Monday, April 11, 2016


EN FIN! Le printemps arrive, je crois!! Le soleil commence à sortir et chaque journée devient un peu plus chaud qu'avant! Le printemps ici en Europe c'est vraiment majestueux. Je voulais commencer en disant, MERCI pour tout l'argent que vous m'avez donné pour mon anniversaire:) pour vous tenir au courant, j'ai déjà acheté quelques vêtements aujourd'hui pour quand je rentre chez moi! FAITES ATTENTION LES FILLES. Lol je blague. Mais merci! C'est quand-même un peu bizarre d'acheter les vêtements ne sais pas le faire! J'étais là, devant les vêtements aujourd'hui et je me suis dit, qu'est-ce que je vais porter quand je rentre chez moi!? Je ne sais même pas. Fin bref, je m'amuse bien avec le temps que j'ai de faire les magasins pour voir ce que je vais porter quand je rentre! Merci encore!  (FINALLY! Spring comes, I think !! The sun begins to come out and each day gets a little hotter than before! Spring here in Europe is really majestic. I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU for all the money you gave me for my birthday :) to let you know, I already bought some clothes for the day when I get home! BEWARE GIRLS. Lol just kidding. But thanks! This is in a way a bit odd to buy normal clothes .... I can not do it! I was standing there before the clothes today and I thought, what will I wear when I go home !? I do not even know.  To keep this short, I amuse myself with the times I have to go shopping and you'll just have to see what I will wear when I get back! Thanks again!)
so tonight we had family home evening and it went well! Haha we got there after we finished up our emails and our PDAY we got to the chapel and the members were waiting for us and we had some games and I sat and talked with the members while elder Anderson went and played some basketball. We had a lesson this week on not forgetting the savior and all he'd done for us and I really liked it. I can't even begin to think how I'd forget the savior. It was a really good lesson. Then we were asked if we knew any games that we could play and so I got up and drew a noose on the board and we played hangman! Brother Mazy was getting so mad at me for beating everyone all the time. He kept saying, 'You aren't even French! How can you guess all these words?!' Lol
Today was a decent day of working. So the whole last weekend, I just felt GROSS. Like my stomach was just nasty and I didn't want to eat anything and so this morning I woke up at 3 AM and seriously felt like I was going to throw I ran to the toilet and sat there for an hour and....nothing lol so I just got up and went and laid back down and felt good just laying on my when we got up for real, I honestly just didn't want to move cause I felt nasty and so for studies I stayed in my bed and then when it was time to go to sing for companionship study, we went and sang and I was in the middle of the hymn when all of the sudden, I KNEW I WAS GOING TO VOMIT. Lol so I just yelled, I AM GONNA PUKE! And I ran to the toilet and knelt down and lost was nasty. My whole body just tensed up and I just lost it. BUT after I finished, I felt a lot better! So that was good haha! I went and brushed my teeth and then we went and tried to sing the song again and it worked that time! So anyway, because of that, I didn't really eat the rest of the day cause I didn't want to throw up again. So I just drink lots of Sprite and tried to calm my tummy. Anyway, we had lunch with Patrick today and since I wasn't eating we went and I just watched them eat. It was good fun. After we finished up with him, we had a good rest of the day of contacting to do! So we set off and we went contacting. We walked all around and I got to show elder Anderson a lot of Namur and all the different areas that we like to go contacting cause there are people there. It was good! We talked to a lot of different people and we got to share a few different messages with everyone. I am really grateful for that cause as I am sitting here writing this, I'm realizing how the Lord answers prayers. I prayed that we might meet people who would be ready to hear the message of the restoration and today, we stopped so many different people where we were able to testify of the restoration and explain it, either in full or in little bits and pieces. No one quite accepted just yet, but we're waiting! We then came in for dinner and language study and then the Mazy's came and got us and we all headed over to Emmanuel and Claudette's for the night. Tonight we reintroduced the plan of salvation because for the after baptism lessons we have to reteach everything and so the next step is the plan of salvation and it went really well. They really love the plan of salvation! 
