Monday, November 9, 2015


Bonjour à tous!! Comment vous allez?? Sorry for not being here this Monday if there were any of you trying to chat...we had a zone activity today and so that is why I was on at a different time. I hope you are all healthy and safe in the good old USofA and that all your wildest dreams are coming true! So here was my week...tell me yours:)
So tonight after emails we went for a little walk to the game store where elder Sorensen bought this one game called like Magic or something?? It has to do with cards or whatever? I have no idea. He told me he was going to get me hooked on it and I told him that he wouldn't. I was also looking for monopoly deal but I couldn't find it, so I'm just gonna have to keep looking! We came home and since it was soo cold outside, I had to put my thermals on and get my big coat and scarf on! Then we went out and did some porting. We ported into this one lady who had 4 little kids that let us in really quickly to say a quick prayer. She was nice but told us she was Muslim and didn't have any desire to change and that she was content with life. We went back and caught out bus and then headed over to Jean Paul's for a little message where he gave me some pictures that we'd taken forever ago, that he'd already given to me before none the less! Face with tears of joy he's a funny dude! Then we came home for the night and I called up elder Jorgensen to ask him how he was doing. Keep him and his family in your prayers :)
Well today went pretty well! I spent the day with elder Jouffray on an exchange and it was a very fulfilling day:) we got a lot done and had a really fun time together. So this morning we woke up and got all of our stuff ready and had to head out pretty early so that we could catch our train into Calais for the day. We got out and to the gare where we waited for our train and checked our emails #thankgoodnessforipads then we got on and the entire way over I was working on my MY FAMILY booklet for family history! This week we have a challenge from the zone leaders to fill it out with all the information necessary of our ancestors and use it while we do some contacting to find those investigators! So that's been super cool to learn about my ancestors and find out some of their stories and where they come from. #familyhistory #iamdoingit when we got into Calais, we made our way to the apartment of the missionaries and hung out with them until studies were over. Then me and elder Jouffray went out and had a rdv with the same member from last week! The one that fell right in front of me. She remembered me and was sweet. We talked about our potential with her and showed the Uchtdorf Mormon message with her. It went really well. We then left and went to a grocery store to try to buy some ice cream for this pie thing that me and elder Sorensen were making for district meeting. Well let me just say that France is weird cause the store didn't have ANY ice cream. Sad huh?? So instead of buying some ice cream, me and elder Jouffray bought some pains au chocolat and the walked home like true frenchies and ate our pains au chocolat on the road :) we got home and took lunch and got to playing Rubik's cube and then had to head out for a rdv with one of their investigators. When we got to her apt she wasn't we walked and found this less actives house and went and talked to him. He let us in and ranted for a whole hour and 15 minutes about how hard life was and how he didn't like it and it was a long meeting....then we finally left and got home for dinner and then left for one last rdv that we had with one last investigator. This investigator is getting baptized this Saturday! So we went over the baptismal interview questions and answered any last questions that she had and then left. We went and bought some Coke and then headed in for the night and played some monopoly deal:)
Today went pretty smoothly. We had an interesting time hahah we woke up this morning and went to work on making a raspberry and apple crumble for dessert at district meeting! When we had it made we headed out the door and caught the bus. As soon as we got on the bus, elder Jouffray realized that he forgot to get the stuff for their salad and so we hopped off and walked back into their apartment and grabbed the stuff for their salad and headed to the church. When we got to the church we checked emails and played on our iPads and then played monopoly deal while waiting for the other guys to all get here. We started sooner or later and had a lesson on being a successful missionary. Then we ate and me and Sorensen had to leave to be able to catch our train. We got home from district meeting and came home to plan. We then went out to work and as soon as we had been outside about 5 minutes it began to rain. So we came back inside to get umbrellas and I remembered that the umbrella that I found in this apartment that I had been using had broken...and so I had to go without an umbrella for a little bit til we got to the store and I bought an umbrella! Once I got my umbrella though, the sky decided to stop raining....we had planned on showing a conference talk to Mike for our rdv tonight and so we went to Macdo and used their wifi to download it. After being there for a good 20-30 minutes waiting for the dumb thing to download, it had stopped! And didn't work! So we called up Jean Paul and asked him if we could stop by his house and use his internet to download a video and he told us yes. So off we went to his house and downloaded the conference talk and then he showed me a picture he had found on the was a picture he found on Facebook of elder Jorgensen!!! He had found one of Jorgy's prom pictures!!!! It was so funny!!! He had it printed out and was so proud he found it!!! I was dying. Then we left and did some contacting and then had a rdv with a less active and so we went and had a little lesson on prayer and it went well and he prayed for us and said he'd be coming to church this Sunday! So after that we went home for dinner and then went to mike's house for our lesson. We shared the talk, What Lack I Yet? And he really enjoyed it and asked us if we could somehow get all of the conference for him so that he could watch it. So we need to figure out how to do that! Then we came in for the night and headed straight to bed!
