Monday, September 21, 2015


Well hello to all! I hope you are all doing well...this week was crazy
and me and Jorgy were running all over the place. But in the end we
ended up in Dunkerque and found that all was well. Thank you for your
prayers and thoughts towards my family and I this week. It was hard
but the knowledge of our heavenly father's plan helped us a lot. I
love you all!! Here goes this week
So me and Jorgy had to run home to 1) try on the new clothes that we
had to buy 2) eat dinner and 3) pack up cause we had a train to catch
tonight into Brussels! haha #nightoneofnodunkerque we got home and ate
and then packed up to get off and catch our train. We had a layover in
Lille and so we went to the mall where they had wifi and chilled
waiting for our next train and looking at our emails. I then realized
that the metro machine in Brussels probably didn't take a 20€ bill so
I had to go and break my 20 on a milkshake. We then hopped on the
train for Brussels! When we got in the elders from Brussels met us and
took us to their apartment! I met elder smith from Morgan Utah and he
knew my cousins! And elder Goodwin from American fork who knew my
other cousins! So that was fun. We got in and started getting ready
for bed. We have an early morning tomorrow!
Today we woke up early and got ready to go. It took us a while but not
a ton of time cause there were only 6 elders. We were up for a while
talking last night cause come on, you can't get a bunch of elders
together for a night and expect them to go to bed on time. They are
going to talk Winking face we had fun though. After we were all ready, we got
out of the apt and made our way to the chapel! When we finally got
there we met the new senior couple and got total brownie points! They
fell in love with me and Jorgy. I mean who wouldn't be right? They
told us that they were going to call us to come and make a day in
Dunkerque with us and take us out to eat and go and visit a couple
people with us! So we are super excited! We then were surprised when
everyone and their dog just all of the sudden walked into the chapel
and we got to and say hello to all the missionaries. It was so fun to
see all of my friends! That's like my favorite part of going to
conferences ;) but today we had such great meetings and formations! I
learned so much. We talked a lot about being worthy and repentance and
the importance of having the spirit with you while teaching cause we
can't properly teach without the spirit and the spirit isn't going to
be there if we aren't worthy of it #obvi so like I learned a ton!
Something that I learned and loved was an excerpt from president
babin's formation. He started off by asking if we went to play the
lottery, and had everything we needed to win, rules and ways to
guarantee a win, would we play? #hookmeup He compared that to life and
told us that our HF has made it possible that we can already win. He
told us that God has promised us that if we follow the rules He will
let us win. He moved into repentance and told us that the principle of
repentance must be perceived as a chance, and not a condemnation, to
help us progress. He told us to not be discouraged but rather content
with our progress in the process of repentance. I thought it was
really inspired and I really learned from that. We never finish
repenting. It is a lifelong event. He also shared this quote that I
- "Those who struggle may be disappointed in themselves but the Savior
is not disappointed with anyone who earnestly seeks to repent." -
Russel M Nelson
It was a great conference! After lunch President Babin asked if he
could see me and I went into the room with him and he offered me a
blessing. Which was much needed! I heard some pretty amazing things
and I know that my Heavenly Father is aware of my situation. I was
blessed with peace to my heart and the ability to accept the next part
of my heavenly father's plan for me and my family. I was asked to have
confidence in the plan of salvation and promised that my grandpa will
continually rest at my side to help me through the next year. It was
quite amazing! After that we met up with some more missionaries and
then made our way to the gare. When we got there we had about an hour
and 45 minutes til our train left and so since we were in Brussels, we
had to go get gaufres! They were actually pretty good! Kind of
expensive but we never know the next time I'll be in Brussels. Then we
went and found a kebab place for the boys to eat. I'm on a strict
budget this week, so I don't have a ton of money to blow! We came back
and caught our train and headed back to Dunkerque for the night.
Today was a pretty solid day. We had a good time doing work! The
little bit that we were able to do in our area this week haha it was
good none the less. We started off our morning with our studies and
they went really well. Yesterday in our zone conference the ZLs told
us that they had done some math and found out that if we were to miss
5 minutes of studies each day for our whole mission, that added up to
being 60 HOURS of studies lost throughout the whole mission period.
That blew my mind! Cause I'm gonna be honest, like I don't always
purposely be late to start I'm usually in my chair
starting around 8:05 but I realized how precious that time really is
and how much I could miss in 60 hours just blew my mind. So I really
tried to profit from my studies this morning and it's something that
I'm going to continue to do throughout my whole mission! After our
studies today we went and contacted and mailed a funny letter off to
our ZLs cause they are hilarious and we love them and we are currently
trying to start a contest in exchanging funny letters between us all.
