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Pour répondre à tout vos questions, la naissance de mon fils était bien passé!! Il est bien arrivé ici à Namur et il est vraiment le meilleur bleu du monde!! J'ai la chance d'avoir quelqu'un si intelligent et sympa que lui. Cette semaine on n'a pas fait beaucoup du travaille missionnaire, mais on a fait beaucoup d'autre travaille! En bref, c'était très bien passé:) nous avons aussi regardé la conférence générale et cette conférence c'était très bien!! Il y avait tant des choses que j'ai apprises!! J'espère que vous l'avez aimé aussi:)  (To answer all your questions, the birth of my son was fine !! He has arrived here in Namur and is really the best baby bleu of the world !! I'm lucky to have someone so intelligent and friendly as him. This week we have not done a lot of missionary work, but we did a lot of other works! In short, it was very well :) we also watched the general conference and the conference was very good !! There were so many things I learned !! I hope you also liked it :)
Well we were technically still on lockdown all day today and so I'm just telling you that we were in the apartment all morning cleaning, and then a member came and picked us up and then we headed out to the chapel so that we could go do our emails. When we'd gotten there, we'd had a less than pleasant meeting with brother Chung.....haha lets just say that these last 2 transfers of me here with him are going to be a little interesting.....anyway all during emails I was looking up info on the bombings and trying to get caught up like all you are;) we then were picked up by Emmanuel and Claudette who took us to get frites and then back to their place and we spent the rest of the night there talking about the whole situation with brother Chung......haha anyway we had a great last night with them and Nelson! And then Emmanuel gave us a ride home cause we can't walk home for the moment;)
Well today didn't differ much from any of the other days stuck in the apartment except for the fact that we got to go out to get our groceries! We couldn't go yesterday because yesterday was 'Lundi de Paqûes,' or 'Easter Monday' and so no stores or anything were open. So we went and did that and then came home and after talking about it and discussing what would be best, we decided we'd go and check out train times for getting into Nivelles for the night so that we could take that train tonight and get into Brussels in the morning and not having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to catch a crazy train. Haha so we left the apartment and it was weird not being able to contact people and just having to go to the gare and find out times and then get back to the apartment haha! I'm not a huge fan of this lockdown thing!! So anyway when we got home we were just stuck the rest of the day and Nelson packed and I just tried to entertain myself by reading in the New Testament and watching a couple movies and writing a couple letters (cause I'm going into Paris tomorrow and I can send letters using my stamps!!!) haha anyway that was literally our afternoon. We just sat and chilled until we needed to start heading out for the train to get into Nivelles to spend the night with the other elders. They had told us that they would be at a members house for the evening and so they had left their keys hidden in the garden and we had to go digging to find them! Haha but we found them never the less and we got into their apartment and then just chilled and waited for them while writing in our journals and listening to their music. I get my bleu tomorrow!! I'm so excited to have him!!!!!
Today was the day!! And it was good! Haha by the end, Elder Anderson was so tired, but it was so fun to watch him cause it just reminded me so much of when I was a brand new bleu and didn't know at all what was going on and how anything worked but it was good. So we all got up this morning and headed out of the apartment and got our way into Brussels and met up with all the missionaries and then all got our tickets and we went and got on our train! When we got into Paris we got off and saw all the other missionaries there and JORGY WAS THERE!!! Haha I went and gave him a big hug and we took some funny pictures. He's such a turd. He said in his weekly email last week, 'Elder Libby is pretty excited to see me!' Haha I was like, YOU ARE EXCITED TO DUMMY. And he goes, not as excited as you! Haha what a loser;) I love him. We then started making our way to the mission office and we were late to the meeting that we were supposed to have as trainers because of the metros being late and the missionaries that were going home wanting to stay and was bad...but we got there and had to walk in while everyone was just sitting there in the room. Then they started to announce the bleus and that's when I found out that I was training elder Anderson from Cincinnati Ohio! He is honestly super funny and everyone of his little friends there told me that I was the luckiest trainer cause he was just hilarious and there would be nothing but laughs for us haha! So after I got him I had to go and find out our train times and while I was doing that, I found Elder and Sister Redd for one last time and had to take one last picture with them. They are so dang cute and I LOVE them with all my heart. I can't wait to see them again when I get home! Anyway we then went off and found elder Anderson's luggage and then we started our incredible journey through the Paris Metros and then finally got to the gare and we got there and hung out with all the other missionaries until our train left and headed up to Brussels. When we got there, a member had invited us to dinner at his house and said he'd be in Brussels for the day and that he would come and pick us up and take us home, so that happened. He came and got us and we drove back to his house and had dinner with him and his family! They were lots of fun and we had a good meal. I was quite surprised cause we got in the car and this member started just speaking English with elder Anderson and I didn't even know he spoke English! Haha so that was fun. So we got there and ate and had a fun night and then he drove us home and elder Anderson was so tired that he fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home! So we got inside and hurriedly planned so that he could get to bed. Haha I remember exactly how hard that first week was. #jetlagisakiller
