Monday, May 30, 2016


BAH! Cette semaine. Elle est déjà finie?! C'est bizarre que j'ai moins que 9 semaines qui reste en mission. Pour vous dire, j'ai bien reçu mon recommandation pour aller au temple!!! Ça veut dire qu'il faut qu j'y aille bientôt! Je suis impatient d'y retourner. Je vais vous dire tout d'abord, je n'ai pas pris beaucoup des photos cette semaine. Il me semble qu'il n'y avait pas beaucoup qui s'est passé...alors désolé pour le manque des photos! J'espère que vous aimeriez mes expériences de cette semaine quand-même! (BAH! This week. It is already over? It's weird that I have less than 9 weeks remaining on my mission. To tell you, I have renewed my recommend to go to the temple! I will need it, as I go there soon! I'm eager to go back. I'll tell you first of all, I did not take many pictures this week. It seems to me that there was not much that has happened... so sorry for the lack of photos! I hope that you would like my experiences this week anyway!)
So we were asked to give the spiritual thought tonight and elder Anderson told me that  he felt like we needed to give it on the spirit. So we went in not exactly knowing how we were going to be doing it, but we knew that the spirit would take over. We went in and just started and immediately the tone in the room changed, and we were prompted to start talking on learning by the spirit and how it happens. It was so cool! The lesson went great and we were able to answer questions from Allisson who is kind of less active. It was an amazing lesson.
So I kid you not, nothing happened today. Haha there was nothing really cool or anything super life changing happened. We were able to go contacting and we were able to teach a lesson to this super cool lady, but the only problem was that I asked her, TWICE, if it interested her to maybe meet up again and talk a little bit more and both times she hurried and changed the subject and started to talk about something else. GAH. ITS SO FRUSTRATING SOMETIMES. Not that I want to control everyone, but I just wish that sometimes people would say yes. Gah. So this morning when we woke up we made our way to studies and then when we went out contacting and we found a few new fun stores that we'd heard about from other missionaries but never been to so we are going to have to try those, then we contacted the really cool lady, which now looking back on it was a super cool experience cause she was like one of the only people outside at the time! Haha we then went and made our way in for lunch and then since yesterday at the chapel they were replacing the carpet (oh ya minor detail haha) and because we heard that the power at the Liège chapel was out, and we were supposed to be having zone conference there tomorrow, we decided to go up and check to see how the carpet was coming along and if there was power in our chapel in case we all needed to come here. So all was going well there and spoiler, we didn't have to come to Namur for zone conference. So after we just contacted and walked around until it was time to make our way in for language study. When we'd had language study, we then needed to make our way to the gare so that we could pick up the elders from Charleroi cause they were going to be spending the night with us. So we got to the gare and while we were waiting I noticed this group of guys just sitting there and speaking English and so I asked where they were from and they were from England! With their stylish English accents and sounding all cool and stuff haha they told us that they were on an athletics team and that they were all runners. Come to find out that they were on the English National Team and they will be trying out for the olympics in just a few weeks!!! I thought that was so cool! I told them I swam for 10 years before my mission and they were asking some questions about that and if I went Pro or not;) HA. They didn't really ask about our message when we told them we were missionaries and then their ride got in and they left. So imma be watching for them during the olympics!! Then Charleroi came in and we headed home and ate some dinner and ended the night with some jungle speed.
