Monday, November 2, 2015


How does time go by so fast?! Lol I seriously can't believe it. It's actually kind of funny cause this last week I was complaining when it was only Wednesday, and then it got to be Saturday and I was like oh my gosh it's already Saturday! Before we know it, I'll be home with 12 little kids! No I'm just kidding. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to get married ;) well this week was great, just like all the rest. The Lord was helpin' us out!
well after emails today we had to go grocery shopping still so we went and did that and then made our way home. When we got home from that, we had about an hour and a half let of PDAY and so I climbed into bed and I decided to take a little nap. I didn't bother taking a nap cause elder Sorensen was writing in his journal and so I knew he'd wake me up. When I woke up I looked at the clock was past 6! And I looked at elder Sorensen and he'd fallen asleep as well! So I yelled at him and he woke up and we hurried and got ready to leave the apartment. We went out to some apartment buildings and ported them up and then saw this old Muslim lady who seemed to be struggling with her groceries and so we asked if we could help and she said yes! So we carried her groceries to her apartment and then guess what? She paid us with a pomegranate and some almondsFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy so funny!! So that was the funniest thing ever. Then we stopped by to grab some kebabs and the owner told us that he'd looked up our religion on the internet but had always wanted to meet with some members to know more and was wondering if we could meet with him, so we said yes and we are hopefully seeing him later this week! Then we went to the gare to print off train tickets and then to Jean Paul's for our rdv with him. It was a pretty good night!!
Today we had district meeting and we had to leave pretty early this morning so we woke up and got ready and had to head out to be able catch our bus. We got out and to the gare and hopped on the bus that took us to St Omer. When we got there we made our way to the church and then we got into the car and the elders there took us to the store so that we could buy some baguettes for a part of our side dish. We got back to the church and we started district meeting. It None of us really understood what the point of the lesson was and so we were really just confused on what we were supposed to take out of it. But after it was over we ate and the elders of St Omer made this Nutella cake thing that was SO rich. It gave me like an instant headache. Wow it was SO sugary!! We then had to head to the gare so that we could make it home. When we got home, we came and figured out what we were going to do for the rest of the day. So we went out contacting and found some nice people and taught them and some let us pray with them! It was cool. Then elder Sorensen has this idea that if we make cookies for investigators it will fix any situation or something lol and so we had to go and buy some chocolate to make some and then we came in and took a half hour break to make them. We made some cookie dough and then put it in the fridge and then went out to go porting. Tonight we had decided to go all the way up to the Belgian border and port at the border! It was like close to a half hour bus ride, but we got there and were porting and this super SUPER old couple let us in to pray with them and told us we could come back! They are super old and I think they were just excited to have some new people in the house and that's why they said we could come back. We'll see if they even remember us when we go back next week! Then we made our way home for the night and we were watching the Face2Face event with Lindsey Stirling.
We had to go into Calais today to do exchanges with the district leader and it went pretty well! We woke up and had to get going to catch our train so we left and made our way to Calais. We found out that they were still in St Omer cause they had done an exchange yesterday and so we had to just chill in Calais for about an hour while we waited for them. We checked our emails and stuff and then went out and did some walking around and contacting. When they got here we went and stopped by the patisserie shop to by a few little snacks to eat for breakfast and then went in to their apartment to plan for our day. Me and elder wells took lunch first off cause our day was full of lessons and appts. So after we had finished lunch we went to a member lesson with an older member who was baptized a few years ago but doesn't understand the gospel so much. The missionaries go ever to see her to explain little principles to help her understand little by little. We talked about the Book of Mormon to help her understand the story a little bit better and she seemed like she understood what we had to explain! As she walked us out she went to get her mail, and on the way back in, she tripped on the curb and fell down! So me and elder wells ran and helped her up and after the tears and shock went away we walked her up to her apt and she told us she'd be fine. So we left her and went to our next rdv. Sadly she had been in the hospital all the night before and had forgotten to call us and so we had a member there and just had to walk her home. On the way home, we ran into a friend of the members and we started to talk and the friend told us that she'd been searching for God in her life and would love to meet with the missionaries to know more! It was super great! So we prayed with her and then made our way to the gare. We had to take a train to a different investigators house and when we got there he let us in and we had a really good discussion with him. Things seem to be going well between for the ward in Calais! When we finished that we made our way home and met the other elders at subway where we had our dinner and then went home and ended the night with some monopoly deal :) it was a fun day!
