Monday, March 9, 2015


well hey everyone!!!
how's things back in murica? haha things are really good here. transfers are next week and i cannot believe that i will be leaving metz!! we find out this saturday where i will be going but we've all got suspicions that it will be somewhere in belgium! (keep your fingers crossed! apparently the fries are really good there!) so ya from now on! any letters or packages! send them to the mission bureau! the address has changed so here it is:
Elder Tanner Libby
131 boulevard Carnot
78110 Le Vésinet
please send them there until we know my next address! thanks! ok here is the week
not a ton to report but i had a huge #impulsebuy and got my early birthday present...haha a really nice 69 euro watch! it is really nice! and yes there are pictures! then we all went to get kebabs and we were looking at my watch and i was really happy and it was a good night! haha then we went out porting to finish up the night!
well thanks to one of the best members in metz who gave us a cooking class, we made the BEST tartiflette ever! except for the fact that right after we had finished eating it i realized that i forgot to take a picture of that was a bummer...i guess i'll just have to wait til the next one! we had that for district meeting and it was killer haha #prointhecookingclass #amirite? the other elders made a really good ice cream shake too so that was really good. all in all a really good food day for our district meeting! party that up. the rest of our day consisted of contacting and porting! we got a referral from debbie and karen, my new friends who were here from salt lake and california. an old friend of their aunt, and so we went and contacted her and she said that she was very glad to see us and asked us to come back in a few days and she'd sit down and talk with us! so that was really good! we spend the night porting and then i wanted to print off a couple pictures from home! so we went and did that.
so today i realized that i am really excited to get transferred! haha me and my comp were talking all about it, about how being together with someone for 14 solid weeks can be difficult cause we literally are running out of things to talk about! so i got super excited and we were talking all about that for a while! we went out contacting and i got a letter from my momma so when we got back and came in for lunch i got to read that and that was pretty good! i loved the card so thanks mom! we had a rdv with the less active that we found a few weeks back and we went in and talked all about the plan of salvation and it was a pretty solid rdv! we then needed to get to the church to find an address and a number so we went there and came home for dinner and then went to the post office so that i could buy a box to send home a package! then we ended our night by porting and we ran into a family that had met with the sister missionaries years back when there were sisters here in metz and they just got back from a trip to st george about a year ago and they loved the mormon "cathedral" there! haha i miss that temple! wave hi at it for me the next time!
today was full of stuff so it went by way fast! haha and i was so happy! it was really good. we started out with our studies and the whole apartment got into this huge conversation on like eternal laws and concepts of the gospel and lets just say that i found out that i know almost nothing about this church...haha but seriously though. then we went out contacting and we found this little kind of gas station without the gas pumps store that had lined paper! not graph paper! #infrance?? so that was really exciting and we couldn't resist not buying a little book. so we did that and then went in for lunch. we had a meeting in thionville for dmp and so we made our way up to that and it was good. we ate cookies and ice cream so that was really nice! never complain about that! then we came home and took dinner and then made our way to one of our investigators houses for our rdv with her! it was good. our goal was to ask her to pray every night and have her start praying with her daughter. i shared some personal experiences of answers to prayer and the spirit was so strong i started crying! haha so it was a really good rdv
today was super long...and i'm not even going to sugar coat was long....but we do what we have to do with a SMILE :) i realized today how fast time is going. some friends from home have already been out on their missions for almost 9 months!! i can't believe it...haha but we had weekly planning today and it was really long but almost my last one here in metz...that's freaking bizarre! haha then the other elders had a rdv with a less active but she wouldn't let them come over alone so we had to go with them. she talked a lot about her conversion story and how she couldn't leave her apartment cause all her neighbors are trying to break into her we really got to know a lot about her neighbors! she asked for a blessing and then we went porting and came home and finished up weekly planning. one of the elders told me that he wanted to give me a massage! so that was fun! it was a good massage too!
saturdays are always so long it seems! haha i have no idea why but they seem so long...haha they are literally days of contacting and is so long! but they are good. we started off with studies and then we went contacting and while we were contacting we got a call from the other elders saying that they wanted us to go to kebabs with them! so we made our way to kebabs! we got them and then made our way home and we found a few less actives that we decided to go and find. we found them but none of them let us that was a bummer! but we walked and talked and laughed...i realized how much i miss movies! haha but it was good. we went and tried to find a lady that told us to come to her house a couple days ago and found the building but we couldn't find that was a bummer. we then went out porting and came home for dinner late...and while we were sitting there, a couple of us got a random craving for soda! so we ran to the store before it closed and bought some soda and it was really yummy!
today was such a good sunday! honestly probably close to one of the best ones that i've had in a long time! we had a really good day. we did have a little bit of a set back....we had a rdv with our investigator who set a baptism date today and he told us that he is feeling like baptism is something that he is not ready for quite yet. he told us that he really wants it but for some reason it doesn't feel right right now. so he has decided to push it back a few weeks! which is really good. i'm really glad that he was brave enough to tell us. so i am really happy for him! i'm really sad that i won't be able to see it, but HIS baptism is not about ME. and that's just something that i had to realize. today in church i had to give a talk...haha it was really interesting. i'll tell you that much! it was on the talk from this last general conference by jorg klebingat called approaching the throne of god with confidence! so that was fun! then we were invited over to a members house for dinner. i'll tell you what... we got about 5 different dinner appts this week and it's all because of me leaving! haha that was awesome! we only have 2 free nights this week! we got home and went to meet the lady that debbie and karen referred us to and she made us this really yummy tarte and gave us some coke and we talked for a good hour! she was really nice! then we got to our dinner appt and they made this really yummy pasta with pesto sauce! it was really yummy! we then got home and another member invited us over to dinner next week! so that was even better! this member has become my very close friend and she was then talking about how she might cry when i leave cause it'd be like losing a best friend....i almost started crying! haha i love her!
so ya! this week was really good! keep all the letters and packages coming! i seriously love them! i'm excited to see where i will be going next! i find out on saturday so be sure to read next week and see where i'm going! thanks again everyone! que dieu vous bénisse! à bientôt! (God bless you! See you soon!)
elder libby

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