Today was zone conference and it was my last one for my entire mission....haha wow just writing that is super weird! My last We were all under the impression that I was going to be giving my 'dying testimony' today but for one reason or another, it didn't end up happening and I will be doing it next transfer in a smaller conference. Which is ok with me;) I don't need to talk in front of a billion people that I don't know, twice;) just kidding. My homecoming won't be only people I don't know. Haha! We got up this morning and we went and made our way to the gare to make our train to get in bright and early to Liège. We got on the train and during the train I was reading this newspaper that I found and it was saying that Christopher Nolan is making a movie about Dunkerque and the huge battle that went on there during world war 2 and as I read it I was like, wow haha who'd wanna go see a movie about that?;) but at the same time I was all, DANG! I lived there for 6 months! That'll be cool to see! I'm wondering if he's gonna be going in and using the real monuments and stuff. It'll be cool to see. Then we got to the gare and met up with the other missionaries and we got to the chapel. We had some super cool formations today and a big theme today was being bold. Being bold in our callings, being bold in our work, being bold. It was cool to hear all the different formations given to us that made me realize how much I need to be more confident. I especially liked the comments from Soeur Babin and how she was encouraging us to persevere and not give up on ourselves or on people. She was telling us that we need to be sure to let people know our purpose and why we are here. It was a good formation! She even teared up a little bit, which made it even that much more powerful! We were sitting eating lunch when elder slaughter came over to me and told me of some of the things that my mother has been posting on Facebook......haha let me tell you I need to have a talk with her!;) He was telling me how much fun it has been to be friends with her and be able to communicate the way that they have. His wife was also ecstatic when I said that we would come back and see them after my mission. Haha after all of that, I had a meeting for the missionaries who are going home in the next 12 weeks, and we talked about putting our faith in the lord to direct our paths. It was good! Then I had the chance to meet with president Babin and get a new temple recommend. It was so amazing to sit with him and talk about it. He is such an amazing man and I've absolutely loved working with him for the past 2 years. After all that, we went and caught a bus to get to the gare to make it home. It was a long day there!! When we got home we had about 20 minutes left to work so we just made a few phone calls and called it a night.
So tonight made me super happy! I honestly felt like today was the most productive day that I've had in a while. We saw some really cool miracles that made me realize that Heavenly Father watches over us. I was a little depressed about today, not going to lie, cause it was a finding day all day long, but by the end I was sure thankful for the chance that I got to go and find people. We got up this morning and we had our studies and then once we finished we headed out the door. We were supposed to be meeting up with Patrick for lunch, but he called last minute and canceled cause he had too much work. So we just filled out morning with some contacting and it was hot and I was sweaty and I wanted to go inside, but as I was thinking all these thoughts, I all of the sudden thought of the Sisters formation yesterday in zone conference. They talked about handing out book of Mormons and how we should be holding them in our hands as we are walking, and do it with a smile. So I pulled out my Book of Mormon and that's when I put my smile on and God put Christine in our path! We started to talk and she told us how her sister recently passed away and how she was confused by it cause she was in perfect health and how she was a little skeptical on the existence of a god because of it. So I all of the sudden thought to share Alma 40:11-12 which talks about the state of the soul between death and the resurrection, so I pulled that out in the Book of Mormon I was holding and shared it with her and she looked at me and said, 'that is beautiful. I hope that is true!' We gave her the Book of Mormon and we will be meeting with her next Friday at the chapel to explain more! It was incredible! We then went and got some frites for lunch and headed inside to eat. After lunch, we had about 2 hours left of work cause we were supposed to be having a rdv with Wilmy and Allisson, so we went out and contacted. During that time nothing too amazing happened, but we were able to talk to a couple people! Then we came inside and took dinner and language study and then we were just about to head out to catch our train to their place when the phone rang. It was Allisson and she was telling us that they had to cancel and I didn't really understand exactly the reason, but it was ok. We then decided to go out porting. We made it to a neighborhood that we had never been to and we started to knock and of course there were grumpy people telling us that we should only come back if we ever have anything important to say, so to that we say, this is important! Haha but we knocked on a door and Claude answered! Her and her husband, Bernard, are an older couple that have been to Salt Lake City a few times but didn't know a ton about us. So they invited us in, gave us some apple juice and we began teaching them very simply the restoration. When we were about to finish, we asked them if they'd be interested in ever coming to our church and they said.....YES! You all need to take a minute and realize just how miraculous this actually is. Old people here are all so stubborn and always say that they are too old to change. But these two were like why not! Maybe we'll like it! They said that this Sunday was impossible but that they would definitely come, and they seemed really interested in the BBQ that we are having in July. So when we were about to leave, they told us we could come back next week and then Claude mentions, 'If you have any friends you want to bring with you, please do!' So we left them with a prayer and called up the Badoux's and asked if they would be able to come and they said yes! We are going to see Bernard and Claude next week as week as well. It was a great day!!!