We spent our day today with the new mission couple in Brussels, the Norby's, from Lehi Utah! They were so much fun and so nice and really helped me and elder Sorensen out a lot with missionary work for the day. We woke up this morning and got ready to get out and make our train to get home to Dunkerque. When we got home we went and tidied up the apartment a little bit and got ready for them. Remember how we made some cookie dough the other day? We may or may not have thrown some cookies in the oven for them when they got here ;) #tryingtoscorethembrowniepoints so that was fun. When they got here, we let them in and we had some small talk and got to know each other. They looked at my photo wall and were asking questions about all the photos and it was fun to explain to them my family! Then we had to get out of the apartment cause we had scheduled a couple of rdvs with some members and investigators for them to help us with. We had our first one with Dominique, a recent convert who is struggling with his testimony a little bit, but has been reading in the Book of Mormon!! We got there and had felt impressed to talk about the Aaronic Priesthood. We were talking about the duties of this priesthood and why it is important and we got talking about home teaching and the spirit was there! We then asked sister Norby to bear her testimony and she had elder Norby translate since she doesn't speak too much French, and her sweet little testimony about the priesthood was so amazing!! The spirit was so strong and Dominique was just so happy!! It was amazing! The Norby's then took us out to Subway for lunch and we were talking and having some fun with them, and then had to head out to the church for one last rdv with the man that we met at the kebab shop this Monday night. We got to the church and he even remembered about our rdv and brought his friend! We gave them a quick tour of the chapel and then had a little discussion. He told us that he had lots of questions cause he wanted to know if he was on the right path or not and so he started asking, and a ton of his questions related to the plan of salvation and he was wondering why God needed to send his son to die for us and pay for our sins and he wanted to know why we couldn't do it ourselves, and so I started to testify that Jesus Christ was going to help us when we were judged and all of the sudden, I just started to bawl my eyes out! The spirit was like a brick wall! Lol it was amazing. I KNOW Jesus Christ died so that He could know how to help us on that day when we meet our Heavenly Father. Isn't that great that we are going to have help?! So after the rdv we headed home and the Norby's finished up their inspection and we took some cute pics and then they were out. We then hurried and filled out a progression sheet of investigators and less actives that we had seen lately for branch council tomorrow and then went and tried to stop by Anna's house....keep her in your thoughts and prayers! We don't really know what is going on right now, but we are trying to see her. Then we decided to go and try to see some other less actives that we had found with the help of a member from the St Omer branch. We got to their apartment and left some cookies and then on the way home they texted us and asked us not to come back but thank you for the cookies. So we will try to figure out what is going on there haha we came in for the night and we played a round of phase 10 and I kicked butt thanks to all the practice I had from camp outs with my family back home Winking face
Today was super cool cause we figured lots of things out for less active members on the ward list. We had the time today to go searching for a couple and we found out that some of them had moved and we knew their new addresses and so that was a pretty successful day in my eyes. We also had our big branch day, which includes going to the chapel and cleaning, having branch council, eating together and having an activity. Today we didn't feel like it would be a great use of our time to go to the activity and so we went and had branch council and ate with the members and it was a fun time. A member made this AMAZING apple and raspberry crumble and oh my heck it was the greatest thing that I think I have ever tasted. It was funny cause I asked her for the recipe and she said yes and then started putting all the rest into a Tupperware for us and then I told her that I just wanted the recipe and she goes oh really? Well take this anyway! So I even got the leftover crumble!! #BESTDAYEVER After we had finished eating and got all cleaned up, me and elder Sorensen came home to drop off the food that they gave us and planned a little bit more for the day. We decided we'd go and find some less actives. We found one house, had a number in our phone for another, found out that one had passed away a couple of years ago, and found out that another one moved to another town away from Dunkerque! So that is 4 people right there! We were pretty happy about that. So after we had done all of that, we found ourselves in front of this really nice, old less active lady and Sorensen wanted to go inside and talk to we went in and spent some time talking. She is so cute and so nice! She told us that her son, the one who had moved to another town away from Dunkerque, had moved away and that she didn't remember exactly where he moved to. So we shared a little message with her and then got going cause we had a little meeting with Mado tonight. When we got over to her house we talked for a while about lots of different things and she was complaining for some things and saying how grateful she was for other pretty much just a normal rdv with her;) we talked to her about prophets and it went well. She told us that she always had a problem believing in prophets and understanding why we have them, so we explained why we have them and at the end she seemed to understand why God would have someone be a prophet, to reveal his word unto his people. So when she had figured that out and we had answered all her questions, she ended with a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help her to forgive the others who had hurt her in the past! #stepsintherightdirection then we came home for the night and I kicked butt in phase 10 again!!
