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Bonjour à tout le monde!!! (Hello to everyone!!!) I know that I said it last week but I thought it was kind of funny so I'm gonna say it again, ITS YOUR FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD FRENCHIE:))) and this frenchie....FINALLY GOT AN IPAD! So now we're just waiting to see how long it is til I get mugged and the iPad gets stolen from me cause it took so long to get here there is obviously a reason why I shouldn't have it Winking face #emojis but it's been a blast trying to find out how to do missionary work on these things! The Lord is definitely hastening his work and new things are making sharing the gospel easier. I'm excited to be able to use Facebook and do work like that. All in all iPads are fun;)
tonight we were invited over to a less actives house and so we had just enough to time for a little macdo run! Every missionary loves some macdo! Especially when he has a macdo fund! Thanks Loriann! After we had finished eating we went to her house and sat down and shared our message but as soon as we were about to leave she says, I bought you some personal pizzas for dinner so go sit at the table and I'll be right out with them. Haha so we had to eat pizza as well! She didn't even tell us that she was going to feed us so we were just super full! But every missionary also loves being fed so there was no complaining. Ok maybe just a little cause of the baby bumps;)
Today was a pretty good day! We had such a cool lesson with our investigator! I'll get to that part in a little bit. To start off the day we had our studies then went out to do some early morning contacting and we talked to some really interesting people...I never understand why people say that they believe in Jesus and then say that they don't believe in organized don't you know that Jesus came and ORGANIZED his church on the earth? Like it just doesn't make sense in my head that they can believe in a man so great and powerful but not in something that he established while here on the earth...anyway, since I decided to make some chicken and wild rice soup for district meeting this week we had to stop and buy some sour cream...cause France doesn't have cream of chicken I had to make my ownFace with tears of joy so in the store we bought some coke and sour cream and got plenty of weird looks from people on the street...we don't know if it was because of the coke and sour cream or because we are missionaries...we get those weird looks all the time Face savoring delicious food we came in for lunch and then went and did some more contacting. We went to the gare to look at one train time that we had to find for the week and then went to have our lesson! We went to the beach (let's go to the beach beach lets go get away) and found a road with the best name ever (picture above) hahaha then met up with the member that we were teaching with. When we walked into the building we walked up some stairs and saw a lady on the floor waiting by the apartment who looked like she weighed 75 pounds, had tattoos, purple hair and lime green glasses. Not to mention her dog was white with a pink tail! As we knocked on the door and our investigator let us in she said, this is my friend and I invited her to come and listen as well cause she was interested! So we were like oh yay this will be interesting...but honestly it was so cool! The friend was asking so many questions, followed the lesson so well and said that she wanted to learn more! And the end of the lesson she said 2 things that amazed me. She said that she doesn't know a ton right now but what she did know was that it was good! And then she said, "I can't explain it right now, but I feel something here in my heart, and it feels so right!" The Holy Ghost struck her hard! It was so cool! She said for the moment that she wanted to go slow but she was definitely interested to learn more. It was such a cool rdv! To finish out the night we did some porting and the topic of conversation was just how freaking cool that rdv was!
today I got to go on an exchange with the district leader...that's always a joy!... Haha no just kidding it wasn't that district leader just has an interesting personality and the way he does missionary work is a lot different from mine, but that's why we do exchanges right? To learn good and bad habits and to learn from each other. Me and my comp got some macdo coupons in the mail yesterday and there was a coupon in there that was 4 large Big Mac meals for 24€! I know that sounds kind of expensive but let me tell you that you will NEVER find a deal like that in France! So when the elders came in to make the exchange and we had an hour to kill, we used up that coupon and got some macdo for lunch! After lunch me and my district leader went to the apartment to drop off his stuff and then we made our way to the church cause we had a rdv with an investigator. This one is an interesting investigator and we don't really know what to do next..he isn't really progressing so we'll have to see what happens...after our rdv with him, we went contacting and went through a park and found tons of old people playing boules! For those of you not up to date, boules is the same thing as botchi balls and it is THE thing to do if you are old and living in France. These people spend all day playing!!! So that was fun to watch them for a little in such a big competition. We then went home for dinner and we watched meet the Mormons cause he had never seen it til our last exchange and he LOVES the football coach cause that's what he wants to do after the mission I guess. Then we went out porting and found one dude in a HUGE building and he let us talk to him all about the Mormons and who we it's a good thing that we watched meet the Mormons during dinner so that we knew who they were Face with tears of joy when we got home I got a haircut cause he brought his hair cutting kit! So that's a bonus for doing exchanges with him! I also got a letter from Pauline Royer today and that made my whole day! I was so glad to hear from someone and be able to laugh a little bit....I can't wait to see her again!