Well today was just a big long massive fun exciting and interesting day of finding! All day long we were walking around and contacting and porting cause we just didn't have all that much to do... So we made it so we DID have something to do. But because we were just contacting and porting all day, I don't have a ton to report. We got up this morning and during studies the buzzer rang and I thought it was going to be my package from home so I ran and got it and it was ANOTHER package from the church. Haha some more missionary supplies. This command that we ordered is NEVER going to end. So anyway. We finished up and then headed out to go and contact the world and get some new investigators found. We went walking and it was a beautiful morning. The sun was out and it was warm for the most part and it's just starting to become that beautiful spring time here in Europe that I love so much. I can't wait for spring! We were walking and talking with everyone and taught a lesson and then came in for lunch. After that we needed to go to the gare to look up train times for district meeting tomorrow so we went and did that and then we went and contacted some more. We contacted this one lady who knew sister Halushka and said that she wanted to call and ask her some questions and see what they could arrange cause she believed the there are no coincidences and that there must have been a reason that we met up. So she said that she's going to call sister Halushka and that hopefully we'd be able to see each other soon. So that was cool! Anyway after some time we came in for dinner and then we decided that we were going to go out and go porting in this neighborhood that I'd never been to before, but when we got to the bus stop, there were no more buses running out there. So instead we just hopped on the next bus that came. We got to the end and it was pouring rain, so we went and waiting under a little pavilion til it stopped and then went to go and look for bus times back so we wouldn't be late getting home and there were no more buses passing we started to walk home cause we were decently far out haha we then passed this one bus stop to and elder Anderson looked at it and there was a bus that was passing in 25 minutes that would take us home and he goes, 'Awesome! Let's go knock some doors.' Half of me was a little upset cause I didn't really want to, but the other half was grateful for elder Anderson and how he wanted to work, and it was really cool for me to see that. It was a cool little experience. So anyway we knocked some doors and no one let us in, but still it was good and we had a good time til we came home for the night.
Well today was great cause we were able to meet up with President and Soeur Babin! I do love those guys. Today we had interviews with them and it was super good. I think that this time might have been my last time interviewing with them...the next time I would do it would be my last transfer and I know that I interview with them my very last day and so I'm just not sure that I'll interview with them one last time for my last transfer or's so crazy haha. We got up this morning and we went and caught a train into Liège for the day. We got on and met up with the missionaries from Charleroi and the whole train ride in we were quoting The Big Bang Theory and Friends and that made me realize how excited I am to watch those again! Haha those are some funny TV shows. When we got into Liège we got to the gare and it was the COOLEST gare I'd ever seen! Haha we took lots of pictures cause it was just so cool. We all hopped on a bus and made our way to the chapel and when president and sister Babin got there we started our interviews. I had some good interviews with them and it was tender to be able to talk to them. It's so weird how old I am getting!! Haha we then had a district meeting and that went fine. We pretty much were just given a run down on all the new rules and president's view and expectations for us this transfer and then he said it wasn't too spiritual which is a anyway once we finished we all headed out to get a kebab together and that was fun cause for the first time in forever, there was a tv in the kebab shop and so we were able to watch some music videos of some of the new songs that are coming out. It's fun cause Anderson knows all the new songster so he tells me all the time who sings what songs and is getting me really excited for music when I get home:) after we finished that, we all headed to the gare and we all got on our train home. Me and Anderson got to Namur and went home to change and then headed out in the pouring rain and hail to contact until our dinner time. Nothing too crazy except for the fact that it literally was pouring and so pour elder Anderson without an umbrella was getting really wet. We then came in to study a little bit of language and then take dinner and so we did that and then the Mazy's came and picked us up and took us out to Emmanuel and Claudette's for the night. Tonight our plan was to talk about Moses and what they'd read and then jump into the plan of salvation and focus really on pre-earth life and the creation and the fall of Adam and Eve. We got in and legit they dove right in to that and we legit talked about it all night! They also asked all about elder Anderson and my 'conversion' stories and how we really came to know these things were true. It was a good night.