Today was supposed to be a killer day full of lessons! Until about 11 this morning we were supposed to have a member present lesson and this one lesson with an investigator from forever ago and some less active lessons but the member present lesson and the other lesson with the old investigator fell through....#itslippedrightthroughourfingers #namethemovie so we were at the church waiting for the member present lesson when they called and said they wouldn't be coming and so we decided the walk home and contact along the way since we didn't have anything else to do. On the way home we stopped by the store so that I could buy a Coke and have it for when I finished my fast tomorrow afternoon. We came in for lunch and then started our weekly planning and then had a rdv with a less active that we had found in the phone a couple of days ago. So we went to that and it was #awkward lol like he let us in and we kinda tried to have a conversation and stuff but it wasn't working and so we shared the Because of Him video as a spiritual message and then left and decided to contact to another less actives house cause we didn't have anything else to do. So we walked for what seemed like a lifetime and then we found his house and he didn't we started walking towards Mikes house cause we had our rdv with him tonight. We contacted this one man who said he was going to try to call us....he had hair on his neck that was longer than the hair on his head!! No joke! So it will be interesting to see if he calls us. Then we got to Mikes and he let us in. We started talking about school and movies and then I showed him some funny videos on my iPad and then we started the lesson. We talked about the articles of faith cause he had never heard them before and we just explained each of them. We had to finish up our weekly planning and so after we finished with him we made our way home to finish that up and that took the night. I ended the night calling up my good friend Pierre from Reims! Do you remember him? He's so cool! And he's doing ok, just in case you were wondering.
if I can tell you one thing that I learned today, it is that when you follow the spirit, the Lord will bring you the blessings!!! It was such a cool night and I just wanted to say that. When we follow the counsel that we are given by our Heavenly Father, and have faith in his plan, he guides us and helps us find what we needed. Today was a good fast and testimony meeting. At church today, during sacrament meeting, Jean Paul kept leaning over to me and saying 'Allez frère! Témoignez!' So with there only being 8 members there yesterday with us 2 missionaries making 10, I went up and bore my testimony. It was a good Sunday! After sacrament meeting, the branch presidents wife gave me the recipe for the killer Apple raspberry pie thing that she made for us the other day during branch council and so I decided that I was going to make that for district meeting this week. IT IS SO GOOD! So that got me excited lol when left and made our way home to break our fasts and then to eat and I made a ton of this pasta stuff haha when I had finished I realized how much I had made and probably have lunch and dinner prepared for me for the next 2 months haha it was a lot of pasta. Then we went out and contacted and tried to find some less actives and stopped by a few houses but after we'd been out for about 3 hours we decided to come in and take a little break and rejuvenate a little. When we were getting ready to head back out we were trying to figure out where to go porting and so I said a little prayer asking where we should go. As soon as I opened my eyes after the prayer to look at the map, my vision just zoomed in to this little area at the end of a bus line that I'd never been to. I didn't hear a voice or anything, but my eyes closed into this area so I said lets go! So we went and we were knocking and knocking and then this one lady let us pray with her! And then as we were walking to another house I said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to lead me to where I needed to go since I was sent out here, and the next door we knocked was a lady that answered that told us we could pray and after the prayer she began to tell us how her brother had just passed away and how his funeral was tomorrow and how she was very sad, but really thankful we'd passed and told us we could come back next week!!! It was probably the coolest night of my life!! I got an answer to prayer just like that! I know that Heavenly Father listens and answers prayers, and that when we pray, we are communicating with our Heavenly Father. We are so blessed as his children! After that we came home and I wrote some letters and we made it to bed.
So there's my week!! I can't believe how fast time goes! Believe it or not I've already been in Dunkerque for almost 3 and a half months....time goes by too fast for me sometimes! Thank you all for you love and constant support. You all mean a ton to me and I can't wait to see you again sometime! Vous êtes constamment dans mes prières! N'oubliez jamais que notre père céleste est toujours là pour nous bénir et de nous aider. Il nous aime, et je vous promets que c'est sur. A bientôt! Que dieu vous bénisse!
Elder Libby
What's your verse?? Mine was Deuteronomy 31:6

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