so this morning I had to get up and going right at 6:30! No laying around or waiting cause I had to make soup for 9 people and I only had an hour and a half to do it! Luckily I made it and things worked out...just don't ask me how much sour cream I had to use in the soup to make the cream of chicken soup hahaha! I had to use 3 tubs....sorry I knew you'd all ask if I didn't say. We packed up the soup and ran off to go and catch the bus to get to district meeting. It was really funny cause the bus was 10 minutes late and the whole time, my district leader was telling me that we missed the bus...we got there 20 minutes early and it hadn't so finally the bus came and we got on and made our way out! The bus ride was good, I was writing a response to Pauline and the bus driver was playing some good music so all was well! We got in and got to the church and had to wait for the ZLs to get there and so what does every missionary do? We play ping pong!!! I do have to say that I never played ping pong before the mission, but I am pretty much the next Forest Gump. Like I am the best ping ponger I have ever seen. When the ZLs got in they walked in the doors and one of the elders opened up his back pack and he had my chips and salsa and then another elder opened his backpack and he had my iPad!!!! It was like Christmas. Honestly I was beyond happy! I opened it up and started to set it up and by the end of lunch, I had it set up and gospel library was on it! I got so many compliments on the soup and everyone was saying how they aren't soup people but it was really good! So that made me happy! We then left and headed home to Dunkerque. We found out today that we had an exchange with the ZLs next week and so we made our way to the church to use the computer to look up times for zone conference and our exchange, cause we can't on our iPads cause they are LOCKED. haha like we can't do anything besides email and gospel library. But that's a good thing. You can never be too safe #satanisreal
Well today was a pretty good day. Playing with the iPad is fun! I got to do studies with my iPad and it was just fun....idk you guys try having everyone around you have an iPad for 4 months and not having one! Once you get one you just feel cool! So you know I feel like the coolest missionary on the planet Smiling face with Sunglasses during my studies I read the scripture "how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet" and I thought of the scene in on The Other Side Of Heaven where the lady says that to elder groberg as he's leaving the island and me and my comp placed a bet to see who said it....lets just say the price to pay was a mcflurry and I am out 5€...after our studies this morning, we had a rdv with our recent convert. We made our way to his place and taught him the law of chastity as a follow up lesson. It was super funny cause my comp has never taught the law of chastity and it was also weird cause we were teaching it to another 19 year old...haha so it was funny! But my comp had fun! I told him that he had to use big boy words cause what I learned in the MTC was that if we don't use big boy words, the point doesn't get one could say that I am getting comfortable in "talking dirty" in French Face with tears of joy but mike took it very well, just as normal. He is such a cool member and his testimony is like as strong as my bicep! Ok so that isn't that strong....but he is super solid and I've loved getting to know him. After that we left and we're heading home when me and my comp decided we'd go get the mcflurries now....hahaha while going we got a call from the dude who owns our apartment asking if he could stop by in an hour to take measurements cause he needs to replace the tile in the shower or something? So we went home and waited for him and he came, did his thing and left and then we decided that we'd go to the church for weekly planning to look at our referrals website and find addresses to go contact them. After that, we went home and dropped off our stuff and then we decided to go out contacting and reward ourselves with macdo IF we taught someone. As we were praying, I all of the sudden got the image of the bridge at the beach here in Dunkerque...I didn't know if it was me or the Holy Ghost, but we went anyway. As we got up the stairs to the bridge there was a middle aged couple walking and I stopped them and we talked and I got to bear my testimony 3 different times on 3 different subjects and they accepted a brochure on the plan of salvation, and let us pray with them! We didn't set up a next rdv but I got to testify to them and it was a very spiritual rdv. Plus I listened to the spirit and we benefited from it! Since we taught a lesson we ran into macdo and got some dinner and then ran home. We made it a weekly goal this week to do the Pledge of Allegiance on 9/11...but we didn't have a flag....but I did have my American flag socks (picture above)! So I put those on, laid down, and threw my feet in the air as we did the Pledge! #allforthememories
