Tuesday, May 26, 2015


i'm already at week 40?! there is no way...i don't like this "getting old" stuff...i am starting to freak out cause i am starting to hit year marks! almost graduated for a year...then the temple...then leaving! ah! it's coming too fast. but anywho. this week flew! i can't believe it's already monday again...that's a lie...it was fast but not that fast. i'm always grateful for a good monday. today we've had some fun! the uncle of our investigator took us for a drive through the countryside of Reims today and we stopped at the top of a vineyard and got to have a picnic with him! it was lots of fun! and that's pretty much my day for today...but i'll tell you a little bit about my week..
so we had a rdv with a guy at the church and we went to meet him and waited but he never showed up and so we ended up porting for the rest of the night! it was really fun i guess...haha we were talking and my comp told me that he doesn't think he could ever see me being a surgeon...so i guess we'll have to see where life takes me when i get home? that's gonna be an interesting day and i'm interested to see what i might do!
well i ended my night really well with calling two of my favorite people ever and spending a while talking with them! it was good fun to talk to a couple of the other elders around the mission! i love them both. but first off we were on our way to district meeting this morning, on the way to the train, when we realized we hadn't had breakfast so i suggested we got buy some pains au chocolat, cause there is a little bakery who sells them for 5 for 1,95 euros! so we went and they all decided to make me look like a fatty-er fatty and made me buy 20 pains au chocolat! so i guess that was fun....but they tasted really good! and i love me some pains au chocolat! then we got to district meeting and had a good formation and then we had some food...which was breakfast...we had pancakes and french toast and hashbrowns! it was fun! and needless to say i felt a little bit on a sugar high after and that kinda made me sick! then me and homeboy went on a contacting adventure and when i say it was an adventure i mean we walked and literally did not talk to a single person! it was crazy. we just had to make time go by while we waited for our train to go home! when we got home we had a rdv with the recent convert in our ward and it went well. we talked about the plan of salvation and it went by really fast. he's a pretty cool cat! then we had a dinner appt with a member and we had to take a small train to get there and we ate and had fun and then on the way home, we found out that we had missed the train and this member didn't have a car so we were kinda about to start to freak out and then the train came rolling right around the corner! so all was well. until we got to reims and found out that none of the buses were running anymore cause it was late and so we had to take the 45 minute walk home! but i got to make a phone call to some pretty important people! it was good.
I MADE IT THROUGH A PREGNANCY!!!!! i made it 9 months! it's so crazy that i'm already that far into my mission! i can't believe it.. my sisters are halfway done and i'm getting to that year mark...it is so bizarre! i can't believe it. soon i'm going to be working on some second year legality...and i am not excited for that! our morning started off with some contacting and talking about cars and i'm pretty excited to get home and get a car again! that's gonna be a fun day! then we came home for lunch and then had a rdv with a great investigator and it went really well. we then spent some time after the lesson talking about this investigator to the member who was with us and how his situation with his family and citizenship is not doing good. so please keep him in your prayers! we want all to go well! then we went and did some contacting to end the night and it was kind of just a night...not a ton new! but we get to go on exchanges tomorrow night!
well exchanges are always so fun and i am so blessed to be a district monkey! that is missionary language for being the comp of the district leader. i get to go on all the exchanges and don't have to worry about anything! haha! #gettinit but me and beef had a really good exchange. we started off with the french course that the members do for us! it was fun i guess but i kinda just don't like going cause i suck at the language and sometimes have NO IDEA what is going on so ya that's fun! then me and beef went contacting and then sooner or later went in for lunch. we then had another rdv with an investigator so we came back to the church to teach him again and it went well! his wife is a different religion and so he had some questions in the bible cause the bible in that religion is harder to understand! but we tried our hardest to answer them! then we went on some more contacting adventures and to a rdv with another investigator! it went really well and she told us that she believes that the book of mormon and everything that we have taught her is true! it's so cool! she's amazing!
well today was weekly planning so i hope you aren't expecting a huge detailed spot about today! but we started off with some contacting and then went into the boulangerie's that we like and bought some good stuff for lunch! and then we got into our weekly planning and we literally were planning for almost the rest of the day! haha we had a rdv with a guy who told us that he thinks god has called him on a mission to be a prophet and wanted to meet with us so that was interestiing! then we went to wait for this ward meeting that was supposed to be going on and when no one showed up after a half hour of waiting, the bishop told us to go home! so we went home and finished up planning with comp inventory and it was interesting! haha but it was over and we were on to a bigger and better week!
well nothing too crazy and inspiring happened today! we went and spent the day in Chateau Thierry again which was good. we started off with some contacting in reims and then made our way down to chateau to go teach this less active family that we found a couple of weeks ago. there is a member family who lives just around the corner from them and we asked the wife to come with us to teach and it went well but was really hard to concentrate cause all the kids were just running and yelling and it was crazy...but i was sitting there teaching and all of the sudden just got this feeling of peace and could just tell that even though their situation was hard and they were struggling that heavenly father loved them cause they were his kids! it was so cool and i just loved it! then we went on some less active searches and then contacting to finish up the night and it was fun. we drove home and listened to some fun church music! it was a good time.
Our investigator came to all 3 hours of church today! it was awesome! and we actually had some really good meetings! he said he loved it. there is some youth camp going on this weekend and because of that, we had a lot of members missing from church and it was really low key. we then went around and chatted with the members and it was good fun i guess. we then went home and had a really good meal that the bishop's wife made for us! it was delicious grilled turkey and some couscous! it was really good. she made some banana chocolate cake and it was to die for! i loved it! we then spent the rest of the day contacting and porting.. we didn't have anything crazy interesting happen. we taught a few lessons and then went searching for some train tickets and then came home for the night. i had to call to the elders back in metz to ask a question and it was really fun to be able to talk to them! apparently all is going well and my other two really good investigators are both still doing well! i loved being able to talk to them!
well there was my week! i hope you enjoyed it! thanks for the constant love and prayers and support! love you all so much! talk to you soon.
elder libby

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