you know, random people who invite you over for dinner we the greatest! Especially when then lady makes a really good tartiflette!! Remember a couple weeks ago when we were porting and some people let us in to pray with them? And then they invited us over for dinner? Well tonight was the night and it was super yummy! I love eating legit food! Well this morning we got up and had some studies and then we went out and did some contacting and while we were doing that, we walked past a tiny little grocery store that had pains au chocolat for .35€ each and so elder Sorensen wanted to go in and buy some so we did. They were yummy! Then we went to our rdv that we had with Dominique! It went well. We talked about prayer and the importance of it and why we do it and asked him if he'd commit to pray every morning and night and he He said I'm going to be honest and say no because I'm not gonna say yes when I know that I won't do it. So that made us a little sad. He said he'd pray when he needed to...:/ so after that we made our way home for lunch and ate and then went out and contacted for a little bit. We contacted 2 people that could really have some potential that told us to call them back another time to talk and so we hope that that is going to work out well. We then took a bus up to the Belgian border and went to go and teach some REALLY old people that let us in last week to pray. They were super old and didn't really understand why we were there and what we were doing, but we still tried to teach the plan of salvation a little bit and they then told us they'd call us if the ever wanted to have some questions answered. Then we left their house and went and did some porting in their area for a little bit until it was time for us to go and catch our bus. We made our way home and went over to the other couples house and they let us right in, and she had made a tartiflette and said that she had never made tartiflette before! But it was super delicious and we spent a good night with them. They asked us tons of questions about the US and what it was like and then we got talking a little bit about religions and they asked us what we believed happened when we die and what happens during the life after death and so we were talking about that when all of the sudden the husband just says, 'I didn't invite you over to talk about religion, I invited you over to be nice.' And so we were like sorry! We were just answering your questions! So that was interesting. But in any case they were really nice and the food was really good and they told us next time they want to make muscles and fries for us! So that will be good!
Well today was interesting...haha! We had some interesting rdvs with some interesting people. We started our studies this morning and then went straight into contacting. We were walking for a little bit and then elder Sorensen decided that he wanted to take a bus somewhere. So we went and got on a bus and then while on the bus, some drunk people started harassing us a little bit and telling us that they were going to steal our iPads and how they 'loved' Jesus...haha so we hopped off the bus and went contacting while searching for some less actives in the area. We found this one who let us in and when he opened the door he was a small little Indian man, who was blind and partially deaf...IM BBBLLLLLLIIIINNNNNDDDDDD! #guessthemovie so he let us in and we prayed and fixed a new rdv with him so that we could really prepare something. So we then left and came home for lunch and watched some meet the Mormons. Then we started weekly planning hahah yay!....we did some planning for a good 2 1/2 hours and then had to get going because we had a rdv with the guys that came to the church with us and the Norby's last week. He owns a kebab shop and so we went to his kebab shop to teach him. We got there and were sitting there waiting for him to come and then him and his friend sat down and we decided to explain the Book of Mormon and so we did and as we were doing that, his friend started getting super mad and super defensive and I was getting a little nervous haha...he was telling us how there is no way that that was true because he already knew the Karan was true....ahhh so I was like explaining that we were here just to explain what we believe and he was just telling me that I have to read the Karan and it was just a mess. There was no spirit there and it was just hard to teach we left and made our way to the church cause tonight we had a visiting night with the stake where a couple members from the stake came in to spend the night with us and go and find and teach some less actives. So I got to go with the branch president and it was really good! First time on my whole mission that I've done splits! Sadly we didn't get let in by any of them and that was mostly because it was so late. After we finished we all met back up at the church and then we got a ride home for the night.
