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En fin je peux dire JOYEUX NOËL!!! J'espère que c'était bien passé pour tout le monde. J'étais si béni d'avoir pu parler avec ma famille! J'ai vu ma grand-mère en fin, et j'ai rencontré mon nouveau beau-frère, alors pour moi, le Noël c'était un succès! Aussi, j'ai commencé mon jeûne d'anglais et tout va bien pour le moment! Lol il y a beaucoup des fois que j'ai mal à la tête, mais ça arrive. Mais heureusement cette lettre n'est pas tous en français! Je crois que ça sera bien si vous pouvez me comprendre lorsque je raconte ma vie;) aussi! Cette semaine on va savoir les mutations et je suis 99% sur je serai muté. Alors continuez d'envoyer tout mes lettres au bureau de la mission:) merci à tous:)
La Mission Française de Paris
Elder Tanner Libby
so we went to the post office on the way home to send off the rest of our Christmas cards and some letters and then had to hurry home to change to make it to the rdv that we had scheduled with Jean Bernard. We got there and shared a little message on Christmas and shared the new video that the church made for it. We then went and got on a bus and I worked on my bus contacting skills lol and I contacted this one dude who never asked me any questions but we had a good full on conversation until the end of the bus ride. I'll tell you what....CONTACTING PEOPLE ON THE BUS IS SO SCARY. I don't know why but it terrifies me. We then just contacted til we got to this nice apartment building and went in and started knocking doors and got lots of 'thank you that's so nice but no' responses haha and then some old man came and told us that we were in there illegally and told us to get out of the apartment building...but the funny thing is is that there were no signs telling us we couldn't be Anyway we left and headed home
we were supposed to be going to do service today, but the member called us at 10:15 last night and canceled on us and so we had a fun day full of weekly planning since we never had time to do it last week! Lol that was a joke. Weekly planning days are never fun....but anyway we did it. So we woke up and we went and did studies and then went contacting. It was a good morning, but we got lots of them people that said no:( haha we were walking a ton of different places and ended up in front of our favorite boulangerie so naturally we had to go in and buy some treats and some baguettes. Then we came home for lunch and then weekly planned and I feel like this weeks weekly planning, or I guess last weeks weekly planning was really good! We got a lot done and it went really well I feel like. We got a TON of rdvs scheduled for tomorrow and so we will be really busy tomorrow. After we finished we went out and went contacting until our rdv with the less active family that we've been working a lot with lately and shared the Christmas video getting them all pumped for the big day and they invited us back over next week! We then got a call from the man that owns our apartment and he told us that he wanted to come over and look at the leak that we had #FINALLY. so we went home and waited for him there for like 10 minutes and then he came and looked at what we had and told us he'd be back tomorrow and that we couldn't what did we do?? You're all about to laugh....we did what every other missionary in Dunkerque would do, and we called Jean Paul asking if we could take a shower at his place!!Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy🚿🚿 oh la it was so funny. So we went to his place and shared a little thought with him and then I went and used his shower and elder Sorensen went right after and I can now say that I've taken a shower at a members house. Haha! We couldn't figure out his hot water and so he was trying to explain to us how it works and oh my it was just funny!! But we got it done and then came home for the night.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Adam! Lol get it?? Cause tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? So today was a long day and that was cause we were both just so tired!! I can't even tell you lol it was so hard to just keep going cause both of us were tired. But it was good and the best part of the day was that I bought a onesie!!! Lol I decided that since I wasn't home to get any new pajamas from mom on Christmas Eve that I'd just buy some here and I found some funny onesies and so I bought one. So that was probably the best part of my day. We woke up this morning and had just a little bit of studies cause we had to go and get Jean Paul to head out to see Soeur Alleart. We made our way out to her house and shared a little message on the plan of salvation cause she told us her mom was in the hospital and things were not looking well and so we did that to remind her of the plan of our Heavenly Father. She told us that she was planning on coming back to church starting the first Sunday of January so that she could bear her testimony! So that was cool. Then we came home and went in and took lunch and then went and made our way out to our rdv with Bruno. It was an interesting rdv haha we kind of told him that today we wanted to make sure that he knew why we were there