We had a tiny little miracle occur today. Yesterday as we were on the train coming back into Belgium, I realized that we still hadn't gotten the permission from President Babin to go out and do normal missionary work, and so I was freaking out just a little cause I didn't want my bleu to have his first week just stuck in the I was all uhhh what am I going to do? We had permission to go to rdv's as long as we had members with us to take us and as long as we weren't outside contacting. So I was a little stressed, and then the phone rang! It was a member asking if we were free to go and do service at her house all day tomorrow. Long story short, we got the permission if she would come to our place and pick us up, we could go! So I was pretty happy cause now I knew what I was going to do with elder Anderson all day! We got up this morning and we studied and then she called and told us she was downstairs waiting and so we headed down. She drove us to her house and it was this HUGE beautiful mansion that was for her and her 3 kids, with one of them about to move out haha that house is massive!! But we got there and immediately started to work. We had to go and dig holes in her yard for some trees that she had bought to go in her yard. It might not sound that hard, but the holes had to be 2 feet wide long and thick and right under the grass was this layer of rock.......haha so it took a while and by lunch time we had them finished and because we had finished those ones so fast, after lunch she decided to have us dig her 2 more holes so that she could get 2 more trees and plant them as well. So anyway, long story short, we were at her house all day doing service and helping her out and it was a good first day for elder Anderson I think;) on the way home, he was out cold in the car and they just thought it was the cutest thing haha they were like oh he's probably dying from the jet lag. He was working super hard though! He was a beast! So we then got home and we got changed and then headed out and got to Emmanuel and Claudette's house. They were super excited to meet elder Anderson and so it was fun to be there. Tonight was mostly just a rdv talking about their legality situation and stuff and let's just say that they need send me our way!! Haha other than that, we talked all about the restoration and elder Anderson taught it really well!
Well today we were supposed to go and finish up the service activity tonight but that didn't really work out. Haha I'll get to that though. Elder Anderson made it through his first weekly planning session though! So that was fun. We got up this morning and we went through and did our studies and I tried to teach elder Anderson his training program but it didn't work out too great hahaha anyway after we had finished up our studies we went and got elder Anderson his new bus pass and then got mine renewed and then went and did some contacting and made our way to get our first father/son frites!! Haha it was great. I told him that if he contacted some people on the way there, that I'd buy for him. He was super nervous but we got some contacts in and we sooner or later got to the friterie and got us some frites for lunch. When we got home, we are and then it got a little later than when the member told us she'd be there to pick us up so I called and she told me that she'd been stuck in traffic all morning going to get the trees and that she didn't think that today would be worth it. So she asked me if we'd be able to come and see her tomorrow and we told her we'd be there! So we had the rest of the day open and nothing to do, so we put in our weekly planning and transfer planning that took up almost all of the afternoon. I could tell that elder Anderson was like super duper tired and bored but I was just like, sorry bud. It sucks, but we do it every week and we just need to get it done. Haha so anyway we finished that up and got it all out of the way for the week and then we went out and we went porting for the night. Tonight we were in the apartment and I asked elder Anderson where he thought we should go porting and he looked at the map for a little bit and then said lets go to Belgrade, which is just a little area outside of Namur that me and Nelson had worked in quite a bit and hadn't seen a ton of success, but he said he wanted to go and so we went and we got 2 passbacks to come back at a later time!! It was really cool. My bleu is inspired;) haha we then came home and took dinner and finished out the night. I got a call from the member we were going to do service for and she told us that the Mazy's were going to her house tomorrow to get their home teaching done and that she had talked to them and that they were going to come and get us in the morning to go to her house to help.
