Thursday, August 21, 2014


SUNDAY- Tanner's farewell. Thanks to everyone who came to support! He loves you all!

MONDAY- (Last) Family Stay-cation. We decided to do a quick overnight camping trip. Like, really quick. All for the memories, right? No pictures though :(

TUESDAY- Had a yummy lunch, hit a movie, took some pictures and said goodbyes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by one last time! He sold the Honda to help pay for his mission so we had to snag a few pictures because it was both of ours first car. Tanner was set apart as Elder Libby at 9 PM with a really neat blessing given by President Richins.



WEDNESDAY- We woke up early and made one last stop at Fiiz and then headed to Provo! He chose to have his Last Supper at Cafe Rio and then we walked around and took lots of pictures to kill time. There were a lot of mixed emotions, but Tanner kept us laughing all morning. Definitely more laughs than tears :) The drop-off was rough, but he was smiling the whole time. We love Elder Libby!


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