So today was pretty fast and me and my comp did a lot! First off we started off the day with studies and contacting. Today was a holiday in Dunkerque so there was a ton of people in downtown setting up stages and what not for all the entertainment and such. We contacted some people and got to give out some brochures. In France there are so many people who are so impressed with what we do as missionaries. They always tell us that it takes courage, and it makes me realize how grateful I am to not be shy to share what I know to be true! Why would I be? I sometimes wish I could wear that shirt that Ann M. Dibb talks about....I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I LOVE it! You know that'd be fun to wear around. Maybe I should write a letter to the church and request that all missionaries should wear that Winking face after contacting we went in for lunch and then we had a rdv with a less active. The one who came to church last week. She told us that she found some faults in the brochure we gave her, she forgot how much she doesn't like church hymns and how she had other views on the church, she still believed it was true but we wouldn't be able to convince her that it was the only true church on the earth...she told us we were always welcome to come teach her, but we wouldn't be able to convince that sucked....after that rdv we went and did some afternoon porting and then made our way in for dinner. They had a huge concert going on in downtown Dunkerque and they were performing a bunch of Beyoncé songs!! Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes We had to go in to Lille tonight to be able to make it to stake conference in the morning, so we left for that and met up with some elders and went to find their apartment in Lille. My comp got us there cause he'd been there before. We stayed in an old missionary apartment that they have been trying to close cause they have too many apartments and not enough missionaries! We spent the night talking and reading stories from the new era.....hahaha
well we went to bed so late last night! Haha we were all talking up a storm and laughing haha I mean get 6 missionaries in the same room and get them to not giggle and laugh at stories all night long...we had fun but didn't get a ton of sleep! Remember how we slept in an old missionary apartment? Ya we woke up without any food! So we woke up and all got ready and ran to the boulangerie just outside and got some little pains au chocolat for breakfast. We then made our way over to the grand palace for stake conference! It was so good! Not only to see a ton of missionaries, (the Wilson couple included!), but the talks were so good and helped me out a ton. We had a seventy come and it was the same guy who came to my stake conference when I was in Reims! I forgot his name but I believe that it is somewhere along the lines of Elder Boutoille? It was so good. Conferences just make me so much happier. After the conference, we had 2 hours to kill and also needed lunch so we went and got a cheap hamburger from Burger King. After that we needed to make our way to the gare to catch our train. As we walked outside it was raining, and as we got to the end of the cover, it was raining pretty hard! So we went down the stairs into the metro to make it into the gare without getting too wet! We had a 10 second run from the exit of the metro station to the gare and by this time, it was POURING!!! So we ran, and within 10 seconds, we were soaked! In my backpack I had my towel from the night before so I opened up my bag and started drying myself off in the middle of the gare....haha fully clothed and drying myself off with a towel! Haha did I get weird looks? Probably....we caught our train finally and made our way home for the night. We got to our apartment and me and my comp had to find out what we wanted to do for the night. We picked and area to go porting and had a fun time doing it. But it's me and my comp...we always have fun! There is a reason that I am with him right now. He's helping me out a lot and he's been a true friend. I love that kid Smiling face with smiling eyes 
Well everyone I just want you to know that this week is going to be super hard and crazy for me and my comp...haha! We are only sleeping in our apartment 3 times this week! We have conferences and exchanges that we have to do so... #thingsgonnabegettingcrazy thank you for all your prayers! They mean so much to me! I have a testimony that Heavenly Father always listens to prayers. They are heard and answered. He loves us and gives us what we need and when. Please remember my family in your prayers this week. Je vous aime tous! Vous me manquez mais tout est bien. La vie est belle :) on se parlera bientôt :) (I love you all! I miss you but all is well. Life is good :) we will speak soon)
Elder Libby

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