So you could say that we love our Canadian ZLs! 🇨🇦🇨🇦 after that we
went and found some pretty cool people! We talked to them and they
took our cards! So we'll see where that goes. After that we got some
drinks and headed in for lunch and then out contacting again. While
contacting we got a really weird text from this less active that we
love and we've been working with saying that right now she was very
sorry for what happened in Utah and that her prayers were going to be
with our families. We were a little confused so we called and asked
for an explanation and she told us about all of the floods in southern
Utah and how there were lots dead and some waiting to be found. Since
Jorgy is from southern Utah, he was a little worried and so we decided
to go to the church and look up what was going on. Luckily nothing was
close to his house, but our prayers were definitely with those who
have lost loved ones because of this disaster. I mean it made
international news so I guess it was crazy! You'll all have to fill me
in. We called to thank the less active for the information and she
asked if we could all get together and pray for them and so we all met
at Jean Paul's house and prayed and shared the Mormon Message 'Men's
Hearts Shall Fail Them.' She loved it and even teared up a little.
After that we headed home for dinner and then our apartment owner had
called us about a week ago and asked if we had a day in the near
future that we wouldn't be home and we told him next Thursday and he
said that he would like to fix the replace tile or
something and so he came tonight and took our keys and dropped us off
at the gare so we could go to Calais for an exchange! So we waited for
our train at the gare and made our way to Calais. We still had some
contacting time once we got there so we went and contacted a couple
people and this one dude told us that it was almost 9 so we needed to
go haha so we're guessing he knew the missionaries. And you guessed
it, we stayed up giggling and laughing and staring at the girl across
the courtyard who was dancing in her kitchen. It was a great night!
today was great. I got to go on my exchange with elder Jouffray! Elder
Jouffray is a francophone which means that his maternal language is
French. He was born and raised here in France and just recently his
family moved to Utah before his mission. His mom is American and his
dad is French and he is so cool! I had such a good time with him. Me
and him started out with studies and this morning I learned something
new! You know how when they first we're making Utah a state? And they
wanted it to be called Deseret? Well Deseret means honey bee! And so I
realized why the Utah sign is a beehive! I thought that was pretty
cool haha me and elder Jouffray had to go catch a train to be able to
teach an investigator that they had in a different ville. The train
ride was amazing and spiritual and elder Jouffray and I had a great
time talking. He asked me why I came on a mission and what made me
decide to come and so I told him about the story with my English
teacher and how hard that was for me to be in that depression for a
while, but how much that trial helped me and made me want to be that
someone to save people from the disasters in their lives and just be
able to help them. It was a pretty spiritual train rideOk hand sign🏻we then got
there and went contacting and taught a lesson on the street while
waiting for our rdv where I was able to bear testimony on the plan of
salvation. We went to the rdv with their investigator and taught first
2 principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ being faith and repentance
and there was something that like legit stuck out to me for the first
time and it was the fact that the last step in the repentance process
is recognizing the Savior in our lives and that it is because of him
that we have repentance. And I sat there thinking about that thinking,
when was the last time I thanked God for forgiving me? And so that
like really struck me! And I challenge you all to do that! Apply the
atonement in your lives DAILY, and thank our Heavenly Father for
forgiving you. We then went contacting til we had to catch our train
and then went out for kebabs for lunch! Then we went to the church for
the rest of lunch and we're watching those new 12 steps to change
videos that the church has made for addiction recovery. Have you all
seen them? They are CRAZY AMAZINGLY GOOD. Like seriously they are so
crazy. These people just had crazy lives and they were just changed by
applying the 12 step program in their lives and living the gospel of
Jesus Christ. You should also go and find those vids cause they are so
good! and then addiction recovery videos and then 12 steps to
change. SO GOOD. So anyway after lunch had finished we went out and
did some less active finding and contacting but the bummer was, we
couldn't find any of the the roads existed, but the
buildings didn' after looking for a while, we had to make our
way home for the re-exchange. We made our train and had to get back to
Dunkerque to get our keys from our apartment owner dude. Our whole
apartment stunk like oil paint and silicone from the bathtub and I
honestly couldn't tell a difference as to what he did but he seemed
happy. Don't worry, I still have my money and passport. That's not why
he was happy ;) then we still had some time for contacting so we went
and contacted for close to an hour and then went to a macdo for some
of dinner so that we could watch some more of those 12 step videos!