Well today was just a normal day in the craziest place ever. Haha no Namur isn't that crazy, but it does seem like there is always something going on. Today we found out that there is a grève (strike) going on with the trains, and it is very possible that it could be going on until next Tuesday. Ahhhhh. So the reason that this is annoying is because we were supposed to be going into Nivelles tomorrow morning to have a finding day with the district there and with the trains not running, it is literally impossible for us to get there. So anyway, we got up this morning and we had our studies and then we got ready and headed outside and walked around and contacted. Today there was not the crazy amazing success like we had yesterday, cause people are just too busy sometimes haha it's sad really. But the sun was out and I was cooking a bit and all I know is it was hot and there was some sweat in places I shouldn't be sweating. Haha! We got in to eat lunch and during lunch, we got a phone call from our district leader telling us about the grève and so we decided we'd go and see if it'd be best for us to go in tonight to Nivelles but when we got to the gare, the lady told us that it would be impossible for us to get from Namur to Nivelles. She said that getting to Brussels was maybe possible, but Nivelles would not be possible until Tuesday at the earliest. So we called the district leader and told him and said we'd do what we could to get to Brussels and then Braine could come and get us with their car. So we left the gare and headed home to weekly plan, which was awesome today cause for the first time in forever, we had more than just one person to plan for!!! #tendermercies When we'd finished that up we took language study and dinner and then decided we'd pack our bags and head up to the church where we could get on the computer and look to see if there were any updates on train times to see if we could get to Brussels. So we got there and the site was no help, but we went and hopped on the next bus to the gare and decided we'd wait til there was a train going into Brussels, cause it only made sense that if there are trains running, there would be one to Brussels. When we got there we sat and waited and all of the sudden, a random train came on the board that was going to this little village in the middle of the ward boundaries for Nivelles! So we called up Braine, and said come and get us and we went and caught out train to Ottignies! When we got on the train, the controller came and looked at our tickets and we got into a nice conversation with her about the grève and she explained to us that it happens just because people aren't happy with anything. She said they all are just unhappy with their job, so they strike against everything and just don't show up to work. She said it bothers her, cause they accepted the job so they should work and that she was ok with it and she decided to come to work, cause she knows people depended on the trains. It was good to have someone that caring about others stop and talk to us. She then told us she wasn't sure if we'd be able to catch a train tomorrow back to Namur.....haha😬😬 when the guys from Braine picked us up we just headed to their apartment and finished the night off with some frites and talking;)
Well today went alright for the most part! We were able to make it back to Namur! Haha they had to drive us home from Braine, but that's ok! We had a good finding day there and we were able to help. At least I hope so! Haha we got up this morning and we went and made our way to the chapel to start off our finding day. We got there and all the members that were coming to help showed up and we started out. We all got our specific tasks on what to do and where to go and then left and went downtown. They had planned to have a table that was going to be holding a big Book of Mormon and all this stuff and so we got there and started to set it up and this guy that owned the store right behind the place we were doing it came out and told us that we weren't allowed to do it haha so we moved across the street and then the officials for the city market came and told us that unless we had official papers saying that we could do this from the city, that we weren't allowed to do it. So we just left and went contacting around the city instead! It went well! We were able to give a Book of Mormon to a guy and talk to a bunch of people. I went on an exchange with this member from Nivelles and he was BOLD! Haha like legit he was telling people that would say they weren't interested, 'Oh, is it because you saw Jesus Christ written on my friends badge?!' I was just like DUDE!! You go! Haha I have always wanted to do that, but because I wear that badge, I'm not exactly allowed to talk to people like that haha! Anyway, we finished and made our way back to the chapel to finish off the day with the members and then we all sat and ate as missionaries and while eating we decided we would go and check to see if the grève had finished