Monday, May 11, 2015


so this was a really long week...and i have no idea why! but it was all made better yesterday when i got to call home and see all the faces of the fam and talk to them! i love them! and....I FINALLY FOUND THE KEBAB OF REIMS. it is a lot like the one in metz, but not quite as good, but i will take it over the nasty ones that i've had to eat to find this one! it was a good week. kind of hard and kind of slow, but those come and you just have to deal with it sometimes. COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT:)
well tonight we had to hurry home cause one of my favorite member's here in reims was bringing us dinner and she was coming right after we finished up emails.. so we got home and she brought us some REALLY delicious pork and mashed potatoes and it was delish! we then went out porting and then i realized that i left the pans at the church to make tartiflette and i had to make it for district meeting tomorrow! so i was a little bit in stress mode!
so since i forgot to get those dumb pans(!) me and beef decided that we would go for a morning run and head to the church to get them...and i wanted to shoot myself as soon as i heard him walk into my room to come and get me up! if you all don't know/remember...i am the worst morning person in the world! so it was really hard to get up and go run...we got there and got the pans and then missed the bus and i was not about to run home with two giant pans in my hands so we waited for the bus and then we got home and i hurried and put together the tartiflette and then we ran out the door and made our train with 3 minutes to spare! #swag we got to district meeting and had a really good formation by my comp on the importance of planning! it was awesome! then we ate and laughed and all that good jazz and then we'd been having troubles catching our train lately after district meeting so we decided to change it up and since we changed it the next possible time for a train was 2 hours we had to contact all around Torcy for a while while waiting for our train. that took a long time and sorry if this is TMI but my chaffing was out of control! lol we finally got home and then had a rdv with the recent convert! it was really good and we talked about the book of mormon and his recent trip with the ward to the temple! it was super good. then we went out porting for the night and it was good
today was such a blast! there is just one elder here that I love with all my heart and that kid is such a bomb missionary! it is so much fun to be able to work with him! me and him got to do an exchange today and it was just fun. the whole day was laughs and jokes and it went by in the blink of an eye. i loved being with him. we set a goal to go on a GWAULK which i guess is something that he came up with with beef and what you do is you go on a walk while eating guac?? LOL so we went and set that as a goal and actually accomplished it! we started off with some contacting and we got to teach a lesson first thing off this morning! just right on the side of the road! then we went on the search for some guac and then back to the apartment for lunch. when we had finished we went and contacted and it started to rain so we decided we'd hop on a bus and go back to get our umbrella's and when we got on the bus, the clouds parted....and no more we laughed and then contacted on our way to an appt with a less-active who was very nice but had us over just to talk and watch youtube videos! haha so after a while we left and came home for dinner and then went for our GWAULK and then contacting to end the day! it was such a fun time!
so today was pretty good. we started off with some contacting and going to the post office so i could buy some stamps to send some stuff off to some special people! we went contacting all over and then came home for lunch and i can't even remember what happened during lunch or what we ate or did so you'll just have to be satisfied that we came home to eat and that's all! we then had a rdv with jean parfait and made it to the church to teach an amazing lesson with the ward mission leader and it was amazingly well! we taught the middle part of the plan of salvation! and it was really good. then we were supposed to have another rdv with our new ami from last week and we were waiting with another member and she never showed up and now is not answering her phone. be sure to keep her in your prayers for us! she was amazing and we don't want to lose her! we then came home and got a call from our newest convert saying that he had made it back from paris and was wondering if we could come over tonight. it was fun. we met a man on the bus on the way home who lives in our same building and he let us teach him a lesson! it was cool!
so i realized today how being a missionary makes you the opposite of normal people! most people love friday's and hate monday's and for missionaries it is the exact opposite! haha i do not like fridays at all and i can hardly wait for mondays! friday always means weekly planning and that just takes so long and i can't stand it! but if you can't tell that's pretty much what we did all day! lol! i went and bought a baguette and some patisseries to get me through the planning though so that helped! so after a good 4 1/2 hour session of weekly planning we went and made some crepes for dinner and sat down and watch the district as an apartment! it was good fun. we then went out porting and ported into a women who said she'd been to slc and seen all the sights but didn't believe in god and has decided that once all the people she knew in life were gone that she was going to end her life cause that was her plan and it's been like that from the beginning... it was really sad! but she let us pray with her and we gave her our card and decided that in a couple weeks we were going to go back and see if she was doing was a sad contact!
today i was pretty concentrated on being able to call home tomorrow so it was kind of a really long day, but it was good and it was the first time that i got to drive to chateau thierry! it was good. we started off the day with some contacting and what not and then came in for lunch and made our way out the door to spend the day in chateau. it was good to be out there cause it's been a little while since we've been there. we got there and started out by trying to see some old investigators that we had found in the area book and we got let in by one guy who told us that we could come by next week to give him a real lesson! it was cool! we then went searching for some less-active members and found some of them and then taught them a lesson and it was fun to be able to see them. we contacted and walked around and met some new people and then made our way home for the night and usually it takes somewhere around 45 minutes to get home but it took us 30 minutes this time and i wasn't even speeding! we don't know what it was! but we came home and went searching for some dinner and i found the kebab of reims! best day ever!
so we woke up and since last week we were told by the ward mission leader that the car was not to be used for coming to church so we had to walk! so that was a bummer but we left and made it to church and it was good none the less! our newest convert and his whole family came to all three hours and it was awesome cause in sacrament the bishop announced that he could have the priesthood! it was so cool! so after all the meetings we went and had a little talk on what was about to happen and we gave him the priesthood! it was so cool! then we had a rdv with our new investigator and....WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE! it was such a good rdv and he accepted to be baptized on the 20th of June! it was so cool! he said to us get me ready! it was super cool. then we went over to a member's house where we could skype, and we got to call home and it was super fun! i love that family of mine in good old ktown! they sure mean a lot to me! we talked and by the time i hung up i was so surprised to see two hours had gone by! lol! then we made our way to another little rdv where she and her aunt and uncle had just gotten home from the states on friday and it was so fun to see them! they showed us all the pics and it was cool to see them. we then prayed and made our way in for the night!
well that's my week! like i said it was long, but we got through it and we're staring another! thanks again for all the prayers and support! i love you all! merci encore!
elder libby!

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