Tuesday, June 9, 2015


well first off i'd like to bring up the fact that i am on the french computer today and so you need to excuse all the typos!! the keyboards are messed up and i am trying my hardest to recognize any mistakes!! this week was a little hard but we all have those days...so ya...i am staying in reims though!! which is really good cause i love all the members here. they make me happy when other people can't:) anyway...here goes my week!
well after emails we made our way in to take some dinner and i was reading the talk given by henry b eyring that talks about how it is important that we fast and pay our fast offerings cause when we do that, we will stand before god at the last day and he will say that we fed him when he was hungry, we gave him drink when he was hungry and when he was naked we clothed him and then we'll be all, "what? lord we never did any of that to you"; and he'll be all, when you have done it unto the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me: and i was thinking about how cool that was. then we went out and did some porting and some guy let us in to pray with him and that was cool cause for the first time on my mission, that actually happened! so i was happy! then we were just porting some more doors and this one dude was like no...but would you like some sandwiches? and we were like sure! and i just thought of that talk and how even though missionaries aren't exactly hobos, he fed us and treated us kindly just like the savior would have. it was kind of a humbling experience! it was really neat:)
so today was our last district meeting for the transfer:( kinda sad...but whatever haha life goes on. it was also the last time that i probably will ever see one of the elders that i've really grown close to :(  anyway we made our way to the church just right after studies and we got going with our district meeting. we then took some pics and ate some food and this transfer we had some booming pics! it is awesome! we had 3 people transfer out of our district and a new companionship open up so in all we are getting 5 new people in our district! it's going to be huge! but i'm excited. we went back to the apartment cause we needed to drop off all of our stuff and i needed to go to the pharmacy to get some drugs for my allergies and so we went to the pharmacy and then to the church again to have a lesson with our recent convert. it was really well. he didn't end up reading the scripture chapter that we gave him the last time so we read over d&c 19 and it took up the whole rdv. but it was very good. then we went to the member's house who has done all the alterations on my suits cause i had some holes in my normal pants and i needed her to sew them! #missionarystatus #wearingoutclothes so we went and of course it wasn't just a drop off the pants and leave, but we went in and ate some cookies and then we talked, haha. i love old couples!!!! then we went out contacting and we contacted this one kid who was from the US and he was looking for a change in his life and wanted to make things right with god. he said his phone was broken but he took our number and said he'd call us...but so does everyone else! then we had a rdv and it went well...we talked about the spirit again and what it does and why it is important. it was a good rdv!
today was good! we started off with some service at a members house and it was fun to spend some time with them! we were there for the most part of the morning just sponging down some walls and ceilings and having just so much fun! then we came home and i did the dishes and when i walked in, my comp was waiting all dressed up in missionary clothes to plan..OOPS. jk so i changed and made my way to plan..it took us about an hour and then went about our day contacting and such..we were walking for about 3 hours straight and i was about to die of thirst so we stopped in a store and grabbed some ice cream and a drink and then took a 5 minute breather and then went to this less active rdv and so that was fun...the guy was probs a little CRAZY lol and his apt stunk so bad....but we made it through and then went home to make our way to our appt that we had. it was good. then we went and did some crazy sketchy porting in this huge buildings that are so scary...it was fun i guess you could say!
today was easily the hottest day of the year! it was awfully hot! i wanted to die. jk don't die, don't die, don't die. it was seriously like a brick wall every time we walked outside...oh my goodness it was hot! we got a text from one of our investigators this morning telling us that she couldn't come to this little dinner thing that all the youth in the ward put on for her...so that was a let down...all day we were trying to figure out what to do...i couldn't figure out how to make things happen! but we kept going and were hoping that something would come up! we went out contacting and then made our way home so that we could take lunch and make it to the church for our rdv with our newest investigator..we taught him follow the prophet and showed him a talk by thomas s monson and that went well! during the talk, he said that he answered one of his prayers he'd been asking for! it was cool! then we gave him a liahona and sent him on his way. we went and did some contacting and it was good...again, just bloody hot! i couldn't believe it honestly...but while contacting, we got a text from the kid we met the other day saying hi it's me! call me up sometime!! and he remembered our names!!! so we called him and asked him to come to the meal thing tonight and he said ok! it was so cool! a little tender mercy of the lord! then we got to the meal thing and had some fun.
today was just another day... nothing too exciting. we started off our FREAKING HOT DAY with some french course that the mustard man and his wife do for us every week. it was good fun. just as always to be with them! we spent some time there and then went home for lunch and to start some weekly planning...yay! we were doing that and then realized that it was time to leave to make it to our next appt and so we left and quickly made it to the church. we taught about tithing and he told us that as soon as he got a job that he would pay tithing. but at the moment that he wouldn't be paying because of his situation. so after that we had 20 minutes until our meeting with the ward mission leader and so we just waited at the church cause again it was so hot outside! we had a good meeting. i think he made my comp a little mad cause on the way home he was telling Beef how much he hates our ward mission leader...so ya. we then had ward council and for the spiritual thought one of the members shared the new mormon message called lift! it is so good so go and watch it! then we were walking out and one ward member asked if i needed some claritin for my allergies and i said sure! then the bishops wife asked if i had sunscreen and i said no and she said she would bring me some on sunday! i love this ward!
well we found out transfers today and i will be staying another here in reims!! which is good in most cases! we make do with what we can! as we were leaving from the church since we found out transfers, there was a couple standing outside who yelled out at the elders and so we went to them and they were all we are from idaho and i served my mission here 37 years ago and i would love to come in and tour around so we took them on a little tour of the church! it was fun to be talking to them!! we then made our way home for lunch and then finished up weekly planning and that was just a blast...took forever but we made it. we then went down to Chateau Thierry and did some work down there and then made our way home for the night. we even called the zl's for a little cause we had a little problem to discuss;) lol
it was a good sunday i guess. during fast and testimony meeting , yes, the french do have fast and testimony meeting, one of the soeurs from the ward got up and talked about how grateful she is for the missionaries and for the opportunity she has had to email my mom back and forth for a little while and how amazed she is at the love that she has for me. i teared up a little! but it was cute! i tried to get a picture with her but she refused! so maybe mom is going to have to email her asking for one!;) but it was a good sunday. i sat by another member today and during sunday school she told me that she has some drugs that she has for her allergies that she wanted me to try so she told me that i need to go to her apt and she'd give me some! so i have a drug dealer!!;) so after church we went home and ate and then we went out and did some contacting and waiting for the buses! haha sundays are not a fun time to take the buses! but we were walking and got thirsty and were by mustard man's house and so we stopped by asking for some water and they invited us in for about 20 minutes and then we went and ported up a building for the night...nothing too exciting happened. but it was a week!!
thanks for everything everyone! i love and miss you all! i can't believe how fast time is going...it's a little scary sometimes but it's also for the better! like i said i will be staying in reims for the transfer so be sure to start sending the letters and packages;) tout mon amour!!!!
elder libby

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