or if there were any updates online and so we did and there was nothing and they were saying that since it was Saturday they were already less than normal but then with the grève they were just almost not running at all. So we were a little worried that we were going to have no way home, but we called the mission office and explained the problem, and they gave us permission to have the elders from Braine give us a ride home in their car and so we went and finished off our day with those guys and then we headed back to Namur! It was a fun car ride. It's not everyday that I get to ride in the car and so I take advantage when I can, cause I just love driving and I can't wait for that again!! Anyway, when we got home, they had to use the bathroom and so they came in and we talked for a little and then they left and we went and made our way to our rdv with Romuald, his son and Dydy. It was a super great rdv and they'd even read the restoration brochure and were super ready to learn more about the Book of Mormon which was awesome cause that was exactly what we were going to talk about. We explained the story of the Book of Mormon and gave them each one and they told us they were going to start reading and praying about it!! So when we left, we had a couple missed calls and it was Braine from their France phone number and they were telling us that they'd lost their Belgium phone and wanted to know if it was in our apartment, and so we got home and found it....and the next time we see them is next Wednesday! Haha😬😬 looks like they're just without a phone....
Well today was pretty slow. Because of the nasty weather, we weren't able to do a ton and it was a bit of a bummer haha but that happens. We needed to improvise and do something else to be effective with our time. But in other words, church today was great. We got up and got all ready and made our way out to catch the bus and right when we got out of the apartment building and the bus passed right before us....haha we are super good at missing that bus!! So anyway we started walking and we got to this hill that we have to go up to get to the church and I always do fine until the hill and then just like usual, I died haha I was so hot! Anyway, when we got up to the top of the hill, when all of the sudden heard a horn and turned to see the Badoux's who offered us a ride the rest of the way! So we got in and because our hearts were pumping and we were all warmed up, we started to fog up the windows in their car lol! We got to church and had a good day there. Right after sacrament meeting, Soeur Halushka came up to me and told me that she had been thinking me a lot this week and she wanted to know how much dad was doing and that she has been thinking and praying a lot for my family, and that (selfishly) she's praying that I will stay here in Namur for my last transfer;) she is such a cute lady. Anyway, the rest of the meetings were really good as well. We had Romuald and his son that came to all 3 hours of church and let me tell you haha he LOVES to talk. It was an interesting couple of hours. But he seems to be super interested in what we have to say and so we'll see where those interests take us! After all the meetings, we were talking with the Mazy's and they told us that they had some bottles full of water for us, and they wanted to take us home so that we could take in the water with us. So we got in the car and they took us home and we got our water into apartment and we had lunch. After we'd finished up with lunch, we did our studies for 12 week and then we were about to go outside, but from the time we'd left the church to come home all the way up til now, it had been pouring rain and there was nobody outside so we started to work on the area book. We were writing down things in papers and making some phone calls and all that fun stuff trying to wait out the rain, but by the time we knew it, it was already time to come in for the night. So we finished out the night with some last few papers and cleaning up our apartment.
On nous a dit qu'il y aura une grève encore aujourd'hui et avec la pluie, on a reste dans l'appartement encore toute la matinée. Alors nous pouvons dire que nous n'aurons pas une sécheresse cette année-ci en Belgique! Pour vous dire, je vais bien. Le seigneur me protège. Il écoute à mes prières, et il me surveille. Merci pour votre tendresse envers moi et ma famille. J'espère que cette semaine, vous passeriez les bonnes expériences, et que vous aurez l'esprit avec vous! Je vous aime!  (We were told that there will be a strike today and with the rain, we remain in the apartment all morning. We can say that we will not have a drought this year in Belgium! To tell you, I'm fine. The Lord protects me. He listens to my prayers, and hears me. Thank you for your tenderness towards me and my family. I hope that this week, you would pass along good experiences, and you'll have the spirit with you! I love you!)
Elder Libby

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