Monday, June 6, 2016


Salut à tous! Cette semaine c'était la semaine des grèves.....sérieusement. C'était horrible. On n'a pas pu faire grande choses à cause des grèves. On a marché par tout, et c'est aujourd'hui, la première fois que j'ai vu le soleil toute la semaine. Et il fait chaud!! Ça me rappel de l'année dernière....WOW. Neamoins, nous avons essayé quand même de travaillér notre mieux! J'espère que vous l'aimez:) (Hi all! This week was the week of strikes... seriously. It was horrible. We could not do great things because of the strikes. We walked all the days, and today is the first time I saw the Sun throughout the week. And it's hot! Reminds me of last year... WOW. Nevertheless, we tried to give even our best work! I hope you like it :)
Well tonight we had family night and because there is a strike going on, we didn't even leave the church after emails, we just stayed there and had family night. Soeur Mazy shared a lesson tonight that was on looking at the glass half full, an article I guess just recently given by Uchtdorf and it was super good. She said that life for her recently had been super hard and she's been looking at everything super negatively, but when she read this, she decided to start looking at and for the good in everything. It was super good. We also played ping pong and ended the night coming home with Chung. 
Well we'd heard that the grève of the buses was supposed to be yesterday, and so because of that, we didn't do our grocery shopping yesterday cause we wanted to have a bus to be able to bring our groceries home. But we woke up this morning to no buses and no trains. And the grocery store was 2 km what did we do? WE WALKED! Stupid grèves....we got up and had our studies and then after we had finished with those, we went and made our way to the grocery store. Since it was 2 km away, it took us about an half and a half to go there, shop and make our way home. It was a little annoying. But we have to make do with the situations that come our way! So when we finally got home, we took lunch and then we headed out to go and try to renew our bus passes, but as soon as we got to the place to do that, we remembered that they were on grève as we couldn't even renew our bus passes. So since they were on grève, and they said not all lines were canceled, only some, we decided that since we had a rdv with Wilmy and Allisson tonight and the trains weren't running, our only option/hope of being able to get to their house tonight was to take a bus. So we trucked our way all the way up to the church. Haha let me tell you that that was not just an around the corner trip from the gare! It legit took us just about an hour to there. It was a fun time let me tell you. Nothing better than trucking along in the rain all the way uphill. Good times:) so we finally got to the church and we got to the computer and looked up bus times and it told us that all other buses that we could take to their house were canceled, but it didn't say anything on the bus that we wanted to take, so we kind of just assumed that it was going to be still running. So by this time, we had about an hour and 20 minutes until the bus was supposed to leave, so we started to make our way to our house so that we could get something in our systems and then we made it to the gare. We got to the bus gare and we were just sitting there waiting and all of the sudden the phone rang, so we answered and it was Wilmy saying that we shouldn't worry about coming to their house tonight and that we could just move the rdv to Thursday when the grève should be over. So we changed plans and to end the night, we went to this little area and we ported until it was time to go inside for language study and dinner. We weren't able to do a ton of stuff today and that's cause of the stupid buses! Who knew we depended on them so much! Lol but we did what we could to make our time efficient
So today we were really hoping that the grèves were over. But because life isn't that easy and because it would make too much sense for the grève to just end, they were still going on haha....bummer deal huh? We had to go another day with no transportation! But it's ok. Maybe this is how I'm gonna lose all my weight?? Having no choice but to walk?;) we got up this morning, and because of the grèves, our district leader was able to get permission from president Babin to have a skype district meeting. So we weren't aware that the grève was still going on, so we decided to get up and head to the bus place and try to renew our passes, but we got there and saw that the grève had prolonged, which is making us think that it's gonna be going on for at least a few more days... So from there we went and had to do the same thing as yesterday and walk all the way up that huge hill back to the chapel. Haha it was not a quick walk either. But we survived and sooner or later we made it. Just in the nick of time too! Just as we were walking in the doors to the chapel, I got a phone call from elder dudfield asking me what my skype info was so that he could call and get us on. So we got in and we talked about becoming a unified district today. We fixed goals on how we can become better unified and it was interesting cause not that I don't love my district but like haha we see each other once a week, if that. Is there a ton more that we can do?? Maybe it's just my pessimistic viewpoint on things idk but whatever. When we finished we made our way all the way back to the apartment and then took lunch and then we went out into the pouring rain and contacted. Which isn't the greatest thing to do in the rain cause surprisingly, not a whole lot of people love to get stopped in the rain and talk to random people and get soaked lol. So it was interesting. The weather has been nasty rainy all week so far and we haven't seen a ton of success. But we got a call from Braine telling us that they were on their way to Namur, cause they needed their phone haha so they'd been waiting for trains ever since the end of district meeting. So we went in for dinner and language study and just as we were about to leave, they showed up for their phone, cause they left it last week when they brought us here. We left and made our way to the Badoux's house so that we could go to our rdv with Bernard and Claude that we met last week! The older couple! It was nice but tonight they turned out to be just that, nice. It was kind of a bummer when we had a member with us, we shared a good hour together, we were able to teach the entire restoration, and then they told us they were pretty busy and they'd 'call us' when they had time to see us again. So that was a bit of a let down, but we left them with our testimonies and a Book of Mormon and then we headed out and made our way home for the night.