and so we told him that unless he wanted us to keep coming cause he was legit interested in learning, we were gonna stop and he told us that he'd better start working on it cause he wanted to know. And he even prayed to finish off the rdv! So that was a good thing! We then headed out and made our way to the 82 year old less active who lives here that we go and see once a month. When she let us in, she said I've been waiting for you!! I need a blessing! And so that was cool! We shared a message on Christmas with her, and then gave her a blessing. It was super cute cause she told us she hadn't washed her hair in a while and so when we stood up to give her a blessing, she went and got a rag and put a little rag on her head so that we wouldn't get our hands dirty! Smiling face with smiling eyes she is a cute little grandma. Then we went and renewed my bus pass and headed home cause our apartment owner guy (I don't know the word for that in English.....) said he'd be coming by to work on our leak and so we let him in and then went out so that I could buy my onesie!!! Hahaha and also the stuff for our white elephant tomorrow...I'm giving Coke and my old scripture covers that another missionary gave me at the beginning of my mission. So that was fun. We then went to our last rdv of the night which was with the less active sister who makes jewelry for a living. We haven't been to her house since Jorgy was here!! So we got out and shared a message on Christmas and she said that now that all the expositions she was doing are done that her and her son would be to church every Sunday and so I'm hoping that was the truth!! It was a good rdv though! We then came home to find that our apartment owner dude had left and our shower was 'fixed!' Haha then we made some chicken and wild rice soup for district meeting tomorrow.
TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS. ITS PRACTICALLY HERE! I honestly can't even believe it!! Like honestly tonight as we were in the car to go the the Duez's I was thinking about how crazy it was that Christmas is here. We woke up this morning and headed out for district meeting. After Sorensen got out of the shower he said it was still leaking and so our apartment owner dude is going to be super happy when we call him again! Lol. So we got out to Calais and met up with the other elders and made our way to the church where we played the piano and ping pong until district meeting started. Our district leader had me give the lesson today...we don't really know why?? But I did and he asked me to do it on happiness and so I did and tied it into Christmas a little bit. It was fun! We then ate the soup we made and remember how the last time I made it, I had to find substitute cream of chicken soup??? Ya I had to do the same thing again, except this time I think I used too much sour cream and so it was super sour creamy hahaha but it was still good everyone said! Then we had our white elephant gift exchange and remember how I said I gave a Coke?? I just happened to give the best present out of everyone and so when I ended up with army men(?) I stole my Coke haha!! I was pretty happy. We then had a bubble blowing contest cause I also stuffed my old scripture covers with some leftover bubble gum from mom. Let's say everyone was impressed by my bubble blows skills. #myjawswerebuiltforthis #hopefullysomeonerememberstheinsidejoke then elder Griffith showed me some songs he knew on the piano and he showed me this one that is pretty easy and so I filmed his hands and I'm gonna practice it and learn how to play it by the end of my mission. I HAVE TO FIND A WIFE SOMEHOW.................................... Then we headed out to make our train into Lille to go to our Christmas Eve dinner! We got into Lille and caught our train out to get to the Duez's. President Duez was sitting there waiting for us and so we got in his car and headed to his house and while we were in the car, it began to POUR!!! And we found out that in French they don't say 'it's raining cats and dogs,' but instead they say 'it's raining like a cow that's peeing!' HAHAHA FRENCHIES ARE SO FUNNY. we got to the Duez's house and they had tons of kids and grandkids there and Soeur Duez had me make the wassil and made all the kids try it! We they started to eat the nasty stuff.......or the delicious stuff! However you look at it! It's was both for me;) we started with foie gras.....EW. I HATE THAT STUFF. haha it's not good at all. Then we had escargots!!!! I LOVE THAT STUFF!! Easily my favorite part of the night. I do love me some snailss:) SnailSnailSnailSnailSnailThumbs up sign🏻Thumbs up sign🏻Thumbs up sign🏻Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes🤗 they also gave us oysters....which weren't disgustingggggg, but I sure didn't love them....they tasted like salt water and one of the son in laws compared them to a booger! Haha so that was a first and maybe a last.... We had some spiritual thoughts and then had to had out for the night to make it home at a decent hour! We got home to the Lille elders apartment and ended our night playing monopoly deal and laying in bed looking at their Christmas tree all lit up and beautiful haha!