Well today was full of the blessings of weekly planning and we didn't have much else than that. Tomorrow the new mission couple in Liège, the Slaughter's, are coming to inspect our apartment and so we also needed to clean our apartment up a little bit so that we could pass ;) haha we got up this morning and we had some studies and then we went out to go contacting for a little bit. It was good fun and we talked to this one guy who told us that one day he would stop by the chapel, except we all know what that is secret for;) haha I guess we'll just have to see what really happens! So anyway we were walking all over and then we decided that we wanted for frites for lunch. So on the way to get our frites, we had to stop in and grab some light bulbs cause we were out and we also had some empty light fixtures in the apartment. So we went and did that and then we went and got our frites and then headed in to the apartment. When we got in we ate and chilled for the hour and then we went and we planned which this week was going really fast for some reason and then we had to stop in the middle cause we had a rdv with this old investigator that we had come in contact with again, last week. So we stopped and went to that and it went well. He was taking all that we said really well and said that he had no questions about the whole restoration. The only problem that he had was that he said he wasn't sure if he really believed that God can hear and answer our prayers. He said that he had a problem knowing how to know what God was telling him and so I told him all about me and going to school when I get home and how since last April I had been praying asking what I should be doing for school but that God had been a little quiet and it wasn't until, with the help of my mom and dad for sure;), after I had made a few choices on my own and took a few steps into the dark that help from on high came and that things started to work out. I told him that praying is one thing but we also need to show our faith. So it was a good rdv. We're going back to see him next week so be sure to pray for Adrian's success and that he will listen to the spirit. We got home and finished weekly planning and then remembered that the senior couple was coming to check our apartment in the morning and so we spent the next hour cleaning up our apartment and then took dinner to end the night. It was a good day.
Today was a super good day! I'll tell you what, it is so nice to have a bleu companion who already speaks so good French. Haha he is honestly just amazing. He's gonna be a great missionary. So anyway we had a good day today and I made really good friends with the new senior couple and they even told me that they wanted me to come back and see them next year when I come back with my family! Haha I need to find all the free places to stay so I'm doing pretty good at that;) I've got one so far in every ville! #SWAG anywho. We got up this morning and we studied and then the couple told us they'd be here at 11:30 and so we just went around and cleaned up a little bit more until they got here! The Slaughter's are such nice people and it was so much fun to be able to hang out with them for the afternoon. I keep finding out more and more about senior missions and it just makes me more and more excited to go on one with my wife when we are old and senile! We asked them what their plans were for the rest of the day and he goes, 'We're just gonna walk around Namur and go see the city!' Hahaha so as we were contacting later today, we saw them walking up the citadelle Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy anywho. They were in our apartment looking at things for about an hour and then asked us if we would show them the best friterie and so....OFF WE WENT!! Haha they bought us some frites for lunch and the owner was super happy to see some older missionaries, and was asking them if they were my parents cause I was a 'good and nice boy' so that was funny. After that we headed out to go and see the no pants man and his wife, the Pesesse's. We got there and this time he was wearing pants, but was on the couch with a crutch cause he's fallen getting out of the car and hurt a tendon in his that was a bummer. He said that he was going to need to do some physical therapy and we'll see where he's at in about 4 weeks.... Anyway we went and decided that we were going to teach them all about the plan of salvation today and we wanted to explain life and how it all works and so we just did a little overview and BRIEFLY explained all the principles in the plan of salvation so that they'd know what we're really going to be talking about for the next few times. It was a good rdv and Christophe, the husband, told me that he really liked it when we came and talked cause he like listening to me explain cause it made him feel good. #HOLYGHOSTYALL so after we contacted our way to the apartment and had some dinner and language study and then we went out and ported for the night and sadly there was nothing that really happened tonight. We got one lady who told us to come back another day a little earlier, but it didn't seem too promising BUT we take what we get and go with faith so the Lord can work miracles. We'll be going back soon:)