Well today was just another day in paradise haha. And by that, I mean we STILL were on grève and there were little to no trains, but however we were lucky enough to have caught a train going to a rdv tonight. So that was a blessing! We got up this morning and had studies and then when they had finished we went and contacted. We decided that since we had that rdv tonight that got changed from Tuesday to Thursday that we'd go to the gare and look at train times and see if any of them were running. So there were some trains running, and when I say that, I literally mean just some haha not a ton at all were going, but there were no buses at all. So that just meant that today was going to be another walking day for these 2 missionaries in Namur! It's really sad, cause without the buses and trains, we really feel like we can't get a lot done, because of the fact that we have to walk everywhere, and to be able to do things in a timely matter, that means that we can't do a ton of contacting, cause we have to make sure we are on time. So since the gare couldn't give us any information on the things that we needed, we decided to make our way to the church and see if there was anything on the website. So off we went and we contacted who we could, but there wasn't anything really that happened. When we got up there, we got online and all the website told us, was that the grève was still going and that there wasn't really any predictions on what was working and what wasn't. It was a pain. The church isn't exactly around the corner! So it takes some time to get up there and back haha but anyway, when we'd finished we left and we started to contact and we just walked around til we needed to go into dinner and language study. When we had finished with those we went and headed to the gare and just as we got to the gare a train came up going exactly where we needed to go! #blessings!! So we went and caught that bad boy up to Allisson and Wilmy's place. For some odd reason, I don't know why, they don't like to come and get us from the gare. They like us to walk to their house which is a good 20 minute walk and so while we were going, we made the best of it. And how?? There was a speedometer and we decided to see if it could read elder Anderson running, just like Michael Scott on the Office. And it did! Haha elder Anderson ran past it at 25 km/hr! Haha it was one of the greatest moments of the week haha then we found a field of sheep and had to take some candid selfies and videos with them. When we got to their house we had a good lesson with them on the priesthood and it went well! We think Wilmy is interested in getting the priesthood so we tried to base the lesson on him tonight. It was a good one. We then were offered a ride home in Allisson's new convertible! Haha it was a fun ride.
Today was one of the most productive days that we've had all week! But I feel like I don't have a ton to share because of the fact that it was weekly planning. We didn't get to finish cause we had a rdv with the girl that we met last week named Christine! It was an awesome rdv and I've got myself a new friend. Haha she seems really cool and it is going to be interesting to see how she progresses in the gospel. We got up this morning and we had some studies and then we finished by heading out the door to go contacting, but as we were walking out, I looked at my bedside table and remembered that I had received a little care package from mom this week and she'd sent me a little present for Emmanuel and Claudette. So I felt like we needed to call them and ask if we could stop by and see them for a minute so that I could give them the little present from Karin. So we called and luckily, they were both home! So they told us we could come over really quick and give them the present. The 'quick' visit that we wanted to have this morning turned into a 2 hour discussion haha! It was so good to talk to them again. They are doing great. They are both so humble and so thankful that God has blessed them with the opportunity to have the gospel in their lives, and that they have been able to find jobs to take care of their family. But just like everyone else, they have their problems and they've asked us to keep praying for them so that they will be able to keep away from Satan's lies and temptations. They need the strength, just like us all:) so keep praying for them, ok?? After we finished up with them, we headed home and we took lunch and then after that, we started up our weekly planning. We weren't able to get a whole lot done cause we had to leave in the middle of it to find Christine's house! We were supposed to be having it at the church, but because of the grève, we had to change and so we got to her house and she let us right in and we went up and things just seemed to click! We were able to talk to her all about school and how it's going and she was able to open up to us and tell us more about her religious situation and about what really happened with her sister and we shared with her the plan of salvation and she kept asking questions like, so there is only good here? And, this is so much different than anything I've ever been told! She then invited us back over TWICE next week! It was a blessing! We finished up and headed home for dinner and then got all our stuff ready for the youth night and went and headed up to the church. When we for up there, we found that the normal members that take care of it, weren't there tonight and they'd forgotten to tell the new ones that he'd invited the missionaries haha so it was just a little less than awkward. We helped make the hamburgers and then ate with them all while hanging with the members which is always a blast, especially in this ward!! I also got an iMessage from my mom today telling me that the test results from the CAT scan of my dad came back clean and that he is CANCERFREE!!!! It was amazing to hear. To all who don't know or question it, #FASTINGWORKS. Our Heavenly Father loves and blesses us!!
