted a picture! it was really fun.
so we had to leave early this morning cause elder nelson needed to get back to paris!:( sadly. but we left and went to get on the train and for some reason...i don't know why...but the lady who orders tickets in the office bought us some first class tickets! so we got to ride into paris in first class! not that it was that much different but we had recliner seats and that was fun. so naturally after we got there we had to take a picture:) we got off and were just waiting for the other elders. when they got there they had to leave to make an appt so it was me and my comp just chilling at the gare waiting for our train. when we finally got on it, she ordered normal tickets this time so me and my comp just rode back in 2nd class which was fine! when we got on the train we heard the people across the aisle from us speaking english so we asked where they were from and they were visiting from texas! they went into reims for the day to take a champagne tour...apparently the best in the world cause this is where champagne was invented! so we talked to them the whole train ride home! it was fun to speak with some americans for a while. we got home and planned and took lunch and then went to go and teach our investigator with the baptismal appt! we taught him the law of chastity and it went well. we found out that he is legally married to his wife and that he already follows all of the law! so that was good! we then made our way home while contacting and then got home and my comp fell asleep cause he was feeling sick. he then woke up and said that one of the less actives that we were working with called and asked us to come we went to that and it turned into a huge fest of him and his friend trying to prove that the church was false and that they don't really know it's true but believed for a time that it was....ah! it was bad. then we went home for the night.
well today was just great...i wish you could hear the sarcasm in my allergies came on today. they came on just like you fall asleep. slow at the beginning and then all at once. #GUESSTHEMOVIE so that was really crappy. i was congested and blowing my nose and dying all day. we had our studies and then went to the french course offered by the members! it was really good. we just did some exercises and then after my comp had to go make a phone call so i stayed in and got some extra help. it was fun to stay back and talk with the members. i love them here! then we went on a contacting adventure and then back home for lunch and i had my conference ensign from mom in the mail! it was awesome! i ran upstairs to open it and sat down and read a couple talks! it was fun. then we went out contacting and less active finding and it was a good time but then had to get home cause we had a rdv with a part member family who lived out by chateau thierry! her husband is just a less active but we got out there and had some small talk. he is just like dad! he is a contractor and works for himself and buys houses and apartments and fixes them up...and she was just like mom saying how badly she wants things in her own house to be fixed! it was like a little time at home. it was good. he expressed his desire to have his life together by august so that he could baptize his son so i really hope that happens!
so today was just weekly planning and i don't have a ton to say. we went out contacting first thing this morning and my comp bought some eclairs and then we went home for lunch and right after we had all eaten our lunch, he gave out all of his eclairs to us. so that was nice! haha we then started weekly planning and then realized that we had scheduled a rdv with a less active for right in the middle of we left and headed to that and may or may not have knocked on the door and interrupted on a drug deal...haha jk i don't know it was just super sketch and there were 4 guys in there and it wreaked of smoke and all the lights were off so it was just really interesting. he asked us to come back another time. so that was interesting! then we just went home to finish up planning and not a ton happened. we ended the night with some good old fashioned porting!
well today marked 1 year from my senior graduation! that's super crazy that it's already gone by that fast. i still remember the all night party with all my friends! AH! i miss them! well for the first time on my entire mission, i was lead in porting! it was a really cool experience and i can't wait to tell you about it! we went out contacting and it was good. by the time we had finished, my comp decided that he wanted some pastries to get him through the day. we went home to eat and then left to go to chateau thierry for the day. it was good. we met up with a member who showed us some of his friends that he thought might be interested in listening and then invited us over for dinner and so we went to go and try and find his house. when we found it, we decided that we would go porting to pass some time. we were just going around and knocked on this door where two little girls came up and said oh we'll go get our mom and dad! so their mom and dad came out and they invited us right in and offered us some vodka! lol. we then got to their back patio and they had their entire family over for a dinner! they were a georgian family (the country not the state;) ) and let us tell them the restoration and by the end of the lesson they were asking all about how baptism works and how we receive the holy ghost and it was really interesting! we had to leave cause we had to get to the members house for dinner, but they exchanged numbers with us and then we left. it was cool and they want us to go over again! we then had some dinner with the members and it was fun. it was the mom's birthday and so they had a big cake for her and we all got to eat some! we finally left and got home around 10:15...:/
well we had a really good sunday i would say! it was really fun! first off, today marks 1 year since i went through the temple for the first time! it was super special! i remember that day well and being like, what the! it was very good though and it is something that i miss so much! i can't wait for the day that i can go back inside the temple! we got to church today and our new investigator had told us that she was staying the weekend with her aunt and so she'd be coming to church! then her aunt walked in...without her:( i guess she had to go home for last minute and something happened..but she didn't come...we had some good lessons and during sunday school and sacrament, i sat by her aunt and talked to her. about 20 before church ended she stood up and ran out to the hallway and when she came back in, our investigator was right behind her! it was fun! she came cause she needed to talk to a member about an internship that she needed to get in and so that's why her mom brought her! so that was exciting! then we ended church and i had to get a picture with her and her aunt and her uncle! so that was super cool. we then went home and ate lunch and went porting, and then came home for dinner and then went porting. not a ton of exciting stuff happened tonight. but it was a good day!:)
well there is my week! i hope that makes you happy! i'm sorry it's kinda all over the place! i hope you all know that i love you and miss you! talk to you soon!
elder libby:)

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