So I'm not going to be able to explain to you why, so don't ask, but I absolutely love Sunday's here on the mission. They honestly are just amazing. Besides PDAY, Sunday's are my absolute favorite days as a missionary. And I don't know why. They aren't much different than any other day as a missionary, besides the fact that we got to church. They are my favorite. So we got up and got out the door to church and we had ward council. This past week we found out that president Babin had decided he wants us all to have a consecration day in each of our areas, meaning our whole district as well as our ward, all get together and have a HUGE finding day and so during that, Frere Chung had me explain that and they all loved it! We are doing it this Saturday and it is going to be awesome! Pierrot, you all remember him, right? He served in SLC? He went crazy over the idea and was all, for lunch were all going to Pizza Hut Buffet and then ice cream for elder Libby's birthday!! Haha he is honestly probably one of my favorite members in this ward, along with his wife. They honestly could have been my friends back home haha! So there is this member here who is engaged to a Mexican and they are getting married and so her family has been here for the past few weeks and they speak English and Spanish but not French and so they needed some translation. Today was fast and testimony meeting and so he asked if we went up if I'd translate his testimony for him and it was really cool! I like being able to translate for others. Then we had some good meetings for the rest of the day and during priesthood again Pierrot was telling everyone how amazing this Saturday is going to be while we all come and do missionary work! Haha it was awesome to see him so hyped up. Then after church he came up to me and Anderson and asked us if we wanted to come to their house for lunch. So we did! They had just gotten back from New York about a week or so ago and I had asked them to bring me back a souvenir but they didn't....but anyway they told us all about the trip and all the fun things they saw and all that they got to do. They were there during the bombings and because of that they had to stay another 3 days cause no planes were running haha I asked him how it was and he goes, 'those last three days were the worst.' And his wife goes, 'nuh uh! We got to go hit almost every shop on 5th avenue!' And he goes, 'exactly. I have like no more money thanks to those 3 days.'Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy they are so funny! Anyway they brought us home and me and elder Anderson ended our night by walking around everywhere and contacting and we finished up the night by getting a new investigator! His name was Laurent and he said he was interested mostly just to learn more cause he didn't know that much about Mormons. So we have to start somewhere right? It was good though. We then came in and finished the night by making a progression table for Frere Chung for our meeting with him tomorrow night. Sunday's are the greatest!
Et voilà! J'espère que vous avez aimé cette épisode des Aventures d'Elder Libby! C'est toujours amusant pour moi de penser à chaque semaine et partager les choses qui m'a fait rire ou les choses spirituelles. Lorsque je le fais, je peux vraiment voir combien le Seigneur est miséricordieux envers ses enfants. Il nous bénit! Quelque chose que je veux vous dire c'est qu'il n'y a JAMAIS un effort qui est perdu. Souvenez vous que vous aidez les gens avec chaque décisions que vous preniez. Je suis reconnaissant pour tous ce que vous avez fait pour m'aider dans ma vie. Je vous souhaite une semaine merveilleuse et je vous souhaite que tout vos rêves bizarres se réalisent! Je vous aime!! À tantôt;)  (There you go! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Elder Libby Adventures! It's always fun for me to think about every week and share the things that made me laugh and spiritual things. When I do, I can really see that the Lord is merciful to his children. He blesses us! Something I want to tell you is that there is NEVER an effort on our part that is lost. Remember that you help people with every decision that you make. I am grateful for all you have done to help me in my life. Have a wonderful week and I wish for you that all your bizarre dreams come true! I love you!! See you in sometime ;)
Elder Libby

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