Today was good. It blows my mind how fast the week goes! It was crazy for me to think today that we were almost finished with the week. So we started out today with studies and then a little morning contacting. On our way out we ran into Mado and we stopped and talked to her for a good 10 minutes and she was telling us that for our rdv tonight she had found cottage cheese! And so I was really excited. Then she told us where the best boulangerie in France was and so we went to that cause believe it or not, the best boulangerie in France is in DK ;) so we got some bread and a little patisserie which was delicious!! And then headed home for lunch. After we had finished we had to go and pick up Jean Paul so that we could go to a rdv with this less active that we see regularly. The one who was in the hospital for a while. The rdv went really well! We talked about reading the scriptures and she told us that when she was able to read the scriptures and read anything again that she would read them but that she wanted the general conference that we were making for a couple other members and so we are going to get that to her to watch. We then made our way home and went and did some less active finding. We went and found this one family's house but the son was the only one that was home and he let us in and was super nice! They are an English family and so obviously they speak English and he was telling us all about his crazy life back in England and how the reason he moved to France was because he wanted to change his life. #thatswherewecomein hehehe he asked some questions and then told us we could even come back sometime! He's 21 and so that will be super cool to see him again. And the best part is that he isn't a member (yet!) so that was a little miracle in itself that he let us in to talk!
Do you all remember the miracle that we had last night with the English kid?! God is working little teeny miracles around us and giving us the help that we need little by little! It is so amazing to see the ways that God works. I can't believe that I am so blessed to see the hand of Heavenly Father in my life. He truly does work miracles! And that alone gives me hope! During church today, Soeur Foutrein gave a talk and shared a talk given by Josh Groberg from November 2004 GC and it really touched me and really applies to my gratitude: 'I know He lives. I know He loves us. I know we can feel His love here and now. I know His voice is one of perfect mildness which penetrates to our very center. I know He smiles and is filled with compassion and love. I know He is full of gentleness, kindness, mercy, and desire to help. I love Him with all my heart. I testify that when we are ready, His pure love instantly moves across time and space, reaches down, and pulls us up from the depths of any tumultuous sea of darkness, sin, sorrow, death, or despair we may find ourselves in and brings us into the light and life and love of eternity.' Isn't that beautiful?! It is true that Heavenly Father loves us and is there to always help us. So that was amazing to hear today. After church today we made our way to Jean Paul's for lunch where surprisingly I didn't die! Lol it was kind of nasty though...his oil for fries is BLACK I kid you we played around with him and were looking at things on our iPads and then we headed home and changed our clothes and went out and did some real work for the night. We went out to the same area as last Sunday night to try to stop by all the passbacks and none of them answered:( so we're just going to have to try to go back. We ported around for awhile and then had to head in for the night. On the bus ride home, we were just chilling and talking when someone came up to us and said, 'Hi my name is Nina and you guys came and talked to my brother yesterday at my house.' IT WAS THE ENGLISH GUYS SISTER!! And so she was talking to us the whole way home and telling us how happy the whole family was to hear that the missionaries had come back to see them cause it had been a couple of years since they had last heard from them. How is it that God prepares people so well!?! We told her to tell her family we'd be passing by next Thursday night and that we'd love to see them all and she said she would be there with them! It was so cool! Just like the quote from earlier, when we are going down the deepest and darkest slopes, gods love and peace can bring us back to where we need to be! And I'm excited to be able to start working with this family who seems super prepared!!
So that was my week! Pretty fulfilling! We are getting close to transfers so send all the packages and letters this week!;) I can't wait for them! Je voulais vous dire aussi que j'ai décidé qu'après la Noël jusqu'à la fête des mères, que je vais faire une jeûne d'anglais! Ça veux dire que je vais parler que le français pendant 5 mois sauf les e-mails et mon journal! Donc si vous voyez les erreurs dans mes e-mails, elles sont à cause de mon jeûne:) à bientôt!!
Elder Libby
What's your verse?? Mine was Isaiah 53:3-5

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