so this morning we all woke up around 8 and sat around and I opened up all my letters from home and then we showered and got out cause we had to head home and catch our train. So we got out of there and caught our train home. The whole ride home I was writing in my journal and trying to keep my mind off the fact that I'd be TALKING WITH MY FAMILY LATER!!!! We finally got home and caught a bus to our place and then got inside and opened up all our presents!! I had some pretty great presents but I'll have to say my favorites were all the candy I got, a calendar from home, some new pajama pants, and some new games to play during downtime!!! I called up the Royers to tell them thank you for the presents and spent a little time talking with them and then we headed out the door to make it to Jean Paul's! We got there and sat and chilled for a while and turned on frozen and introduced him to UNO and let me tell you.....that man has an addiction!!! Hahahaha! He LOVED uno and so we played that a ton today. After we'd eaten and all that it came time to call home!! I absolutely loved talking to the family! And getting to see grandma and my new brother in law was great as well! Kind of a slap to face that all that stuff happened back at home but it was good. We then talked for the next little bit and that was really good but made it just as hard for me to have to push hang up.....cause as soon as I did it, that just meant that I'd have 5 months before I'd see them again, and 5 more months before I'd be able to speak English again! Haha it was a good call though and I'm super glad I got to see them all and talk to them. After we finished the call we went out and played some more card games that Jean Paul taught us and watched a couple more movies and then ate a bûche de noël! Only to find out halfway through eating it that it had Rum in it hahaha so we didn't finish! No wonder it was so expensive;) lol! Jean Paul was all whatever just eat itFace with tears of joy haha don't worry we took it away and threw it away! Let's just hope we're not all tipsy tomorrow morning;) so anyway we finished up the night at Jean Paul's with some singing and then headed home for the night. Since our shower is broken I decided I'd take a bath....#BATHSAREWEIRD hahaha but that was that. And I've officially started my English fast and so I hope that I might be able to learn some French in the next few months while I speak it!!
well I spoke mostly French today!! And honestly I was surprised at how much I could talk. Like we were having full on conversations and I was able to keep up and talk in French and so that made me happy. The goal out of this is to 1) forget my English and 2) come home with a French accent in my English;) I HAVE TO FIND A WIFE SOMEHOW..................... Nevertheless it was a good day. We got up and had studies and for the first time since we had started the fast that president Babin wanted us to do, we haven't had language study but today, for the first time in forever (totally just sang frozen in my head) we had language study! And what did we do?? We played bananagrams in French! Haha it was a blast. Then we went out to go and look at some train times cause we were supposed to go out today and do some service at a members house but that got we headed to Jean Paul's so that I could get him his Christmas present cause I was a bad Santa and forgot to get it to him yesterday:/ and we got there and he was sick!:( like no voice and coughing and so I was pretty sad. I offered him some airbourne and he said ok so I told him we'd be back later to get him some airbourne. We went home and took lunch and then weekly planned....look at that. We did that 2 times this week! It was sad haha but we did it and got it done and we are good for one more week! So after we had finally finished we headed over to Jean Paul's house and because I felt bad for him and there wasn't much that we could do, I asked him if we could play uno, and you ALL should have seen the smile that came to his face! Haha so we played a couple of rounds of uno and then me and Sorensen decided we'd better get some missionary work done today and so we left and did some contacting until we had to get going to Soeur Foutrein's house for dinner! She'd invited us and Mike over cause Mike had no where to go for Christmas and so we all headed out to her house and she fed us some really weird meat! Like honestly I have no idea what it was hahah but oh well. It was good. We spent the night with them and for dessert she and her husband pulled out these weird marshmallow things that they can buy only at Christmas time and told us the name but I forgot, but the best part is that a few years back they had to change the name....they used to be called 'les têtes des Nègres,' literally translated meaning 'Nigger heads' BAHAHAHAH we died laughing. It was so funny. Who would come up with a name like that for a candy?! Then her husband gave us a ride home for the night