So today was also pretty chilled and laid back. I'm happy to announce that the grèves seem to be coming to an end!!!!! There are some buses that seemed to be running today and we stopped by the gare cause we needed a train today, and there were so many that were running!!! That made our day pretty great already. So we got up this morning and we studied and then made our way out to go contacting. We finally got a street lesson today! And that was great cause it was the first one we got all week haha. We also were walking and happened to walk past the place where we are supposed to renew our bus passes and it was open! So we went and renewed them and saw that some bus lines were running! I'm not gonna lie, I felt so free! I was like, FINALLY!!! Lol we then went and crossed the street and checked the trains and there were a ton running. The reason we needed a train today is because last Sunday, they announced that there was a multi-stake conference that would be happening this Sunday, and since Namur doesn't have satellite, we needed to go to a different building. And something that made me ever more sad, is the fact that we'd asked s few members for a ride Sunday morning, but they all told us they weren't going:( so that meant that we needed to go in tonight and lose some time working, so that we could get to another missionary apartment for our Sunday meetings. Anyway, when we found out that we'd be able to get a train tonight to get into Braine, we left and got some frites and then headed home for lunch. After lunch we restarted our weekly planning and got it all finished up. We were planning for some lessons and for the first time, I think ever, if not in a really long time, I felt like I legit got some ideas from the spirit on how to legit teach someone. It honestly was a super cool experience! Maybe it's just been a while, but it was super cool to be able to feel that way. When we finished planning, we took language study and dinner and then we got all packed up and headed out to go and catch a train into Braine and spend the night. Missionary sleepovers are always the greatest;) when we got into Braine we walked to the apartment and then ended the night with some late night stories
Well we woke up this morning not really knowing what was going on for this conference type thing we were supposed to be having. None of us even knew about it until last week when they announced it in sacrament meeting. So none the less, we got up this morning and we all got ready and ate and then headed out to go to church. We got there and everyone started showing up but sadly there were no members from Namur that came:( I was a little sad but whatever. What do you do?? When the time came to start the meetings, we all gathered together and started the broadcast, which was pretty much made up of the best general authorities EVER! We heard from Patrick Kearon (my BFF), Bonnie L Oscarson (another personal acquaintance;) ), Gerald Causée (who I'm going to go find after my mission to speak French to!), and D Todd Christofferson (whom I personally have no personal connection with....but still!) can you even believe how awesome this conference was?! I had a lot of favorite talks and insights from them all, but I want to share the one that had the most meaning to me today. It almost brought me to tears, the spirit was so strong!! Gérald Causée talked all about temples. Obviously, because he's French, lucky guy, he spoke on the temple in Paris. He mentioned how it was a dream for him to move to Utah and have the Draper Temple just out his window, when in France he had to drive, sometimes 2 days just to get to a temple. He said they had visitors from France with them recently and that during breakfast, they stood up, looked out the window, saw the temple, and when they turned back, had tears in their eyes and said, 'Do you know just how lucky you really are?' He talked about the chance we have of receiving more temples on the earth today. He told us he NEVER wanted us to take for granted the temple and that it should always be a blessing for us to just SEE them. And that's when it hit me. I'm supposed to work at the temple when I get home. I know the Lord wants me there. I'm excited to be able to do it! He went on to talking about families and the importance of the family in temples and how when we focus and try to live our temple covenants, our family becomes stronger and more important. But then he made the inverse comment, of when we focus on our families and have the spirit continually with us to guide us, our temple covenants become stronger and more important. He told us that when life gets hard, when we want to give up, and when we think we can't do anymore, think of our families. Do better for them. Cause the blessings of the temple will only bless us. During his talk, I reached into my bag and pulled out my temple recommend and just held it. I was on the verge of tears! (I think missions turn you into a bigger bawl baby to be honest haha I'm so emotional. LIKE ALL THE TIME.) it was such a powerful talk and I'm hoping to be able to find it online sometime soon! Then there is a member in the Nivelles ward who designs swimming pools and has hoodies for his business and the other week, the elders were wearing them and I asked if I could buy one from him and they asked and he said he'd just give me one!! So after the meetings, he gave me a hoodie!!! I love it! Then we went and got to the gare to catch trains home. So when we finally got home, we went and got changed and were taking lunch when the phone buzzed and it was Romuald texting us and canceling on the rdv for that was a bummer! We then spent the rest of the afternoon contacting until we came in and did our paperwork for Chung. But as we were outside walking around and about to come in for the night, we heard a familiar ring which just happened to be the ice cream truck! So we ran down like little kids and got us some ice cream for the walk back to the apartment. I ended the night with a quick phone call to the Delsyppers and it was super good to hear from them cause it had been a while since we'd talked!
Comme je vous ai dit, les grèves cette semaine m'ont tué! Je ne peux même pas croire combien il y en avait! Mais bon, espérons que nous avons fini avec tout ça et nous pouvons travailler dans la paix! J'ai appris que nous avons tant de choses dans la vie que nous avons besoin, et nous ne réalisons pas combien nous les avons besoins jusqu'au moment qu'elles sont parties. Alors cette semaine je vous encourage à chérir tous dans votre vie. Le soleil, vos voitures, votre AC! Ils sont tous les bénédictions d'un père aimant. A la prochaine!!  (As I told you, the transportation strikes this week have killed me! I can't even believe how many there are! But hey, I hope that we end with all this and in this city, we can work in peace! I learned that we have so many things in life that we need, and we do not realize how much we need until such time that they are taken from us. So this week I encourage you to cherish all your life. The Sun, your cars, your AC! They are all the blessings of a loving father. Ahh next week!)
Elder Libby

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