So we got a call from the Mazy's this morning around 8:40 telling us that they were downstairs and so we went and headed on down. We were in the middle of studies and so we just had to stop and make our way downstairs. The car ride down to her house is so long! Haha it takes at least an hour to get there and it is just so long! But it was good. I was able to talk to the Mazy's about Emmanuel and Claudette and also some other drama going on in the ward and how we want to be able to stop it and how we are all going to do something to try to help out all the members who have problems and stuff. I am really grateful for the Mazy's! They are such an amazing couple. So we got to the members house and she was already out with her 3 kids working in the yard. They had all the trees already and were ready to get them all put up and so we got out and got right to work. We started by putting some mulch in the holes and then planting the trees and all that fun stuff and then when we'd finished up, she had made us some tartiflette for lunch! So we went inside and had a spiritual message from the Mazy's and then we went to eat and had a fun time eating and then we had to make our way home cause me and Anderson had a rdv! So we all got in the car and started the hour trip home and when we'd finally got home, we went upstairs and changed and then ran out to go and catch a bus to get to our rdv with no pants man and his wife. We had gone out the day before to leave them a note telling them we might be late because of the service, and when we got out there he told me that they had been so busy that they completely forgot about our rdv and that he hadn't even gotten out note and so he said he would prefer if we came next week. So we told him we would and we left and we went and did some contacting until we needed to get to the gare. We had scheduled that our district would come to Namur for general conference and so we needed to go and get to the gare to pick up some of them. So we contacted until the gare and then we went and got them and came to the church and at 6 PM we went and watched the Saturday Morning Session and I loved it! I especially loved elder Stevenson's talk about the keys and I thought it was really good and I really liked his comparison. It's honestly such a blessing to have the chance to listen to our modern day prophets!! After conference we went and got some frites for dinner and then went inside to go and play some games and eat dinner until we went to bed. Missionary sleepovers are such a blast:)
Conference today was so dang good! Haha I love watching conference. It was definitely a fun day spent watching conference. So because we were up so late last night (6 elders in the apartment...what do you expect??;) ) we were really tired when we woke up this morning. We all got up though and all got ready and went to catch the bus and get to the chapel. When we got there, we turned everything on to make sure that all worked to be able to watch it and got everything up and running and then Emmanuel and Claudette showed up as well as the Mazy's and they all went in to watch it in French and the rest of us went and watched in English. I just absolutely love conference. The messages are so dang good and they literally apply to all of us in our different situations. I know that these people who speak are inspired! A few of my favorite talks have been Dieter F Uchtdorf's in Priesthood and Sunday Morning and Bonnie L Oscarson's and Quentin L Cook's. They've all had really good messages. Something that I LOVED from President Uchtdorf's Sunday morning (I believe...) was when he said, 'He knows your potential and He sees you worthy of rescue.' I thought that was so powerful! I loved it so much. Anyway conference legit took up our whole day. After the first session we watched this morning, we went and ate and let me tell you! Sister Mazy hooked us up! Haha she brought so much food that we were all SO full by the end!! She made us this soup and some other little things that were just easy. She told me she didn't want to make something huge cause we only had 2 hours to set up, eat and clean up so it was really quick and simple but good. We finished up that session and then Emmanuel, Claudette and the Mazy's all left and we stayed and finished up our last session for the day. Conference was so good! The other missionaries had I guess planned to go and catch a train home tonight, but because we finished at 8 and it took more than an hour to get home and it was Sunday so we didn't know what trains were leaving and when, they all just decided to stay the night again. It was really fun and honestly I think it was really good for elder Anderson to meet some of the missionaries he is going to be serving around and spend a couple days with them. I remember when I first started my mission, general conference was my first weekend here in France as well, and so I got to go to some other missionaries apartment and hang out with them and see them and even see one of my friends from the MTC and literally that saved me haha! So we got home and we all realized that we hadn't written in our journals for the past 2 days and so we all took about an hour to write in our journals and then we all played around until it was time to go to bed. When you get six 20 year old boys together for 2 days, things get really funny;) lol
Comme vous pouvez voir, cette semaine on s'est amusé bien:) c'est très amusant d'avoir un nouveau missionnaire. Cette semaine, en ayant Elder Anderson à mes côtés, j'ai pu voir combien que j'ai appris lorsque j'ai été ici en mission. Je peux voir que ma mission m'a changé. J'espère que vous allez prendre les choses que vous avez apprises de la conférence générale et les appliquées dans vos vies. Merci pour les prières et pensées! Je vous aime!  (As you can see, this week we had fun though :) it's fun to have a new missionary. This week, with Elder Anderson at my side, I could see just how much I learned when I was first here on my mission. I can see that my mission has changed me. I hope you'll take the things you learned in general conference and apply them in your lives. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts! I love you!)
Elder Libby

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