our Sunday was great today! 1) a less active came to church!! 2) another less active came to church!! 3) we ate lunch with members!! It was awesome. We were on the bus ride to church and the bus stopped at a stop and these 2 members that are less active hopped on! The jewelry lady and her son!! We were super happy to see them!! So they rode to church with us and then we had some meetings and they were good and in the middle of sacrament meeting, the Golding's came in!!! It was so exciting! Literally the smile wouldn't leave my face! I went and sat by sister Golding and she didn't understand everything and needed a translation so I had to translate for her. NO THAT DOES NOT COUNT AS BREAKING MY ENGLISH FAST. The branch president gave a talk explaining the temple recommend questions and sister Golding told me that she was loving the talk cause it's was helping her to know how to help her family cause they all sorts of problems like that. After the meetings, Soeur Foutrein came up to me and told me she wouldn't be here next week and so I would just have to call her and let her know where I was going and that she wanted to keep in touch. She's such a sweet lady!! We then were invited over to the Deslypper's house along with the Duezs and so we all headed over to the Deslypper's for lunch! They fed us well and I'm not even lying when I say that the meal that we ate took 4 hours to finish! Haha it was a fun afternoon. We were given some special bottles of Coke to drink cause brother Deslypper knows I love Coke! And when I tried to take a picture with it and the cheese tray he stood up and ripped it out of my hand, left the room, and came back with a bottle of wine and said, if you're going to take a cheesy picture like that, you need wine to go with the cheese not Coke! Hahaha so I took a pic for kicks and giggles! After we had all eaten and we were all full we got a call from Jean Paul. He was still sick and from what I could understand he asked us to come and give him a blessing and so I walked back into the dining room and asked President Duez if he'd be willing to stop by and give a blessing with us. I was so touched to see him get up, as well as his wife, grab their coats and hear them say, let's go! It was super cool for me to see! We got to Jean Paul's house and he was so happy to see president Duez. He asked president Duez to anoint him and asked me to seal it and give the blessing. Elder Sorensen gave president Duez the vile of oil and forgot to tell him it didn't have a stop on it and so president Duez went to dip some oil on his head and BLOP! The whole vile of oil dumped all over Jean Paul's head!!Face with tears of joy you all should have seen president Duez's face! Hahaha so we cleaned it up a little bit and and got on with the blessing. Then president and Soeur Duez finally got to head home for the night. We went home and changed and then headed out porting and contacting for the night and met this one kid who told us he wasn't even planning on coming out tonight and so he thought it was a sign from God that we met! So that was super cool! He gave us his number and we're gonna call him soon!;) then we came home and I took a *rather cold* bath.....
J'espère que cette semaine tout le monde pouvait ressentir l'amour du Christ pendant cette saison de Noël! Je sais qu'il était né pour nous sauver. Il est le Christ, et c'est grâce à Lui que nous avons cette saison. Il est à la tête de cette église. C'est son œuvre. Je suis reconnaissant pour son sacrifice expiatoire et le pouvoir de la prière et le repentir. Je sais qu'il entend chaque une de nos prières. Je suis fier de m'appeler SON serviteur. Je sais qu'il vit. Il veut que chaque un de ses enfants soient sauver. Et ça c'est mon témoignage. Passez une bonne semaine:) et meilleur vœux!!! 
Elder Libby


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