Tuesday, October 14, 2014


BONJOUR TOUTE LE MONDE! Comment ça va? i cannot believe what a week it has been! i am so much better this week though...thank you for all the prayers and thoughts in my behalf! last week was hard but this week has been all the better and i just love it here in FRANCE!!! i also am just loving hearing from everyone that is getting mission calls and who is all leaving and all that! congrats to everyone!!! the work is going great! and missions are so amazing! well i guess i can tell you a little bit about my week:) it's been a good one so stay attentive..:) wow i'm weird k here we go!
well i am like so stupid because monday night i left my journal at the Church after emails....so we went back to get it first thing and they had moved all the furniture out of the computer room (because the church is currently under a huge renovation, remember?) and so me and elder eldredge had to look around the whole church to find where they put my journal! ahhh but we found it and then we put some of his music on my usb so that i had some more! but then we had to go clean our apartment parce que we didn't get to yesterday...so we did that and then had to go to email the president. but we went to this place that had really slow and old internet service so we had to go to another place...ahh that took forever..but then it was time to head back to the apartment for the night.
WEDNESDAY ---- HAPPY 12TH BDAY BOWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how is that little fart already 12....ahh that blows my mind! today was one of the funnest days that i've had in france! i just loved it so much. it was exactly what i needed and i just felt at home and happy! it was such a good day! we had zone conference today, and in my zone, there are 4 blue's (they call green's blue's for some reason...) me, elder merrill, one of my good friends in the mtc!, SOEUR HUDSON!!!, one of my fellow district members at the mtc and one of my favorite people ever on this planet, and Elder Wilson, the one that Megan Bunch's sister told me to look for at the MTC. me and him are also pretty close! we just all talked and it was so good to just catch up with them...i just love them all so much! we had interviews with president and soeur babin! they went so well and i can tell that they really are like my parents while i am here. they are so nice and such inspired people! Soeur babin reminds me so much of Dearwyn...just so loving and she even looks a lot like her! then we had meetings and what not but then we had lunch..we got chinese! then we were all waiting for trains and final messages from the president and we got talking about lunch...turns out that we ate...DOG for lunch...i repented so no worries...i don't think i'll be eating chinese food in france anymore:( i thought it was CHICKEN! but nope it was fluffy from two doors down....i got my wallet and camera back today and good thing too cause.....WE WENT TO THE EIFFEL TOWER!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW. THAT THING IS HUMONGOUS! seriously think of how big you think it is, and its a billion times bigger haha so crazy! i got lots of pictures and i'll be sending them later today:) wow thats all that i can say...it is like almost majestic! but we accidentally missed our train back to metz so we had to wait and buy tickets for a new train...we look at lots of nice Swatches and i think i'm going to have to buy one:) along with shoes...i LOVE french shoes!!!
Another good day! ahhh but who can have a bad day in france right? haha jk i had a few last week but they've just been getting better and better every day! i feel like today i really got really close with my companion and that's something i need right? i mean he's pretty much my wife for the next 6 weeks;) we went contacting for about an hour and talked to maybe 5 people and they all said no hah! but we had a meeting with the ward mission leader again this week so we went to that and got back around 5. we decided that we were going to make dinner and go get baguettes. then we went contacting again for the rest of the night and got two numbers! one was a fake number and the other lady won't answer her phone...but we keep trying!
what a day! so the bishops wife called us last night and asked if we'd teach institute for her today...so we planned for a lesson in institute during study and then went contacting...just another day in paradise! if you consider paradise somewhere with no success:) but it's always fun to listen to how people reject us! ahaha. then we came back and started weekly planning and got a little off subject and ended up not finishing...oops! so we ate dinner and went off to our rendezvous avec Nora! it went really well but she told us again she's not really ready for baptism yet. she said she likes meeting with us and she likes talking with us but she doesn't know yet. she's such a cool lady. i hope things work out with her! then we taught our lesson at institute and it went pretty good! we talked about the 4th section of D&C and then went to print some things off the computer and then headed home for the night.
today felt unproductive and slow but none the less it was good! we studied and had a lesson with our recent convert. like 2 weeks before i got here, but that went well. we asked her to bare her testimony and she said no but ya...other than that it was a good lesson! then we were supposed to meet someone at the church to help us prepare for our ward party we're having in a few weeks, but she never showed up...so i was playing the piano for a long time! but then we went to get kebabs. which are like a french hamburger...and fries! they're pretty good but i like american hamburgers better!:) haha then we went back and finished planning from yesterday, and went to teach a lesson to one of the other investigators. he suprised us with telling us that he didn't want to meet with us anymore...kind of a bummer but what can we do? then we went to the church to print off some stuff and when we got back, but watched 17 miracles. so it was a pretty good day!
had my first sacrament meeting in france today! haha it was pretty good! met lots of nice ward members and the bishop! he's actually from utah so he speaks fluent english...what a relief! haha went to all three classes and might not have understood everything, but i definitely liked it! haha then we came back and went visiting a bunch of people in the ward and then contacting! then we came home for dinner and some studies and then we went porting! it was a fun day! porting is knocking doors...it's definitely different, but i like it! then we went home for the night,

well thank you everyone for all that you've done for me to get here! i love it here and i am doing great! i love chatting with all of you and can't wait for my pdays so that i can talk to you all! thanks for everything and i'll talk to you next week! au revoir! je vous aime!
Elder Libby

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