Well today was good! My heart was finally set at peace and I knew that
Heavenly Father had listened and answered the prayers of me and my
family. La Vie Est Belle :) today me and Jorgy had the chance to go to
Amiens and have an exchange with our ZLs! We had so much fun. Our ZLs
are like the funniest people on the planet and we get along so well
with them. We chat every week on our iPads and have so much fun. So
needless to say, we were absolutely stoked to have our exchange with
them. We woke up and had to run to town hall to look at things for my
legality cause I got that call the other day telling me that
everything was finished and they had my card! So we went to get it and
the told me that they couldn't give me the actual card until my old
legality is expired so they told us to come back in in like a week and
a half. After that we went in and had some studies and then left to
catch our train to make it to our exchange. We had a layover in Lille
and so we went to macdo for lunch and then hopped on our train to
Amiens! When we got there we had a little bit of trouble finding our
way to their apartment but we found it nonetheless and went in and
started to plan right away! It was awesome. Me and elder Schafer had 3
rdvs and had a blast with each one. We started off teaching a less
active about the atonement and watching the Mormon message on
mountains to climb. They have a 16 year old investigator named Ocean
(I know what I'm naming my daughter) and we taught her about the 10
commandments. She was super cool and they are about to fix a baptismal
date with her! So they are doing awesome! We then had a rdv with a
recent convert with a nice guy who had me sign a book and take some
pictures with him cause he likes me. I learned after the rdv that he
doesn't do that with a ton of missionaries so I was lucky! We gave him
a little spiritual thought on how by small and simple things are great
things brought to pass. Then we made our way home for the night. Today
I got a call from President Babin telling me that my grandpa had
passed away. He told me that my family wanted to be able to talk to me
and that they'd be calling me tonight. When we got back to the
apartment, I got a call from my mom and she told me the story. I also
got to talk to my grandma, dad, sister, and a couple aunts! My family
is blessed and my grandpa is ok! And I'm so grateful for that
knowledge. After the phone call, I went out and all the elders had
made me dinner. #chickenmangotacos and they were playing monopoly
deal. It was quite fun to play that til the wee hours of the night. We
had a good day.
Well this morning we woke up and all sat and talked and discussed our
dreams for a while. I actually didn't sleep all that well last night
cause my brain just wouldn't turn off...too much thinking! But we all
sat and talked and then elder Schafer went and made us French toast
for breakfast! That's the first time I've had it here in France and no
I don't know if they just call it toast here in France...just cause I
knew I'd be getting the questions Winking face we then had some studies and for
language study, we played monopoly deal in French and whoever spoke
English had to put $1 million in. So that was fun! Then they treated
us to some kebabs for lunch and we had some fun eating and laughing
and taking pictures. We had to leave to catch our train sadly, but
they told us that they were going to think about doing another
exchange with us before the end of the transfer and before elder
Powelson dies! So that gives us hope and as we all learn from preach
my gospel that is a Christlike attribute #doinggood we had a long
train ride home and the only thing I did the whole way home was write
in my journal and sleep and sing some songs in my was not
very fun and it made it that much harder when we got back to Dunkerque
to want to go out and do some work cause like all that I wanted to do
was sit down and take a nap! I didn't sleep all night and I was just
emotionally overthrown. So we just pushed threw and made our way out
porting. We went and tried to get into a passback but they didn't they're gonna get another try with the Mormons! It was a
decent night porting. We went to macdo for dinner so that we could
watch the rest of the 12 steps to change videos on our iPads. We came
home and I was just so ready to get into bed! Haha
Today went well. Me and Jorgy had a fun time and got to get the nasty
boring 'housework' done that we needed to since we were gone all week.
They had this weird like 5K or something going on in Dunkerque today
and so all of the buses were like not going and so this morning me and
Jorgy had to walk all the way to the gare and catch the bus there. It
was cold and early and I was just wishing that I had a big blanket to
just cuddle up with for the rest of the day! We got to the church and
we didn't have a ton of people there sadly...the branch president and
his wife were gone on vacation in the south of France (oh let's get
rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France
#ingridmichaelson) and so there weren't a ton of people there
sadly....we had a good lesson in Sunday school about pride and why it
isn't good and why we need to work on becoming better examples of
Christ and being without pride. Then we had an 11 yr old member that
came today and so me and Jorgy had to go and chill with him in the
primary and teach him about the priesthood cause he should be getting
it but his family is pretty much less active and so the branch
president is a little hesitant... So after that we had sacrament and
then me and Jorgy had to print something off of the computer for some
inspectors that are coming tomorrow for an inspection on our shower or
something....then we came home and had a lunch appt with Jean Paul and
so we went to that and it was fun. We spent way to much time there but
it was fun to be with him. He is a nice guy. Then we went and planned
for our week a little bit but since we weren't here like all week, our
plans didn't change all that much. So we didn't have a ton to do. So
once we finished up with our planning, we went out and contacted for a
little and had to check some train times to get into district meeting
on Tuesday and whatnot and me and Jorgy both just got the worst
stomach aches of our lives! And so we decided we would go back to the
apartment to make calls and use the bathroom....we think Jean Paul
poisoned us a little bit. Then after that and we had finished for the
night, I decided I would call the Royer's cause it had a been a while
and I missed them! So I called and got to talk to Gilles and Pauline
and they are just amazing. I hope you all get to meet them someday.
They mean the world to me! They are family.
There goes another week in France! Thank you for all the prayers. They
are felt and definitely needed. Je vous aime tous et vous me manquez,
mais on se verra dans 10 petits mois! A bientôt Smiling Face with Halo Elder Libby

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